The girl with the blue hat

The girl with the blue hat

The Girl with the Blue Hat is the latest book by Ana Lena Rivera, author of other books and increasingly recognized. It was published in February 2024 and, although not much time has passed, it already has enough reviews to give you an idea of ​​whether it is worth reading it or not.

Do you want to know what it is about? What do others who have read it think? Maybe get to know the author a little more? Well, all that is what you will find in this article. Shall we start?

Synopsis of The Girl in the Blue Hat

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As we have told you, The Girl with the Blue Hat It was published on February 1, 2024. It is the author's last book and, for now, it seems that it is a self-contained book, that is, it is not part of any bilogy or trilogy.

It narrates some historical events in Spain but it focuses on offering a tribute to the women of the time who did not want to pigeonhole themselves and sought to get ahead on their own.

Here is the synopsis:

«Gijón, summer of 1929. At barely seventeen years old, Manuela goes to work as a maid in the mansion of the Marquises of Armayor. Surrounded by luxury that contrasts with the poverty of her native village, the young woman will experience arrogance and heartbreak, but also the art of sewing, while she will establish an unbreakable friendship with the only heir of the family, Alexandra.
Years later, and despite belonging to very different worlds, her friend will be her greatest support when the Civil War forces Manuela to separate from her daughter Telva, sent to Russia along with other children from the Republican zone, and also when she tries to get her back decades later. later, even if he must risk everything to do so.
The longing for Telva, a sometimes heartless destiny and a great love story will mark Manuela's life. A life that will extend throughout a turbulent century full of contrasts, masterfully reflected by Ana Lena Rivera in the pages of this novel that is read with emotion on the surface.

Reviews and critiques of The Girl in the Blue Hat

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Although not much time has passed since its release, The Girl with the Blue Hat is a book that many have been looking forward to since it has enough reviews to give you an idea of ​​the book.

In general, the opinions and criticisms given to the book Virtually all of them are positive. It must be taken into account that we are talking about a book with important historical facts, which must be detailed and told, which makes it, for some, a bit tedious and slow.

Others may criticize the hasty ending or notice that the author goes from a slow pace to a fast one, as if she wanted to finish the novel as soon as possible. But the truth is that there are few reviews that we have found in this regard and they all recommend it as a good read. Yes indeed, Keep in mind that it is more than 700 pages of reading.

Here we leave you some of the reviews and criticisms of the work:

«Hooked from the beginning. Beautiful story. Enjoyable reading and very well written.
Characters that hook the reader from beginning to end.

«I really wanted this book because I loved «the singer's heirs». At first it starts very well and has a good rhythm, it keeps you glued. However, towards the middle it declines and it seems that he wrote it quickly and without meaning, poorly documented and implausible towards the end. She wanted to end it without making sense of it and is upset because it starts too well.

«The novel is good. But I think it falls into quite a few clichés. The typical modern rich girl who believes that all social classes should be equal and the maid giving her dresses... well, I don't think that at that time she spoiled him so much. rather the opposite. Otherwise it's not bad."

"The story is very beautiful and the book contains many historical facts from 1935 to the present day, very well linked."

«I am a great admirer and follower of the author's work, I have read and greatly enjoyed all of her books, both her noir trilogy and this new stage that began with Las heiresses de la Singer. The protagonists of it are always strong, admirable and fighting women. This book is, without a doubt, very special. I loved immersing myself in its pages and I was excited when I reached the end. A book that falls squarely in my top reads this year.

«I was reading the latest novel by Eduardo Mendoza, my favorite writer since I was young, and I started reading your novel to see what it was like... What has happened is that I have already read 100 pages and you have overtaken the great Eduardo, in reading order .
Everything I am reading is totally faithful to reality and is very well narrated.
It should be mandatory reading for women today, who cannot even imagine what their ancestors went through, but also for those men who want the old days to return, and by reading it, they realize that it is better to have a female companion. life than a slave. Any time in the past was worse.
At the moment it is my best reading in a long time, and I do not give free praise.

Ana Lena Rivera, the author of the book

The girl in the blue hat synopsis

Ana Lena Rivera was born in Oviedo, in 1972. However, he currently lives in Madrid. Since she was little, she has liked her books, to the point of learning to read when she was only 3 years old (and according to the author, she did it alone).

He studied Law and Business Administration and Management. But he combined it with some workshops at the Writers' School. And it was the pregnancy of his son that made him start writing.

In 2017 they gave him the Torrente Ballester award for What the dead are silent, his first novel, which was published two years later, in 2019. And since that date he has released a new book every year or two.

Other works by Ana Lena Rivera

If you have just met the author, or already knew her, you should know that she has many more books on the market. She became known for the book "What the dead are silent about", the first part of the Gracia San Sebastián trilogy. The remaining books were "A murderer in your shadow" and "The dead don't know how to swim."

After those books, came one of Ana Lena's greatest successes, «The heirs of the Singer». And her latest book is “The Girl with the Blue Hat.”

Are you one of those who has read The Girl with the Blue Hat? What do you think?

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