The teacher who promised the sea

The teacher who promised the sea

The title The Master Who Promised the Sea may sound familiar to you. And it is that, Beyond a book by Francesc Escribano, it also has an adaptation in the form of a film that you may have enjoyed. The book, as we always say, is much better than the movie, because it goes deeper into the story.

But what is it about? What is the story being told? What opinions do you have? All of this, and some other things, is what we are going to tell you about in this booklet. Shall we start?

Synopsis of The Master Who Promised the Sea

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The Master Who Promised the Sea is not a very long book. According to Amazon data, Its length is only 120 pages, but it tells, in great detail, what happened to this figure and what was his life until it was cut short.

Keep in mind, however, that it is not so much a novel, but rather a book of photojournalism and rather a chronicle of what happened to a teacher. We leave you the synopsis:

«Antoni Benaiges, a teacher from Mont-roig del Camp, Tarragona, was assigned to the National Mixed School of Bañuelos in Bureba, a small town in the province of Burgos, in 1934.
Thanks to a pioneering and revolutionary teaching methodology for the time, based on the active participation of children and the use of printing, he began to transform the lives of his students and the people.
At the end of July 1936, the teacher disappeared. For more than 75 years, his work and personality remained in the privacy of the memory of his former students and his family, until, in August 2010, at the foot of the grave, a resident of Bañuelos would make the figure of the teacher murdered in 1936 emerge. and the moving story of a promise that could not be kept.

Our reviews

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The book The Master Who Promised the Sea was published in October 2023. We cannot say that it has had much impact, because the truth is that it does not have many comments for the time it has been published. But the truth is that They all praise the story being told and the way the author has compiled the data. and exposed to give greater consistency to his book. This is a great piece of research whose fruits are these pages.

Here we leave you some of those opinions:

«Little is known about those who disappeared, this book reminds us of one of them, where are their remains? It is worth reading it, briefly, what his life was like and many more. I recommend it".

"It is a book that once seen the movie "The Teacher Who Promised the Sea", expands very well on what this teaching methodology consisted of, as well as the teacher."

"Very good story about the cruelties of war and the dreams and hopes cut short by it."

«Antoni Benaiges, as they did with many others in that terrible time, was not only killed savagely, in cold blood, but they buried him in an unknown place so that his friends and family could not find him. They were not satisfied with murdering him, they also wanted to erase him. End his life and his memory. And the hardest thing to assume in this case is that they achieved it.

«With an unforgettable protagonist and a story that deserved to be rescued from memory. I liked it a lot. Furthermore, between photographs, testimonies, and stories, the book is a joy.
We know how it's going to end (before we start it), but it doesn't matter. Stories like these and people like Antoni Benagues need to be heard and told.

«Antonio Benaiges was one of those republican teachers who wanted to bring the hope and utopia of education for all to Spain in the 1930s, where misery and illiteracy abounded, especially in rural areas. A Catalan in a lost little town in Burgos, with a tremendous vocation and an innovative method, Frenetism. For that great sin, the fascists killed him. With books like this, and other projects about him and his work, he will remain alive forever.

Francesc Escribano, the author of The Master Who Promised the Sea


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Francesc Escribano Royo is the full name of the author, who is also known as Paco Escribano. He was born in 1958 and is currently a Catalan journalist and university professor.

On a literary level, He won the Gaziel Prize for biographies and memoirs in 1998 for his book "Barefoot on Red Earth: Life of Bishop Pere Casaldáliga". However, it also has other awards related to journalism or television, such as, for example, the Omnium Cultural Television Award (in 1994); two Ondas Internacionales awards (in 1994 and 1996); or the national Journalism award (in 2000) together with Joan Ubeda.

For its part, At a professional level, he focused above all on his journalism career, not only in the press, but also in radio and television. He worked at TV3 and was part of the program 30 minuts for eight years. She also created several series such as Ciutadans, Vides privades, Veterinaris or Bellvitge. For four years, from 2004 to 2008, he was director of Television of Catalonia.

Works by Francesc Escribano

If after reading The Master Who Promised the Sea you are interested in this author's pen, you should know that it is not his first book. Actually it has several more that you could take a look at. Yes indeed, You have them available in both Spanish and Catalan.

Here is the list:

  • Countdown: The story of Salvador Puig Antich.
  • Barefoot on the red earth: Life of Bishop Pere Casaldàliga.
  • The earth and the ashes: Brazil: journey to the heart of the country of Lula, Bolsonaro and Casaldàliga.
  • Divided Spain: the Civil War in color.

Sometimes, spend some time learning about stories that are part of Spain, Regardless of the Autonomous Community, it is not a bad idea, because it is part of the past that must be remembered to avoid making the same mistakes. Do you now dare to read The Master Who Promised the Sea? Have you read it yet? What do you think of the narration and the story?

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