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You only live once

You only live once

You only live once is an illustrated travel guide created by Lonely Planet and published within the collection Travel and adventure from the GeoPlaneta publishing label. The work was put on sale starting October 18, 2023. Since then, it has fascinated backpackers and inveterate explorers. In addition to the guidelines and advice, the appeal of the book lies in its spectacular photographs.

This volume contains more than 250 ideas of places to travel, explore and live, thus dedicating a very complete manual so that those who enjoy getting to know the world have an unparalleled resource when preparing their outings. Besides, You only live once surprises with respectful, enriching and sustainable travel proposals.

Synopsis of You only live once

A whole life full of travel

Through the pages, illustrations and images of You only live once It is possible to access multiple ideas and ways to travel around the world. This guide contains references to several of the most amazing places on the planet, and tells readers how to spend four months of polar night on a Norwegian archipelago or witness a bloom that takes five years to occur and only lasts a week.

Pretty impressive, right? But actually, The highlight of the work is that, although all the referenced places are unique in their own way, they have something fundamental in common: remind the reader that life is beautiful and that it is worth living every moment, no matter how desperate it may seem at times. To do this, leave sites that are capable of transmitting this feeling.

Proposals capable of inspiring travelers

The guide of You only live once It is designed to inspire an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year of the reader's life, which means that the book talks about destinations where it is possible to stay for a vast selection of times. The same way, tourist places, food, nightlife and walks are well definedWithin the GeoPlaneta selection are:

  • DE CLOSE guides are ideal for getaways or short trips;
  • COUNTRY, REGION and CITY guides delve into each destination to get the most out of your trip;
  • The EXPLORA guides offer a fresh and surprising vision of the destination, with off-road proposals designed to live unique experiences.;
  • The BEST OF guides bring together the best of each region, to enjoy the essentials;
  • ON THE ROAD guides are designed for road trips, with flexible routes to create a tailor-made trip;
  • The FUN ROUTES guides are the essential companion for children to discover a great city;
  • CONVERSATION guides ensure that language is not an impediment and that the traveler can enjoy their trip more;
  • ILLUSTRATED books are the best resource for inspiration at any time of the year;
  • ACTIVITY NOTEBOOKS are the best tool to have fun and test our traveling mind.

All the motivational sayings about living

Literature, in addition to many travel books, often use phrases such as “Enjoy life, this is not an essay”, “Carpe diem”, “Be happy while you live because death is very long,” among others. Each and every one of them serves to urge readers—perhaps in a slightly vague way—to realize that the opportunity to live is finite, that it is better to grow in the now and get out of the bubble.

However, Few books really dare to challenge the reader, to expose them to a new world full of wonders. Because yes, life is complicated, but planet Earth has places through which it is possible to find relaxing experiences, full of adrenaline, emotional, uplifting, spiritual, fun, transcendental and as many adjectives as it is possible to name.

Not everything is about throwing the house out the window

Everyone has dreamed at some point of a heavenly place to go on vacation. Some people long for the canals of Venice, others for the pyramids of Giza or Machu Picchu.. However, sometimes, it is the small walks that move something inside the human being. Although we cannot ignore the greatness of paradise on Earth, there is something more.

Inter alia details related to travel, You only live once is in charge of claiming nights in museums, tasting a menu in small restaurants located very close to treasures of antiquity, sleeping on a sunny white sand beach, etc. Whether the reader assumes that “less is more,” or desires extravagance, this book is made for them.

Structure of the work

You only live once It has five chapters. All of them are prepared to cover from one day to a year of travel. For obvious reasons, the guide's specifications tend to be elastic, since many of the trips depend on the weather, the influx of people at the airport, the traveler's own availability and a host of uncontrollable issues.

Even so, all the ideas in the book share one objective: they are starting points created based on reactivating hidden desires, such as learning a language or a trade, returning to nature or awakening unforeseen and novel ambitions. For it, Lonely Planet has leveraged a community of new and inspiring voices who have already traveled the world and have left breadcrumbs.

How to plan a life of travel

An example of this guide is its first chapter, which covers hour-long explorations. In them, the text focuses on activities that can be carried out during this period of time, such as taking a dip in a beautiful river, going to a foreign cinema, attending a play or a show and observing a celestial phenomenon such as the northern lights or a sunset with all its rituals.

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