The last function, by Luis Landero

The last function

The last feature is Luis Landero's new book in 2024. The author is known for other works, but he stands out above all for his careful and dense language, even though it seems simple. Have you taken a look at his book?

If you don't know if it is good or not, or if you are going to like it, below we give you the information that can help you make the decision. Will you like the story? What do other readers say about him? What is the author's story? We answer everything. Go for it.

Synopsis of The Last Feature

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Readers who have followed the author book by book highlight that each of them represents a leap in the quality of the author's writing. Thus, this latest book that he has published is receiving very good reviews. But what is it about?

Here is the synopsis:

«A group of retired friends still remember the afternoon of that Sunday in January 1994 when a mature Tito Gil made his appearance at the town's bar and restaurant, in the Sierra de Madrid. They recognized him because of his prodigious voice. The famous actor, the child prodigy, the great theatrical promise who seemed to have triumphed on the stages of the capital, or perhaps half the world, returned to his hometown. Perhaps in search of notoriety, Tito Gil will soon propose a great collective representation with which to revitalize tourism and attract people. It will be the last chance to avoid gradual depopulation. Nobody seems to resist, but they need a great actress to give him the answer. On those dates, Paula, a woman who has seen her dreams crushed by her work routine, takes the last train in Atocha and wakes up, without knowing it, in the station of a town unknown to her.
Under the spell of a collective oral story, in The Last Function Luis Landero once again delights us with the fascination of a story and characters who seem to come out of the mist and take the stage to feel transformed. An unexpected love story, and an endless number of humorous and admirable secondary characters that culminate in a masterful outcome.

Reviews and reviews of the book

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Source: Lume bookstore

The last function It came out in January 2024 and enough time has passed to, as of the date of this article, have several reviews and critiques that can help you know if the book is good or not. Below we have compiled some of them so you can read them.

«A spectacular exercise in language mastery, with exact, precise, concrete, measured prose that captivates you. Characters exceptionally described and presented, coming to life in front of the reader. Awesome. It is difficult to find a narrative that is so sober but that fills you so much at the same time. Absolutely recommended".

«Landero never fails. Outlandish situations, outlandish characters full of humanity, fine humor... tenderness.

Incredible that Landero is not an academic to the shame of the Academy itself, where of course not all those who are are, nor are all those who are.

«Once again, Landero manages to entertain us, but also to provoke us a little melancholy, with this nice story of hopes not lost and modestly realized. One of the best contemporary novelists in Spanish, without a doubt.

«Extraordinary, in form and substance. One of the great prose writers in Spanish, mastery of the language, richness of vocabulary..."

«In my opinion, Luis Landero is always a guarantee of good literature. Now, and although it perfectly fulfills the objective of entertaining the reader, I believe that this novel is noticeably inferior to the rest of his literary work. The story is interesting, even picturesque, it is told with great narrative skill, and, in my opinion, it reveals a much deeper message than what the author apparently seems to convey. Would you recommend reading the novel? Without a doubt. It is always worth reading Landero, even if he does not manage to strike a chord with each novel, as has happened to me in this case.

As you have been able to read, all the opinions They are positive, both in the way the book is written and also in the story that is told in the novel. Of course, whether or not you like the book will depend on whether or not you like the writer's way of writing. But if you look at one of the comments, it seems that he is writing better and better.

Luis Landero, the author of The Last Function

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Source RTVE

Luis Landero Durán, the full name of this author, was born in Alburquerque, in Badajoz, in 1948. When he was 12 years old, he moved with his family to Madrid and there his father set up a knitting and sewing workshop. For his part, Landero began working two years later in whatever he could do: assistant in a mechanical workshop, delivery boy, administrative assistant... But after the death of his father he focused on the Spanish guitar and for a time that was his job, guitarist for various singers. It was at that time that he became fond of books.

Study Hispanic Philology at the University of Madrid and he was an assistant professor there. He also studied Language and Literature at the Calderón de la Barca Institute, at the School of Dramatic Arts and at Yale University. But despite his work, he had time to write His first novel was published when he was 40 years old.

The success of that novel meant that he was able to leave everything to focus on writing.

Works by Luis Landero

Luis Landero began publishing in 1984 with his first novel. Years have passed and he has several publications to his credit. Although there are not as many as other authors. And he does not publish every year, but rather he does so sporadically.

The last feature is his last novel, and fans of this author had to wait two years for him to release a new book.

If you get hooked on him and want to know what other books he has written, here we leave you the list separating between novels and other types of genres, such as essays or biographies.


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Have you read The Last Function of Luis Landero? What do you think? Tell us in comments.

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