The threshold of eternity

Ken Follett quote.

Ken Follett quote.

The threshold of eternity is a contemporary historical fiction novel by award-winning British writer Ken Follett. It was published in September 2014 and is the third installment of the Trilogy of the century, which is complemented by The fall of the giants (2010) y The winter of the world (2012). On this occasion, the protagonists are the descendants of the main characters of the previous titles in the saga.

In this trilogy, the author presents the history of five families of different nationalities and how they are affected —Through generations— by various historical events. In this regard, Follett maintains: “This is the story of my grandparents and yours, our parents and our own lives. In a way it is the story of all of us ”.

Summary of The threshold of eternity

The story begins

The novel starts in 1961, 16 years after the end of World War II. We are talking about a time when the great powers have taken advantage - among them, Russia, the largest country in the Soviet Union. The Russians imposed their communist doctrine throughout the territory until they reached Germany, which caused the Germans to begin to desert their country.

East Germany

This part stars it Rebecca, an East German teacher of the Franck family - Lady Maud's granddaughter - who one day received a subpoena from the Stasi - secret police of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) -. This intrigued her immediately, for she did not know the reasons for the order. However, he still attended on the indicated date. Once the place, she was subjected to an exhaustive questioning.

After the sinister interpellation, Rebecca She wanted to leave Stasi headquarters immediately, but ran into her husband Hans. At that moment the woman found out that the man cheated on her throughout the marriage. He he was a Stasi lieutenant and he only married her to spy on her family.

Upon hearing everything, Rebecca sought to flee the city, but he couldn't, since his departure coincided with a terrible mandate from the GDR government. They had decided to divide "the two Germanies" in order to stop the constant flight of professionals from the country. From that moment the construction of the infamous Berlin Wall began, and Rebecca was partially trapped and isolated, along with hundreds of thousands of Germans at each end.

In U.S.

In those moments, on the other side of the world he was George jakes —Son of Greg Peshkov—, a young man who served as an attorney in the administration of President John F. Kennedy. Furthermore, it was civil rights activist of the African American in the US His struggle led him to participate in protests in the south of the country and attend the march led by Martin Luther King to Washington.

Ken Follett quotes.

Ken Follett quotes.

George was working on the creation of a law on equal rights. However, that lost its meaning once Kennedy was assassinated. Years later, he began working alongside Bobby Kennedy, although his plans fell apart again when this man was also assassinated.

United Kingdom

Dave Williams He is the protagonist of history in this European region. From there, he was able to contemplate with concern the conflicts of the other two continents. The young man he dreamed of being a musician and forming a rock band with his friends. Once he succeeded, he used the songs to express his opinion on the lack of freedom and injustices.

Thanks to success of the grouping, they traveled to the american continent. Standing there Dave and his bandmates settled in San Francisco and actively participated in the origin of the hippie movement —Current led by young Americans protesting for the end of the Vietnam War.

Soviet Union

The political climate in the Soviet Union that Follett presents us is not simple at all. The writer places the reader right after Khrushchev's death and Brezhnev's seizure of power. The Cold War raged and undermined the foundations of a structure that by then was considered indestructible. For his part, in Russia, Gorbachev tried to save the country's economy with the Perestroika plan, but his effort was in vain.

Under this panorama, the protagonists of this section appear: the twins Dimka and Tania. He, a young party member Communist, rising star of the movement; su sister, a fighter for the uprising. As a result of the aforementioned, the protests increased - together with the bad measures taken by the governments -, which accelerated the fall of communism.

After all this series of events, finally, on November 11, 1989, the Berlin Wall was demolished.

The true destiny

The story takes place between the years 1961 and 1989 —In full development of the Cold War. Each character goes through an independent battle. The world experiences complicated moments in which the great powers fight for their own interests without taking into account the consequences of their actions.

Basic data of the work

The threshold of eternity is a novel by historical fiction genre. It develops throughout 10 parts that in turn are subdivided into chapters and that add some 1152 pages. The work is narrated in a linear way by an omniscient storyteller who uses simple and entertaining language — qualities that Follett has cultivated in his long career and that catch the reader almost immediately, even if they have not read the author before.

About the author, Ken Follett

Ken Follett.

Ken Follett.

Kenneth Martin Follett —Ken Follet— was born on June 5, 1949 in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. His parents were Veenie and Martin Follet. Until he was 10 years old he lived in his hometown, and then he moved to London. On 1967, began studying philosophy at the University College of London, race that it ended three years later.

Professional career

In 1970, he took a journalism course for three months, which led to work as a reporter for three years for the South Wales Echo, in Cardiff. Subsequently, he moved back to London, where he worked at the EveningStandard. At the end of the 70s he put aside journalism and leaned towards publishing, and became deputy director of management of Everest Books.

Literary career

He began to write stories as a hobby, however, his life changed with the publication of The eye of the needle (1978), his first novel. Thanks to this book, he obtained the Edgar Prize, in addition to international recognition. Another of his hits came in 1989 with The pillars of the earth, work with which it occupied the first sales positions in Europe for more than 10 years.

Throughout his career he has published 22 novels in the historical and suspense genres. They stand out among them: In the mouth of the dragon (1998) Final flight (2002) An endless world (2007) y The Century Trilogy (2010). Of his books, 7 have been adapted for television and cinema, in addition to being awarded important awards, such as: the Bancarella Prize (1999) and the International Thriller Writers Awards (2010).

Works by Ken Follert

  • The Island of Storms or The Eye of the Needle (1978)
  • Triple (1979)
  • The man from St. Petersburg (1982)
  • The wings of the eagle (1983)
  • The valley of the lions (1986)
  • The pillars of the earth (1989)
  • Night over the waters (1991)
  • A dangerous fortune (1993)
  • A place called freedom (1995)
  • The third twin (1997)
  • In the mouth of the dragon (1998)
  • Double game (2000)
  • High risk (2001)
  • Final flight (2002)
  • In the White (2004)
  • An endless world (2007)
  • The Century Trilogy
    • The fall of the giants (2010)
    • The winter of the world (2012)
    • The threshold of eternity (2014)
  • A column of fire (2017)
  • The darkness and the dawn (2020)
  • Never (2021)

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