Emerald Sea Braid: Brandon Sanderson

Emerald Sea Braid

Emerald Sea Braid

Emerald Sea Braid is the most recent fantasy novel by famed American writer Brandon Sanderson. When its release was announced, the work was called Secret Novel 1. Later, its title, publication date and approach were revealed. The volume was published in Spanish by Editorial Nova, and included a translation by Manu Viciano. The reading public can find it on the shelves from January 19, 2023.

The 560 pages of the book seek to be a main entry for new readers of Sanderson and his literary universe: the Cosmere. There, as the most staunch fans know very well, there is a world rich in magical systems and laws, as well as endearing people, travel, learning and many adventures. This is a story inspired by The engaged princess, although accompanied by pirates and deadly seas.

Synopsis of Braid of the emerald sea

An entrance to the Cosmere

the Cosmere it is the place where the action of most of Brandon Sanderson's fantastic narrative occurs. The laws of physics are very similar to those of our world. However, there are fewer galaxies here, and the system is smaller. In this magical universe is where it develops Trace of the Emerald Sea, book that aims to be a kind of introduction to all the other titles that are located in the author's fictional environment.

Breaking Campbell Syndrome

Campbell syndrome talks about how fantastic or epic literature always incorporates the same elements: A young and naive protagonist who stands out for some ability and must face a marked destiny in the company of a wise mentor or some ancient supernatural creature. To do this, the main character embarks on a journey where he meets secondary characters who help him reach his goal.

About, Brandon Sanderson affirms that it is necessary to incorporate other patterns that alter the formula of the hero's journey. Either by making the action take place in its specific place —without the need to move— or, simply, opening the way for other types of stories that can be incorporated into fantasy. In Emerald Sea Braid there is a trip, but it is not very typical to say.

What is it about Trace of the Emerald Sea?

Braid is a girl who lives a simple life on an island with an emerald green sea. She does not possess any special talents, beyond baking cakes and taking care of her large collection of mugs., which he takes home thanks to the ships that travel to all parts of the world. Braid's best friend is Charlie, who is a great storyteller, as well as being the son of the duke.

Braid and Charlie adore each other, but one day they are separated by the boy's father, who takes him away to find him a well-bred wife. After his departure, a catastrophe occurs, so the young protagonist is forced to leave her land to find her friend, and a powerful sorceress who inhabits a dangerous ocean: the Midnight Sea.

The sea: one more character of Brandon Sanderson

It may sound a bit cliché when it is said that a city, an object or a certain inanimate device is one more character in a story. But in the case of Emerald Sea Braid the seas could not be described otherwise. Each one is so different from the other that it is interesting to know the way in which the author has created them.

In this novel, the seas are not made up of water, but by an element called "spores". These fall from all the moons that the planet has, and when they come into contact with liquids, they explode and change, making it really dangerous to navigate between them. For example: the spores that make up the Emerald Sea transform into plants that attract and retain everything that comes close to them. Part of the magic of the novel is discovering how each sea is transformed.

About Braid

Although the book is narrated in Hoid's voice —a character from the previous titles that Sanderson fans will recognize very well— the story follows Braid. Unlike the protagonist of epic works like The Lord of the Rings, this main character is not the smartest, nor the bravest, nor the person with the best moral values.

She does not possess any qualities that make her a textbook hero. However, he is a reflective person, with an ability to see the world in a very particular way. Her journey leads her to embark on a pirate ship where she will meet a series of characters written under already known formulas. However, they always stand out for their charisma.

About the author, Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson was born in 1975, in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. He is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer. Besides, has excelled in his role as professor of creative literature Known for being the creator of "Sanderson's Laws of Magic". In these codes he explains the various magical systems and how they should be used to tell a coherent story.

Also, the name of the author is directly associated with the magnificent setting of its fictional universe, as well as for the writing of various youth series and graphic novels.

Sanderson is a map writer, that is: likes to write down all his creative processes in a methodical and specific way to spin their stories. Each idea, each plot twist, each character's biography is a great plan that is devoted to sustaining the complex universe made up of the writer, taken by many as the contemporary benchmark for fantastic literature.

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