The lucky girl syndrome

The lucky girl syndrome

The Lucky Girl Syndrome is the debut of author Aloma Martínez, known on social networks. She has written a book about love and other topics.

But what is the book about? Who is Aloma? Is it worth reading it? If you are not sure, here we leave you information so you can make a decision.

Synopsis of The Lucky Girl Syndrome


Lucky Girl Syndrome is a curious title, to say the least. We could say that the novel can be read as a teenager because it will help, a lot, for young people to realize some values ​​that sometimes go unnoticed. But Adults will also be able to empathize with the characters and reflect on certain themes.

Do you want to know what it is about? We leave you the synopsis:

«Why is it so difficult to love you when they stop loving you?
It's been a month since Serena last saw Matías. A month since the most painful breakup of her life. Despite the support of her friends, the quiet mornings at the bookstore and the walks along the lake, at night she feels an emptiness that doesn't let her breathe.
During those sleepless mornings, and also in her daily life, Serena begins to imagine conversations with Matías. Dialogues that evoke words that she had not wanted to hear, phrases that she had decided to forgive and many moments in which she should have walked away from her, but she did not.
With the warm embrace of time, books and nature, the young woman embarks on a journey of rediscovery in which she will connect with her most intimate and wild side, with her own body and desire, and will open herself to love again to leave that ghost behind. that does not allow you to move forward.
A dazzling narrative debut. Through this moving story, Aloma Martínez shows us how to look at life to find the magic of it everywhere.

Reviews and critiques

opinions of the lucky girl

Published in April 2024, it is a book that has only been released for a few days (as of the writing of this article). Even so, its almost 400 pages have already been devoured by some readers who wanted to comment on the book.

"A trip. This book is a journey to your past, your present and the opportunity for a new future. I think the author reflects very well the change that is experienced when growing up, how the value of friendship is vital in our lives and, that opportunity that we all have to put an end to one story so that another can begin.
Great read, I highly recommend it!

«When I dove into this story, my knowledge about it was limited. I knew Aloma, I participated in her reflections and, in various aspects, I felt reflected in her. With all this, I decided to buy her book and give it a try.
In this book we find a bittersweet story that shows us the path of a young woman who lost her way due to an unhealthy love.
I have no words to express how this story has healed my heart.
We will begin by talking about the author's pen. It is absolutely beautiful and poetic (but without being boring). Addictive, thoughtful and safe.
At many moments, I have found myself identifying with Serena, with Emma, ​​with Tam, with Gabi, with Aron, even with Martín. The descriptions that this story has have made me feel comfortable and like I was in a safe place.
This story is fantastic, from the beginning to the thanks themselves. Aloma has captured her entire being in this emotional story and has provided us with a book that heals the soul.
I hope to reread it soon.

«How strong this book is. That a 23-year-old girl wrote this seems amazing to me. I have connected so much with the story, I have felt very identified with it, it has made me cry, laugh and feel a lot. Aloma tells us the story of Serena, a girl who has just gone through a very painful breakup and doesn't see how to move on. But as the novel progresses, she tells us the importance of friendship, of finding oneself, of building oneself again and being able to leave the past behind. Aloma's pen seemed so magical and lyrical to me (I'm still amazed that someone so young writes this way). She has made me feel so much that although she had very high expectations, she has managed to far exceed them. The cover and the title of the story also seem beautiful to me, accompanying this great novel. The characters are the best thing in the story: Tam, Gabi and Emma, ​​the best friends Serena could ask for, Matías, the ghost from her past who torments her but also teaches her to value and connect with herself, Gloria, a mother figure most endearing, and Aron, a being of light who accompanies Serena on her path and treats her as she has always deserved. I hope Aloma writes many more books because I really want to continue reading her.

«Aloma writes with a unique sensitivity. The way she describes her scenarios takes you into them completely, and her treatment of the inner world of her protagonist makes you understand her perfectly.
This novel is about love. The romantic one, but above all about self-love and that which your friends give you. The way the words in the book convey this feeling is beautiful.
"I would recommend it a thousand times, and I would read everything by the author."

«I couldn't get past page 80. It's not that it was written badly but I couldn't find the plot anywhere. It is an amalgamation of commonplaces and phrases made without order or concert. Call this a splendid narrative debut…”

As you can see, almost one hundred percent of the reviews and reviews are very positive about the book. There are some, which we also wanted to reflect, that are negative, so that you can see that there can be both sides of the coin. But really It will all depend on whether it is the type of book you want to read.

Aloma Martínez, the author of The Lucky Girl Syndrome


It's normal if the name Aloma Martínez doesn't sound familiar to you, because she is a newly-known author and, furthermore, The Lucky Girl Syndrome is her first novel. We can tell you about her that He was born in Madrid in 2001 and has studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Nebrija.

Currently it is content creator and is known above all for her social networks, especially on Instagram and YouTube, but also on TikTok.

In fact, The novel he has written is based on one of the most viral videos that the author has in her account.

Do you dare to read The Lucky Girl Syndrome? Have you already done it? What do you think? We read you in comments.

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