8 children's books about death

children's books about death

the death is part of life. The little ones should also be aware of it and integrate this stage in a way suitable for their age. It will help them generate emotional tools to face the arrival of loss, which can happen early or at a time of greater maturity in the child. Yes ok death is something natural and must be known, without being underestimated or contemplated in a terrible way, special attention must be paid to understanding and overcoming grief, when the death has been tragic or has occurred before its time.

Each family must choose the best way to introduce death into the lives of their children, grandchildren, and nephews. Through reading we propose the following resources that they can be good options to make this taboo subject of our society an obvious and ordinary aspect of life for children.

Always (+3 years)

Always display It is a story that reinforces the idea that people remain in our memories and in our hearts. even if one day they leave. They are not gone forever; the time they have lived together is enough to remember and be thankful for that person. This story refers to the mother. Bear knows that his mother protects him and loves him, he is happy by his side and learns many things with her, bear things, like fishing or collecting honey. Osito is so happy with his mother that one fine day he wonders what would happen if one day she weren't there. The mother explains that this will inevitably happen one day, but she will also teach him the power of love beyond her presence.

How to talk to your children about death and grief (+3 years)

This book helps parents and children deal with the death of a loved one. To the former, he gives indications and pedagogical guidelines that help them explain to their children what death means, what happens when a family member or loved one dies, how to react to it and what happens next. The latter will be able to find comfort and understanding with his illustrations and his positive approach. With this book caregivers and children They will obtain answers to the doubts that may arise on this topic..

My grandfather is a star (+3 years)

It is an illustrated album that defends the idea of ​​imagination as the basis for overcoming the death of someone dear.like grandparents. A book that helps explain to the little ones in the house what happens when that person stops being there; it helps in the process of acceptance and understanding that the grandfather went to heaven and that from there he will always accompany the little one.

I am death (+5 years)

I am the death it overturns the traditional conception of death, usually represented in a gruesome and dark way. On the contrary, andn this book death appears in the form of a woman, candid and maternal that accompanies all living beings (people, animals and plants) on their final journey of life. She does it lovingly and through a transformative vision of this journey. Likewise, she explains that death can reach not only the elderly, but also the youngest, children or unborn babies. The result is a comforting idea of ​​loss from love and not from fear, giving light to the answer of why we have to die.

The tree of memories (+5 years)

It deals with the perspective of death through a fox that closes its eyes after a long and happy life.. He is tired and contemplates his forest, the place that has been his home all his life, for the last time. The death of the fox is observed from the acceptance, and the pain of his departure is validated, but it is also always remembered, because the person who leaves, in the same way, is still alive in our memory. An extraordinary and heartwarming tale.

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Empty (+5 years)

The feeling of emptiness is something that can accompany adults and also children. It can occur for different reasons, one of which is the loss of a loved one. Then there is a deep void that can give you vertigo and that is difficult to fill. Emptiness pay special attention to the fact of filling that void, because not everything serves to strengthen us and feel more calm and at peace. This is the story of Julia, a girl who leads a normal life until one day she feels a hole caused by something she can't describe. In this book the reader (adult or child) will be able to find a solution to the meaning of life.

Forever (+7 years)

In this book all the emotions that are experienced with the death of a loved one are manifested. You do not want to hide anything in the process of grieving and understanding the departure and farewell. The different scenarios and issues that assail the little ones are proposed: emptiness, pain, the afterlife. This book responds to the need to explain that death is a vital and natural fact that needs to be understood from childhood. Uses the power of memory to comfort the child when suffering the loss of someone important in his life.

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Beyond (+7 years)

The protagonists of this story are a group of circus animals that explain, according to their vision, what lies beyond death.. Encourage children to create their own opinion thanks to the different perspectives of animals. They talk about different cultures and beliefs: Catholicism, Buddhism or Mexican culture are some of them. The most important thing is that the child discovers that any option has a place if you believe in it and it gives you well-being and peace of mind. Value is added to what is different from each other and it is taught that nothing is better than another idea. In addition to becoming aware of death, you learn to respect other opinions and knowledge.

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