Mariola Diaz-Cano Arevalo

From the Manchega vintage of 70, I came out as a reader, writer and film buff. Then I started studying English philology, teaching and translating the Saxon language a bit. I ended up training as a spelling and style proofreader for publishers, freelance authors, and communication professionals. I manage two websites: MDCA - CORRECCIONES ( and MDCA - LEARN ENGLISH AND SPANISH ( /). I also have a literary website, MDCA - NOVELAS Y RELATOS and a blog, MDCA - QUÉ HAY DE LO MÍO (, where I write about literature, music, television series, cinema and cultural issues in general. With knowledge of editing and layout, I have self-published five novels: "Marie", the historical trilogy "The wolves and the star" and "In April".