horror books for teens

horror books for teens

The horror genre is one of the most sought after by readers; although it is also reviled by another sector of the public that rejects the idea of ​​having a bad time reading lurid scenes. However, also there are many who enjoy the mystery that overwhelms the characters and those high doses of tension that go beyond blood.

The reading public that approaches these books can be very varied and be in a fairly wide range of ages, but adolescents, due to their inertia towards risk and experiencing experiences that transport them to different realities full of anguish, are a good niche for this class. of popular literature. Also, in recent years it seems that interest in this genre has increased, both in books, movies and series. Here we recommend horror books for teenagers.

Fear street

Fear street (The street of terror) is a saga by the writer RL Stine, perhaps the most famous and influential writer of youth horror literature.. Now this collection has been known thanks to the premiere of the film trilogy in Netflix. More famous is, at least in Spain, his collection of books Goosebumps (Nightmares) also adapted to the small screen in the 90s.

The street of terror It is made up of a series of books that base the action in the town with a fictitious name, Shadyside, a cursed place.. All its inhabitants are part of this curse and suffer a series of gruesome events generation after generation. The misfortunes began with disagreements between two families during the XNUMXth century, whose accusations ended with the death at the stake of some of its members. This story was written with a vengeance and a curse that It would reach the 80s and 90s, which is when the narrative takes place., the years in which RL Stine began writing these stories.

in the book collection some characters are repeated because they are relevant and because they are part of the plot and the history of the town itself, Shadyside, which absolutely becomes one more character. Unfortunately, most of the editions are in English, since these books have been little distributed in Spanish. However, it is worth it for teenagers to read them in their original language.


From the renowned Neil Gaiman, Coraline is the story of a girl immersed in a fantastic world that is both gloomy and quite sinister.. Through a sealed door in her new house, Coraline enters a universe that is almost identical to her house and everything she knows, including her parents. However, something strange is happening in that new territory. Beginning with the fact that the beings that inhabit it do not have eyes, but buttons. Caroline discovers that many children have been trapped there before and she must save them. and recover his old life and his family.

Coraline It was published in 2002 and has had very good reviews and has received several awards., among which are the Nebula Award or Bram Stoker. Due to its success, it has had different adaptations, among which the film version stands out. stop motion by Henry Selick.

The black cat and other horror stories

Reading adapted from a classic, through an ideal edition for young children with careful illustrations that include the main stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Stories like "The Black Cat", "The Barrel of Amontillado" or "The Tell-Tale Heart" will show adolescents authentic Victorian terror. A way to promote reading while approaching classic horror literature if they enjoy the genre.

Scary stories to tell in the dark

Set of stories written by Alvin Schwartz, and which also had their film adaptation. The writer always had a special interest in stories and legends, as well as in folklore, something that feeds these stories. It is important to highlight the oral nature that these stories also have, since due to this folkloric nature, the need to tell mystery stories that terrify even the most incredulous also arises. remind yourself that it is essentially human to enjoy telling and listening to various horror stories throughout all ages. Scary stories to tell in the dark it does not lose this argument, what is more, it preserves it and encourages the new generations to perpetuate it.

The Institute

A recommendation from the king of terror, Stephen King. The Institute It is a place where the children who arrive do not come out again. That's what he fears will happen to him too. Luke Evans is a child who has murdered his parents and that same night he is immediately transferred to an institution where there are more children like him.. They all have mental powers and talents that are coveted by the rulers of that place. Luke and the rest of the boys will realize the danger they are in, because there the boys begin to disappear when they are changed to another wing, from the Front Half, which is where they are, to the Back Half, a space reserved for the kids from older.

the blasphemy festival

A famous book youtuber Venezuelan Dross, whose real name is Ángel David Revilla, and who has more than twenty million subscribers on this social network. His interest in the paranormal and terror has led him not only to generate content of this type on his channel, but also to embark on the adventure of writing youth books on this subject. the blasphemy festival is a succession of challenges for anyone who ventures to attend the Festival of Blasphemy. A chilling story of Dross Rotzank.

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