Juan Ortiz

Juan Ortiz is a musician, poet, writer and plastic artist born on December 5, 1983 in Punta de Piedras, Margarita Island, Venezuela. He graduated in Comprehensive Education, mentioning Language and Literature from Udone. He has served as a university professor of literature, history, arts and guitar at Unimar and Unearte. Today, he is a columnist for the newspaper El Sol de Margarita and Actualidad Literatura. She has collaborated with the digital portals Gente de Mar, Writing Tips Oasis, Frases más Poemas and Lifeder. Currently, he lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he works as an editor, copy editor, content creator and full-time writer. He recently won the First José Joaquín Salazar Franco Literary Contest in the lines of classical poetry and free poetry (2023). Some of his published books: • En La Boca de los Caimanes (2017); • Salt Cayenne (2017); • Passerby (2018); • Stories from the scream (2018); • Rock of Salt (2018); • The bed (2018); • The house (2018); • Of man and other wounds of the world (2018); • Evocative (2019); • Aslyl (2019); • Sacred Shore (2019); • Bodies on the Shore (2020); • Matria inside (2020); • Salt Anthology (2021); • Rhyming to the shore (2023); • The garden of happy verses / A poem for every day (2023); • Restlessness (2023); • Longline: drifting phrases (2024); • My poetry, the misunderstanding (2024).