Three books to fall in love

Today I woke up tender ... Of those days when you need a "love slap" that makes you wake up and fills you with hope. Love is the most acclaimed and desired feeling by all, or is it not? And we constantly not only look for it - we hope in life, but we also want to see true love stories on the big screen, in television series, in songs, and of course, in books.

Well, taking advantage of the fact that it is Friday, which are days to rest, enjoy and do everything that does not give us time during the rest of the week, I am going to recommend you three books to fall in love with ... They are the kind that you read and just by finishing it you cheer and daydream for something the same or similar to happen to you. Which one would you choose first? I have already read all three and then I give you my verdict in the form of points for each of them. But remember: it is a personal assessment, you do not have to agree.

Erich Segal's "Love Story"

I recommend this book for three reasons:

  • The first of all is that just today, on June 16 but from the year 1937, its author Erich Segal was born. What better way to honor his work than by reading it?
  • The second is that it is such a short book (I think I remember that it is around 170 pages) that it reads perfectly on a weekend. It will make you short! You will miss that it does not continue ...
  • And the third and last, which in addition to being a very good novel, also has his movie based on the book which is also highly recommended.


Oliver is a sports-loving Harvard student from a wealthy family. Jennifer, a cheeky and laughing music student who works as a librarian. Apparently they have nothing in common, but ...
Oliver and Jenny are the protagonists of one of the most acclaimed love stories of all time. A story that many adults will reread with pleasure, and that will continue to win over new generations of readers.

More than 21 million copies...

My grade for him is 4/5 points.

"Under the Same Star" by John Green

Another book that I have read as much as I have seen the movie they made about him ... If you don't want to cry like a cupcake, I don't advise you, really ... fresh book, with a youthful and adolescent love of those that when they arrive they seem to destroy everything.

The newspaper The New York Times called this novel as "A mixture of melancholy, sweetness, philosophy and grace" Besides that "Follow the course of realistic tragedy".


Hazel and Gus would like to have more ordinary lives. Some would say that they were not born with a star, that their world is unfair. Hazel and Gus are only teenagers, but if the cancer they both suffer has taught them anything, it is that there is no time for regrets, because, like it or not, there is only today and now. And for that reason, with the intention of making Hazel's greatest wish come true - to meet her favorite writer - they will cross the Atlantic together to live an adventure against the clock, as cathartic as it is heartbreaking. Destination: Amsterdam, the place where the enigmatic and moody writer resides, the only person who may be able to help them sort the pieces of the enormous puzzle of which they are part.

A novel whose reading is recommended from 14 years.

My grade on this book is 4/5.

"Wuthering Heights" by Emily Brontë

A whole classic of literature that should be a must-read. Very different from the other two books recommended above, due to its somewhat more complex, older, more traditional romance ...


It is the telling of a dramatic and tragic story. It begins with the arrival of the boy Heathcliff to the home of the Earnshaw, which is brought by the father of the family from Liverpool. We do not know where this creature came from, who will soon completely upset the quiet life of his adoptive family as well as that of his neighbors, the Lintons. A story of love and revenge, of hatred and madness, of life and death. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff develop a relationship of mutual dependence throughout their lives, from infancy to beyond death.

If you want to know how the story unfolds and how it continues, you will only have to open the book yourself ...

My grade for this book is 5/5 points.

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