Where you can't find me: Tamara Molina

Where you can't find me

Where you can't find me

Where you can't find me is a romantic youth novel written by content creator, literary disseminator and Spanish author Tamara Molina. The work was published on May 8, 2024 in the Match stories Romantic Contemporary collection of the Esencia label. After its release, the comments from popular critics have been very positive.

Most Readers highlight the evolution of the protagonist and the author's light narrative style. Despite addressing a topic of a delicate nature, Where you can't find me It is still a summer youth novel, so it is possible to find humor, sexual tensions, adventures and romance in it, which makes it recommended for reading for ages 16 and up.

Synopsis of Where you can't find me

In search of a refuge

The battle against a broken heart is not easy, it requires emotional support, hundreds of furious pieces of advice from friends and family and tons of vindictive experiences that help raise self-esteem. A broken heart is a troubled start trip where the pilot seems to be drunk, while fighting storms of crying and weakness to call out the cause of so much chaos.

Broadly speaking, this is what happens to Gala, a third-year nursing student. who, once again, is abandoned by her boyfriend Darek, with whom she has had an unhealthy relationship for a long time. During her last breakup, her friends Lola and Elena tell her that her ex-boyfriend is the sole owner of her life, and that she needs to get a new one where he doesn't live.

On an impulsive trip

When you have a broken heart it is not always possible to think with a cool head. In fact, it is normal to take extreme positions and make impulsive decisions. In many cases, this only brings more conflict and disappointment, but in some cases, fleeing and rebuilding can restore perspective and clear the path. With that idea in mind, Gala leaves her comfort zone and goes on a journey.

At first, it's just a delusional attempt, a resource for her troubled mind to escape the main problem and set limits on her relationship with Darek. However, the more he thinks about leaving, the more logical the idea seems to him, because, If she puts a sea between her and her ex, she's much more likely to keep him blocked on social networks and start overcoming your dependency.

A safe place

This may sound repetitive, but this is how it should be in these situations: A broken heart needs a safe place to heal, grow and love again when the time comes.. Deep inside her, Gala knows it and, although she takes the reins of her life by mere reflection and the spontaneous advice of Lola and Elena, this action changes her environment for the better, meeting new people in the world. process.

In the middle of her escape she meets Gael, a man who is going to put her decision to stay single in check. and dedicate yourself to taking care of yourself. While she deals with this indecision about whether or not to give the boy she is so attracted to a chance, she begins to confront her insecurities, such as finding herself alone, especially in a strange place. This is her turning point.

narrative style of Where you can't find me

This romantic work It has all the tropes that characterize a young adult novel: it has a simple structure, It is easy to read, enjoyable and fun. when it should be and gets involved in the seriousness of emotional conflicts at the moment it is his turn.

Tamara Molina is a young author, and this is her first workTherefore Some levities can be forgiven. One of the most frequent is the use of some punctuation marks that are not where they should be - although, perhaps, this is more related to an editing problem, which is directly the responsibility of the publisher.

In more positive aspects. Tamara takes the non-romanticization of romantic relationships very seriously. with dynamics toxic and the development of self-love.

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About the author

Tamara Molina Querol was born in Barcelona. Since she was a child, her life has passed between the pages of the books she loves, which have inspired her to read more, but also to write. Over time, She developed an unbridled imagination and creativity, feeling driven to share her passion. by reading and writing through social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.

Over the last few years, the content creator has become especially well-known, both in Spain and internationally. Following her success, The author has dreamed of seeing the shelves of bookstores filled with books created by herself.. Where you can't find me, his first work, reflects a message of self-love and the hope of erasing a broken heart.

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