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The editorial team of Actualidad Literatura is made up of a group of experts in literature, authors and writers awarded in different awards. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.


  • Mariola Diaz-Cano Arevalo

    From the Manchega vintage of 70, I came out as a reader, writer and film buff. Then I started studying English philology, teaching and translating the Saxon language a bit. I ended up training as a spelling and style proofreader for publishers, freelance authors, and communication professionals. I manage two websites: MDCA - CORRECCIONES (https://mdcacorrecciones.jimdofree.com/) and MDCA - LEARN ENGLISH AND SPANISH (https://mdca-aprende-a-tu-aire-ingles-y-espanol.jimdosite.com /). I also have a literary website, MDCA - NOVELAS Y RELATOS https://mdcanovelasyrelatos.jimdofree.com/) and a blog, MDCA - QUÉ HAY DE LO MÍO (https://marioladiazcanoarevalo.blogspot.com.es/), where I write about literature, music, television series, cinema and cultural issues in general. With knowledge of editing and layout, I have self-published five novels: "Marie", the historical trilogy "The wolves and the star" and "In April".

  • Juan Ortiz

    Degree in education mentioning language and literature, from Udone (Universidad de Oriente, Núcleo Nueva Esparta, Venezuela). University professor in the departments of history, Spanish and Latin American literature, as well as music (harmony and guitar playing). He worked as a writer, excelling in poetry and urban narratives. Some of my books are: "Transeúnte", short stories; "Anthology of salt", poems. He also worked as a content creator, proofreader and text editor.

  • Encarni Arcaya

    Editor and writer since 2007. Book lover since 1981. Since I was little I have been a devourer of books. The one that made me worship them? Nutcracker and the King of Mice. Now, in addition to being a reader, I am a writer of children's stories, young people's, romantic, narrative and erotic novels. You can find me as Encarni Arcoya or Kayla Leiz.

  • Belen Martin

    I am self-employed, a Spanish teacher and I always write less than I really would like. I studied Spanish: Language and Literatures at the Complutense University of Madrid, and then I did a Master's Degree in Spanish as a Second Language there. I love my language and the Hispanic culture, and I never say no to a good mystery or horror story. In addition to writing, I study Criminology.

Former editors

  • Carmen Guillen

    Like many an opponent, an educational monitor and with multiple hobbies, including reading. I appreciate a good classic but I don't close in on the band when something new in literature falls into my hands. I also appreciate the convenience and ease of 'ebooks' but I am one of those who prefer to read by feeling the paper, as was always done.

  • Alberto Legs

    Writer of travel and literature, lover of exotic letters. As a fiction author, I have published award-winning stories in Spain, Peru and Japan and the book Cuentos de las Tierras Calidas.

  • Ana Lena Rivera Muniz

    I am Ana Lena Rivera, author of the intrigue novel series starring Gracia San Sebastián. The first case of Gracia, Lo que Callan los Muertos, has received the Torrente Ballester Award 2017 and the finalist award of the Fernando Lara Award 2017. I have been passionate about crime fiction since childhood, when I abandoned Mortadelo and Filemón for Poirot and Miss Marple, so after several years as a manager in a large multinational company, I changed the business for my great passion: The crime novel. This is how Gracia San Sebastián was born, the leading researcher in my detective novel series, where normal people, like any of us, can become criminals, even killing when life puts them in a difficult situation. I was born in Asturias, I have a degree in Law and in Business Administration and Management and I have lived in Madrid since my university days. From time to time I need to smell the sea, the Cantabrian Sea, strong, vibrant and dangerous, like the novels I write to you.

  • Lidia aguilera

    Engineer and lover of stories. My path in literature began with Mariane Curley's "The Circle of Fire" and was consolidated with Robin Cook's "Toxina." I have a predilection for fantasy, be it Young Adult or adult. On the other hand, I also like to enjoy a good series, movie or manga. Anything that carries a story with it is welcome. I am also the administrator of a literary blog where I write my opinion about the books I read: http://librosdelcielo.blogspot.com/

  • Diego Calatayud

    Degree in Hispanic Philology. Passionate about writing, I did the Master in Narrative and Creative Writing. Since I was very young I have liked literature, so in this blog you can find the best advice on how to write a novel, or enjoy good reviews of classic books.

  • Alex Martinez

    I was born in Barcelona in the last month of the 80's. I graduated in Pedagogy from the UNED, making education my professional way of life. At the same time, I consider myself an "amateur" historian, obsessed with the study of the past and especially of the warlike conflicts of humanity. Hobby, this one, which I combine with reading, collecting books of all kinds and, in general, with literature in all its range of possibilities. As for my literary hobbies I have to say that my favorite book is "The Godfather" by Mario Puzzo, my favorite saga is that of Santiago Posteguillo dedicated to the Punic Wars, my head writer is Arturo Pérez-Reverte and my reference in literature is Don Francisco Gomez de Quevedo.

  • María Ibáñez

    I was born the same day as Prince Henry of England. He is a prince of England and I am a librarian. Thanks Karma. (without acrimony).