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Javier Marías

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On Sunday, September 11, 2022, we came across the news that the writer Javier Marías had died. There are many followers of his pen who have seen how Javier Marías' books became orphans.

Do you want to know how many he has written? If you have read any and you liked it, now is the time to keep his work alive by reading others of his books. Which? We discuss them below.

What you should know about Javier Marias

Javier Marias Franco born in 1951 in Madrid. Throughout his life He has been a writer, translator and editor, as well as being part of the Royal Spanish Academy, in seat 'R', since 2008. The son of two writers, Julián Marías and Dolores Franco Manera, he spent his childhood in the United States but graduated in Philosophy and Letters from the Complutense University of Madrid.

In his family there are many "stars"«. For example, his brother is Fernando Marías Franco, an art historian; or Miguel Marías, another of his brothers, is a film critic and economist. His uncle was the filmmaker Jesús Franco Manera, and his cousin has followed that path, Ricardo Franco.

The first novel he wrote was The Domain of the Wolf.. He finished it in 1970 and it was published a year later. As a result of this he began to write novels that he combined with his translation work as well as a Literature teacher or helping his uncle and nephew translating or writing scripts (and even appearing as an extra in his films).

As his literary career took off, and he received awards for it, he focused more on her. And it is that, throughout his career, his books have been translated into 40 languages ​​and published in 50 countries.

Unfortunately, a pneumonia that had been dragging for some time due to Covid He ended his life on September 11, 2022. In his memory are the books that he published as a writer.

Books by Javier Marías

Javier Marías has been a fairly prolific writer in the sense that he has published quite a few works. In fact, we can divide it into several groups since the author did not focus only on one genre.

Specifically, from him you will find:


We start with the novels because the author is best known for these. Since he launched his writing career, he has written several and the truth is that you will have a choice between all of them.

  • The domains of the wolf.
  • Crossing the horizon.
  • The monarch of time.
  • The century.
  • The sentimental man.
  • All souls.
  • heart so white
  • Tomorrow in battle think of me.
  • Black back of time.
  • Your face tomorrow.
  • The crushes.
  • This is how bad things start.
  • Bertha Island.
  • Thomas Nevinson.


Another of the literary genres he wrote were the stories. But we are not talking about children's stories (there are more of those later) but stories for adults, short stories that will leave you thinking about what you just read. Here are all the ones he wrote (there weren't many).

  • While they sleep.
  • When I was mortal
  • Bad nature.
  • Bad nature. Accepted and acceptable stories.


As you know, an essay is actually a short literary work in prose. The objective of these is none other than to deal with a general topic but without it becoming a treatise, but rather an opinion of the author about a specific matter.

In this case, Javier Marías has left us several.

  • Unique stories.
  • written lives.
  • The man who seemed to want nothing.
  • Lookouts.
  • Faulkner and Nabokov: two masters.
  • Scattered footprints.
  • Wellesley's Don Quixote: notes for a course in 1984.
  • Between eternities and other writings.

Children's literature

We cannot say that he took out many children's books. But he did try one to see how that race was going.

The only children's book is titled Come to look for me, from the Alfaguara publishing house. They published it in 2011 and there have been no more stories for a child audience.


In addition to being a writer, Javier Marías was also a columnist and published different articles in different editorials, such as Alfaguara, Siruela, Aguilar... All of them can be found easily and they are small texts that are not wasted.


Javier Marías not only wrote, he also translated books by other foreign authors. The first one she translated was in 1974, The Withered Arm and Other Stories, by Thomas Hardy. Books by Robert Louis Stevenson, Willam Faulkner, Vladimir Nabokov, Thomas Browne or Isak Dinesen, among others, have passed through it.

Actually, they are not books by Javier de Marías, but they do have his touch since, when translating, the translator always "accommodates" a little bit in the sense of history.

What books by Javier Marías do we recommend?

If you have not read anything by Javier Marías but, with his death, he is a writer that you would like to get to know through his works, the books that we recommend are the following:

Your face tomorrow. Fever and throw

fever and throws book

In this novel you will meet Jacques. He has just returned to England after a failed marriage. But, there, You will discover that you have a power: to see the future of people.

With this newfound power, an unnamed group signs him up for M16, the British Secret Service in World War II. Your task will be to listen and notice people to decide if they are going to be victims or executioners. If they will live or die.

The domain of the wolf

Books by Javier Marías The dominions of the wolf

It was his first novel and, of course, it should be on this list. In her you will find yourself in the 1920s to 1930s. In it the protagonists are Americans and recounts the adventures of a family.

Heart so white

Heart so white

This work was one of the most important of Javier Marías. Above all because It is the one with which he achieved the highest sales of his career.

In her you are going to have a boyfriend and his honeymoon as the protagonist, a story that doesn't seem what it is and that will surprise you when you start reading it.

Tomorrow in battle think of me

This book is full of obsession, death, madness and something else that we are not going to reveal to you. In it you will meet Marta, a woman who, after starting to feel bad, dies in her bed with Víctor, a screenwriter and writer who is her lover, and her children in the bedroom next door. her.

Do you recommend us more books by Javier Marías that we have to read?

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