Editorial news for November. A selection

Editorial news for November

Arrives November with new products very interesting editorials of all genres. Dolores Redondo, Jesús Maeso de la Torre, Iñaki Biggi, Ramón Alemán and Michael Connelly are the authors of this selection. We take a look.

The California Rose — Jesus Maeso de la Torre

November 2th

Jesus Maeso de la Torre He is a great historical novelist in our country and has been chaining new works for a few years. This is the next one where it takes us to 1781, to the San Gabriel mission in California. Fray Daniel Cepeda, alarmed at the wave of deadly assaults, writes to the Governor and Captain General Mr. Philip de Neve requesting help. The yuma warriors They are increasingly fearsome in their raids against the Hispanic missions, but now they will have to face the troops of the captain of dragoons Martin de Arellano, who everyone knows as the Captain Big.

But it also happens that in Alaska Russian settlements increase and there are sightings of ships of the imperial czarina. Captain Arellano, accompanied by his wife, Princess Aleuta Aolani, Apache Hosa, and Sergeant Sancho Ruiz, will set off from Monterey to Nootka Island to rescue some Hispanic young captives. In the process they will try to confirm the suspicions of an invasion by the Russian tsarina's troops.

The Wolf of Whitechapel - Iñaki Biggi

November 2th

Inaki Biggi brings out a new novel where he combines environments such as Vatican and London de 1888. In Rome, Pope Leo XIII does not have much of his pontificate left and his successors are preparing. One of them is Archbishop Patrizi, which seeks to influence Anglican England to do so in North America as well. Patrizi also wants to get rid of Galimberti, his great rival. But the British Empire is not at its best.

London is an example, with its population in two: the rich West End, a vestige of the good old days, and the poor East Endwhere thousands of people are crowded. They are also joined by a murderer who has made his appearance in the Whitechapel neighborhood in the most terrifying way possible: with chilling crimes of prostitutes whom he disembowels. His presence may change Monsignor Patrizi's plans, but also the future of Christianity.

the dark hours - Michael Connelly

November 3th

New installment of the series of novels that star Harry bosch and Renée Ballard.

We're in Hollywood on New Years Eve and Renée Ballard, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, receives a call shortly after midnight. To the workshop owner of cars have been shot in the middle of a street party.

Ballard thinks the case is related with another unsolved murder investigated by Harry Bosch. At the same time, Ballard chases a serial rapist couple known as the Midnight Men. So he seeks Bosch's help. But as they work together, they must constantly look over their shoulders because they are the target of the criminals they are chasing and perhaps even the police themselves.

waiting for the flood - Dolores Redondo

November 16th

There is not a year in which we do not have a new Dolores Redondo novel. And now comes this title that is set between the 60s and 80s. Furthermore, it moves us between Glasgow and Bilbao. And tells us the story of a murderer in the late 60s in Glasgow who is known as john bible who killed three women in Glasgow and was never identified. The case is still open today.

So, in the early 80s, Scottish police investigator noah scott sherrington manages to discover it, but suffers a heart failure at the last moment that prevents him from arresting him. However, despite his delicate state of health and in the face of opposition from doctors and superiors, Sherrington trusts his instinct that will lead him to the end. Bilbao de 1983. But precisely it arrives in a few days before a real deluge raze the city.

The translator — Isabel Abenia

Isabel Abenia signs historical genre titles such as eric the goth o The Dutch Alchemist. Now he brings us his new novel, which he defines as "an enigma novel with a fusion plot between epochs leading to an unexpected ending.

The protagonist is a historian from Zaragoza named Rafael Duran who arrives at a Cistercian monastery to translate a Carolingian codex hidden for centuries. turns out to be a Charlemagne's biographer's letter to his son in which he recounts unknown events that took place in the last years of the emperor.

A language without stains — Ramon Aleman

November 17th

Ramon Aleman is proofreader and journalist with decades of experience. In this book he tells us00 curiosities about the Spanish language with the intention of serving as a guide to improve the use of our language through anecdotes and examples explained with rigor, humor and simplicity. For lovers of the language and its proper use.

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