Recommended books for fall

Autumn and its dead leaves.

Autumn and its dead leaves

The season of leaves scattered on the sidewalks has arrived and the web is full of searches related to “recommended books for fall”. Thinking of the assiduous readers who want to immerse themselves in good stories, a meticulous selection of books has been made that should not be missing in any collection and that will perfectly accompany the months leading up to winter.

Here you will find from works that have caused a stir throughout 2021, to some that have been maintained over time due to their excellent plot and setting. Titles how Fire line (2020), by Arturo Pérez Reverte; Half king (The Broken Sea I, 2020) by Joe Abercrombie o Red queen (2018), by Juan Gómez-Jurado, to name a few.

In the middle of the night (2021)

It is the last novel by the Spanish Mikel Santiago; was published in June 2021. Again the writer presents a mystery story set in the fictional town of Illumbe, located in the Basque Country. The plot unfolds between a dark past and a present that does not escape the consequences of those dark days.


On Saturday October 16, 1999 was the last performance of the rock band Los Deabruak - a group of Diego Letamendia and his friends. That night was marked by an event that changed everyone's destiny: Lorea —Diego's girlfriend— He disappeared. Despite the thorough police investigation process, no traces of the young woman's whereabouts were found.

Twenty years later, Diego Leon —Who had followed his solo career— go back to Illumbe. The reason for the return is to say goodbye to Bert, an old friend (former member of the band) who died in a terrible fire.

After the funeral, among the conversations of the acquaintances, the suspicion arises that perhaps what happened was intentional. This, in turn, raises many unknowns, and one of the most chilling is whether Bert's death is associated with Lorea's disappearance ...

Half king (2014)

It is a fantasy play written by Joe Abercrombie —Which begins the trilogy The Broken Sea—. Its original version was published in 2014, while its Spanish translation was presented a year later. The history takes place in Thorlby and revolves around the reign of Gettland.

Joe abercrombie

Joe abercrombie


In a kingdom of warrior men, Yarvi —Second son of King Uthrik— has suffered from rejection all his life by have a deformation in your hand. His physical handicap motivates him to study as an ecclesiastical, in order to be part of the Clergy order. But the whole picture changes when his father and brother are killed. In the wake of that tragic event, Yarvi must take over the throne.

El young and inexperienced king must take great responsibility in a hostile and frivolous environment, dominated by brutality and betrayal - which makes it difficult to have allies. In this difficult panorama (being marked and limited by his deformity), Yarvi must consolidate his knowledge to succeed in each battle.

Los 100 (2021)

Renowned New York author Kass Morgan brings us an interesting post-apocalyptic story in which she crudely portrays human nature. In this dystopia - a habitual resource within his stories -, 100 outcasts are chosen to monitor whether the Earth is fit to be inhabited again.


Earth suffered a devastating nuclear war that destroyed much of the human population. For years, the survivors have subsisted on ships that fly over space above the toxic layer that surrounds the planet. Due to the increase of the crew, the situation reaches the limit: the provisions are exhausted and, therefore, the relations are strained.

The rulers decide to send an exploration group to check the state of the Earth and if it is possible to inhabit it again. As a purge and to avoid "significant" losses in the population, this mission is assigned to 100 adolescent delinquents. After a difficult descent, the youngsters find themselves in a wild but really beautiful environment, a setting in which in addition to adapting, they must learn to coexist if they wish to survive.

The Ickabog (2020)

After an absence of 13 years in the genre of fantasy literature —after publishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2007—, JK Rowling returns with a new story. In this play, the award-winning author takes her readers to the lands of Cornucopia and there he draws a plot that revolves around "the truth and the abuse of power" - according to Rowling herself.

JK Rowling.

The writer JK Rowling.


Everything was abundance and happiness in the kingdom of Cornucopia. Its leader was a good king and loved by all and its inhabitants stood out for their prodigious hands; they made delights that filled with joy to those who countrymen and visitors.

However, Far from there, in the swamps north of the kingdom, the situation was different. According to a legend used to scare children, an ancient monster named Ickabog populated those sinister spaces. Now, the plot undergoes an unexpected twist when what is supposed to be a fable begins to come true ...

Fire line (2020)

It is the last historical novel of the writer Arturo Pérez Reverte. It pays tribute to all those who fought and gave their lives in the Spanish Civil War. The author did a splendid job that is evidenced in how he managed to amalgamate fiction with meticulous documentation of the facts occurred in that dramatic time. Not in vain the work received the Critics' Prize in the same year of its publication.


It all begins on the night of Sunday 24 of July of 1938 when thousands of soldiers marched to stand in Castellets of the Segre. The men and women belonged to the XI Mixed Bridada of the Army of the Republic. The next day began one of the bloodiest armed confrontations on Spanish soil: the battle of the Ebro.

Redemption (2020)

It is a crime novel written by the Spanish Fernando Gamboa. The plot mixes real events and their consequences in a fictional future in 2028. The story is set in Barcelona and begins on August 17, 2017, just when the terrorist attack took place in Las Ramblas —A fact that left more than 15 fatalities and dozens of injured.


One afternoon in August a van sent a group of people in Las Ramblas in Barcelona. A few meters from there is the young Nuria Badal, who, in the midst of screaming and confusion, he realizes that he could avoid everything that happened. Not making the right decision in time, ended with serious consequences that will change his life and the future of the country.

Eleven years later Nuria has become a police officer of a destabilized Barcelona. Corruption, immigration, radical politicians and terrorism have transformed the city. After going through a traumatic case, the young woman's life will have an unimaginable turn. From there he must face several crossroads to save his life and the entire nation.

Red queen (2018)

It's a thriller written by spanish Juan Gómez-Jurado. With this novel, the author begins the trilogy about the adventures of Antonia Scott. The plot is set in Madrid and it stars an insightful woman who has solved important crimes without being a police officer.

Quote by Juan Gómez-Jurado.

Quote by Juan Gómez-Jurado.


Antonia scott She is a refugee in her home in Lavapiés after a family incident that has turned her into a hermit. The inspector arrives at that place Jon Gutierrez; his mission is to get the agent to accept a new case in Madrid. After negotiating and obtaining approval, both They enter an investigation full of secrets, wealthy victims and a labyrinth of mysteries.

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