When there are no more stars to count

When there are no more stars to count

One of the Spanish authors who is making a name for herself in the romantic novel is, without a doubt, María Martínez. One of her latest books is When there are no more stars left to tell, a story where tears will come to light due to the protagonist's situation.

But what is the book about? What are your opinions about him? And what should you know about this author? All of that, and some more things, is what we will talk to you about below. Shall we start?

Synopsis of When there are no more stars left to count

back cover When there are no more stars left to count

When there are no more stars to count It went on sale in October 2022, so we can say that it is not a new book, but rather it has been on the shelves for some time. However, it is the last, so far, of the author and the plot takes us to meet a girl who loses everything and has to rebuild herself.

You want to know more? Take a look at the synopsis:

«How do you ignore what beats inside you?
How do you get back on track with a life set by a lie?
Since she was very little, Maya has sacrificed her body and soul for ballet. She works as a soloist in the National Dance Company and the most prestigious ballets have set their eyes on her. However, a serious accident ends her promising future. The only world Maya knows has collapsed and her grandmother, who has guided her every step, blames her for what happened. The absence of her mother weighs more than ever. And a chance discovery will open a deep wound.
An unexpected trip, a broken girl and a truth hidden in a music box. "Sometimes letting it happen is all you need."

Our reviews

paper book When there are no more stars left to count

Throughout Almost 500 pages, the author María Martínez weaves the story of a girl who has to find herself again after everything that happens to her. Some describe the story as self-help or with advice and phrases that are reminiscent of those books. But what other things do you think? We leave you some of the thousands of opinions that the book has:

«I found it to be a story that was both beautiful and sad and there are moments when you can't help but feel sorry for the protagonist and as the story progresses you just want to help her. I found the plot very original and the place where the story takes place is magical. But what I liked the most was the message it conveys and that is that we should all be true to ourselves and not live through others. I hope to read more novels by this author.

"Although the work borders on romantic clichés and emotional excesses, it is entertaining and fluid and for those who look a little further away it leaves some message about the need to take the reins of your own life, in self-determination and decisions."

«It is a good book, it reads quickly and is enjoyable. At first it was a bit heavy for me but then it gets better. Even so, I think it is overrated, since being so recommended, you expect much more.

"The flat characters, their problems and circumstances are too similar to other books by the same author, a narrative that reminded me of a self-help guide on more than one occasion..."

«I give it a thumbs up but it is not a book that is for me. It's a nice story, it has pain, romance, friendship and, as in this type of book, a happy ending but it took me a little while to read it and sometimes I got bored. All the coincidences are a little implausible and the ending is very hasty.
It advances little by little and in a few pages everything is resolved. I needed a little more slowness to resolve the story.
Maya's story has moved me, everything she has had to go through so young and the way she builds her new life is admirable.

As you can see, in general The book has very good reviews. Almost all of them praise the story, although some found it boring, not only at the beginning. It may also be due to the protagonist's situation since the characters do not always have such "bad luck." Still, we could say that It is a good read, although not for any time, but for when you are "strong" emotionally, since it is a hard book to read (although you always know it will have a happy ending).

María Martínez, the author of When there are no more stars left to count

paper book When there are no more stars left to count

«María Martínez is a successful Spanish writer. Author of the new adult series "Crossing the limits" and the novels A song for Novalie, Words I never told you, You and other natural disasters, The fragility of a heart in the rain and When there are no more stars left to count. Delicate stories that deal with the complexity of emotions, and topics such as family and identity. She loves spending time with friends, books and music. "She lately enjoys her newfound love for K-pop and Korean culture."

This is how the author presents herself on her website. However, by investigating a little more we can tell you that she was born in 1966, that she attended higher education and that she was a finalist in 2008 in the Planeta Prize.

Works by María Martínez

María Martínez has been publishing novels for several years now. So this is neither the first nor will it be the last. Here we leave you the list of all the novels he has published. With an aside: although he has three more novels, we did not want to include them because apparently he changed their name when he published them again. Those three novels were his first books.

  • When there are no more stars left to count.
  • You and other natural disasters.
  • What the snow whispers when it falls.
  • Crossing the limits.
  • The fragility of a heart in the rain.
  • You, me and a maybe.
  • Me, you, and a maybe.
  • Words I never told you.
  • A song for Novalie.
  • The charm of the body.
  • Breaking the rules.
  • Destiny (Dark Souls 1).
  • Omen (Dark Souls 2).
  • Challenging the norms.
  • Sacrifice (Dark Souls 3).
  • Words I never told you.

Have you read When there are no more stars left to count? What do you think of the book? We read you in comments.

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