April. Selection of novelties

April It opens in a big way with a series of novelties called to success. We have the new Santiago Posteguillo, Félix G. Modroño, Mari Pau Domínguez and Rigoberta Bandini in terms of national material, and Jo Nesbo and Don Winslow, which had been delayed, in international.

Rome is me —Santiago Posteguillo

Everything Posteguillo writes turns to gold as soon as it hits the bookstores and the same is sure to happen with this new title. And it is that after touching the lives and works of such relevant characters in the History of Rome with his trilogies of Scipio, Trajan o julia domna, wife of the emperor Septimius Severus, how could one not be with perhaps the greatest and most well-known figure of that time?

So we go back to Roma, to the year 77 a. C, when the Senator Dolabella will be judged by corruption, but he has hired the best lawyers, he has bought the jury and, in addition, he does not hesitate to use violence against all his opponents. This is the way things nobody wants to be fiscal, but then unexpectedly a young patrician accepts the challenge to defend the people of Rome and challenge the power of the elites. Is about Gaius Julius Caesar.

From there, and surely again with the mastery that characterizes the Valencian author to recreate a universe of both historical rigor and enormous narrative capacity, we will get into that life of Julius Caesar that continues to be exciting no matter how well known it is.

witch sun — Felix G. Modrono

The Biscayan writer takes us to Cantabria to delve into the noir genre with this story where a body of a girl appears hanging of the Stone Crane in Santander Bay. She has her mouth sewn shut and her hands covered with gauze and, because of the uniform she wears, the Inspector Alonso Ceballos, a veteran Santander police officer, and the Deputy Inspector Silvia Martin, an agent recently arrived from Palencia, will go to investigate the elitist school Peñas Viejas. They immediately relate the case to the death of another student a few months ago, although that was closed as a suicide. As they investigate, plots emerge where the mafia, bullying and more dark corners of the social media.

the jealous man - Jo Nesbø

Not a year without a new Jo Nesbø story, although in this case they are 12 stories that arrive now after being published last year in the international market. Just turned 62, the best-known Norwegian author of the noir genre, where he continues to reign (El reino), presents us in these stories to a detective expert in jealousy who must hunt down a man suspected of having murdered his brother. There's also a father afflicted wondering what is the place of revenge in a society that has succumbed to the lowest instincts. AND two friends who, on the way to the Sanfermines in Pamplona, ​​fall in love with the same girl. Or the story of a dump that, while recovering from a deep hangover, he has to find out what exactly happened the night before, and that of two passengers on a plane between which the spark of love arises... or perhaps a more sinister feeling.

There will be no other spring — Mari Pau Dominguez

The journalist and writer Mari Pau Domínguez novels the life of Carmen de Icaza, One most read female writers of the past XNUMXs. His novel Cristina Guzmán, language teacher it was translated into all European languages. But she was not just a renowned novelist. She belonged to high society, and after the death of her father she began to work as a journalist to support their little brothers. She was one of the founders of the Social Help during the Civil War, although it challenged the postulates of the Women's Section. She later told her niece, Carmen Díez de Rivera, daughter of her sister Sonsoles and Ramón Serrano Suñer, who her real father was.

Vertigo —Rigoberta Bandini

To Rigoberta Bandini —alter ego of Paula Ribo, born in Barcelona in 1990— is known mainly for being the latest phenomenon on the music scene, but she is also an actress, also dubbing (she has dubbed characters like Caillou and Chihiro), singer, drama director and writer.

In this book of autofiction speak in the first person about 30's crisis and, before her, he introduces us to a woman who decides to change her life and embark on a journey of self-knowledge where jumping into the void and the vertigo that we have at some point is something that we will all go through sooner or later. The author identifies with the protagonist's feelings, but many of the anecdotes she tells about her are invented.

Burning city - Don Winslow

This title of the North American bestseller has been long in coming, because it was announced for September of last year. We still have the taste of Broken and now present this Burning city, which promises to be the umpteenth hit for the much-followed writer.

We are in 1986 in Providence, Rhode Island, and there he works hard longshoreman Danny Ryan. He is also a husband in love, a good friend and from time to time he makes them muscle works to those of the union of irish crime which controls much of the city. But Danny wants to start from scratch away from Providence. That's when it appears a woman, a modern Helen of Troy, who will provoke a war between rival groups of that mafia and Danny will be involved in it without being able to avoid it. And you will have to try to protect your family, your friends, and the only home you have ever known.

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