Carmen Guillén

Since my early youth, books have been my constant companions, offering me refuge in their worlds of ink and paper. As an opponent, I have faced challenges and competitions, but I have always found solace and wisdom in literature. Working as an educational instructor, I have had the privilege of guiding young minds toward a love of reading, instilling in them the value of a good book. My literary tastes are eclectic; I delight in both the richness of the classics and the freshness of the new voices that emerge on the literary scene. Each work is a window to a new perspective, a new world, a new adventure. While I recognize the practicality of ebooks and the way they have revolutionized reading, there is something eternally charming about the rustle of a page being turned and the subtle scent of ink on paper. It's a sensory experience that ebooks simply can't replicate. In my literary journey, I have learned that every book has its time and place. A good classic can be a faithful friend in times of reflection, while a literary novelty can be the spark that ignites the imagination. Whatever the format, the important thing is that the story speaks to us, transports us and, ultimately, transforms us.