How to celebrate Book Day at home

How to celebrate Book Day at home

The day of the book is one of the most appreciated by writers and readers. April 23, the date that was established according to the history of the day of the book, is approaching. And although this year cannot be celebrated away from home, that does not mean that there are no plans that can be made.

In fact, we thought we would give you some ideas on how to celebrate Book Day at home. Some of them are sure to be carried out.

Book Day at home: 7 + 1 ideas to spend the same or better than on the street

On book day it is common for many to come to the book fairs that are organized around this time to buy a book, chat with the authors or simply experience that environment.

But, as this year everything has to be from home, the plans have changed. And we want to propose some original and curious ones that may not have crossed your mind.

Make bookmarks (the bookmarks)

One of the common elements of a reader is the bookmark. Also called book point, it is what is used to point to the page where you have been reading.

In the market there are many types of bookmarks that you can buy, but since we are talking about not leaving home, what if you made bookmarks? Thanks to Youtube, you can find great tutorials that will encourage you to unleash your imagination.

Not only that, you can have a wide collection of bookmarks, one for each literary genre: origami style, with phrases from books, with pictures ... whatever you can think of.

Reread books that you liked

Reread books you liked on book day

Surely you have some books at home. And of all of them, you will have liked some more than others. Well, the idea is that, on the day of the book, you can spend an hour of your time rereading that book that you liked so much.

La Rereading is surprising because you realize things that previously had gone unnoticed. Not only that, you also manage to remember the feeling you experienced when you first read it. It's perfect, for example, if you're having a reading bump and no book seems to catch you.

And the same can happen to writers, who sometimes need to disconnect and reread that book that got them the pen bug.

Buy an ebook

Okay, we can't leave home (nor should we), and buying a book so that it arrives on the 23rd can be complicated, plus you risk putting your health (and that of the messengers who have to take it) at risk.

So, better buy an ebook. On Amazon, or on other platforms like Nubico, you have the option of buying digital books that are downloaded immediately to your ebook reader so you can start reading them as soon as possible.

So, although tradition says that you buy a paper book on book day, this year you will make an exception and digital will still be enjoyed.

Create a story

Another idea for book day can be to become, for a day, the author of a story. In fact, if you have children, you will have done it more than once. And it can be a activity that everyone at home can do.

All you need is for one to start telling a story. Eventually, that person gives the story to another person who must continue to tell, taking into account everything that has happened. And so on until it is finished.

The little ones love this game, and it is an activity that encourages creativity, enhances memory and is also very entertaining. Of course, I recommend that you record it because then more than one is left with the desire to listen to that story again.

Storytelling or reading aloud

Storytelling or reading aloud

Related to the above, you have the storytellers. But instead of inventing the story, what you are going to do is read one that is already written. In addition, it is a perfect way to encourage children to read and at the same time make them agile doing it.

If the whole family participates, they will not see it as something boring, but as a normal activity that can have a lot of fun. Of course, be careful when choosing books as they have to be liked by everyone in the family.

Another option is to choose books that are made up of short stories. That way everyone will read from the book they want a short story. If you combine it with a talk about why that book or what reading contributes, you can bite the bug to another so that they are encouraged to read.

In addition, this can also be done by video call, so it would be an incredible virtual storyteller to do with family, friends ...

Dedicate social networks to book day

Social networks are like a window to the outside now that you have to stay at home. So why not celebrate book day through them?

You can think of posts focused on that day. For example: the books that have marked you the most, the one that you liked the least, the author that you would love to meet in person, the accessories that are your fetish when it comes to reading (or writing) ...

There are so many things you can focus on on book day that you just have to plan how many posts you want to do that day.

Talk to a writer

El book day is perfect to strike up a conversation with a writer. In fact, that day at many fairs the most famous writers have huge queues to sign their books and spend a few minutes with their readers.

But do you know that thanks to social networks you can talk to that writer? In fact, many are preparing online events to be able to be with their readers, so you just have to decide who you would like to talk to.

It will depend on the author who answers you that day or not, but surely he is excited to receive a message. Just as it will make you receive it back.

Visit a virtual library

visit a virtual library on book day

As a reader, going to a library can be heaven. The problem is that right now they are closed and you cannot physically go to one. But yes virtually.

In fact, perhaps the library of your city or your town does not have much to do, but the same does not happen with others in the world. And they have thought that you visit them from your home.

So, on book day, you can spend a little on visit through the computer the most beautiful libraries in the world. By the way, plan your trip for when this is over and take a tour of the libraries to see them in person later.

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