The Titanic, 112 years since its sinking. Book selection

The Titanic, selection of books

The Titanic It is possibly the most famous transatlantic ship in history and its tragedy, of which today they are fulfilled 112 years, the most remembered of civil navigation in all of contemporary history. And it continues to be an object not only of interest, but also of fascination over time. Thus, they are countless fiction and non-fiction books that have been published about him. This is just a minimum selection of some titles that we bring to remember it once again. They are readings intended for all types of readers.

The Titanic — Book Selection

The Titanic Ten — Javier Reyero

According to, There were ten Spaniards on board the Titanic that April 15, 1912 and this book tries to answer all the questions about how many of them died or managed to save themselves and how they did it or what their reasons were for making that first and only journey. It also tells us what happened to them and if they managed to overcome the great tragedy at some point.

There are ten complete stories, also those of the deceased, in ten accurate recreations of those events based on the testimonies of the survivors, the official investigations of the time, in scientific and journalistic works and also in what some descendants of those Spaniards wanted to remember and tell. The ten from the Titanic, who were from different parts of Spain, were María Josefa Peñasco, Fermina Oliva, Víctor Peñasco, Encarnación Reynaldo, Emilio Pallás, Julián Padró, Florentina Durán, Asunción Durán, Juan Monros and Servando Oviés.

The star of the Titanic — Shana Abé

This novel from a couple of years ago takes us directly to the James Cameron's famous and multi-award-winning film, but with differences. Its protagonists are called Madeleine and Jack, who meet when she is seventeen years old. Madeleine is beautiful, intelligent and upper class and the older Jack is a war hero and shrewd businessman. Despite the age difference, they get married and on their honeymoon in Egypt Madeleine feels very happy and is pregnant. The couple decide to return home aboard the Titanic when it collides with an iceberg and all plans are cut short.

The sinking of the Titan — Morgan Robertson

This book is one of those titles that are more than curious because of the visionary and premonitory point of its author, who published it fourteen years before the sinking of the Titanic and tells a practically identical story: an ocean liner called Titan It sinks into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg.

The amazing coincidences are that they share the same weight, length and passenger capacity. Also that the Titan was a ship that had plenty of luxuries and lacked lifeboats. So, without a doubt, it is an ideal read for all lovers of the mysteries around the mythical ship.

The Titanic —Joseph Conrad

For Joseph Conrad, who was marine Before the highly renowned writer he later became, what happened with the Titanic gave him the opportunity to publish this book. In it he reflected his vision of the matter in the two texts that are collected and that question the work of the investigative commissions, whose work based a final sentence that was suspiciously inclined towards the shipowners.

Conrad wanted to clarify with lucidity and giving them a great moral dimension many considerations regarding what happened, among them, some very accurate techniques. And so focused on the arrogance of the shipowner, the press, the researchers and the entire society by overestimating the expectations surrounding the Titanic that, having become a symbol, fate wanted it to turn against those who designed and built it.

Titanic: Mysteries, Myths and Legends — Sergio A. Carmona

It is impossible not to think about the Titanic that there are no mysteries or legends around it and its unfortunate fate. Thus in this book the author raises questions about whether perhaps it was identified with a cursed number during its construction or its sinking was due to the curse of an egyptian mummy.

But that real disaster was of such magnitude that it is not surprising proliferation of those mysteries, myths and legends They are collected here, also derived from the human need to create stories to terrify, instruct or warn through oral tradition.

I built the Titanic —Anne Rooney and Ricardo Rui

We finish this selection of books about the Titanic with this illustrated title aimed at younger readers which offers a tour of the stages of the construction of the famous ocean liner. It also shows the figures that made it the most luxurious ship of the time and recreates in detail that fateful first and last crossing, from its collision with the iceberg through the evacuation and rescue of the passengers until it ended up sinking at 4.000 meters. deep.

In addition, it includes a model More than 60 cm long, made with 48 pieces.

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