The crack of silence, by Javier Castillo

The crack of silence

The crack of silence is the latest book by Javier Castillo, published in mid-April 2024. It is a novel very much in the style of the author, in which he mixes past and present. Full of mysteries and enigmas, it becomes addictive in a certain part of the book.

But what is it about? Is it worth reading it? Is it a single book or perhaps a continuation with some characters from other novels? If you want to know to make the final decision, we will tell you everything below.

Synopsis of The Rift of Silence

compressed synopsis of the book by Javier Castillo

The first thing you should know about The Rift of Silence is that, although it seems like a single novel, there is a recurring character from other previous novels, such as The Snow Girl and The Soul Game. Therefore, if you really want to find out about the personality of this character, and the story behind him, it would be a good idea to read those novels first.

That said, about The Crack of Silence you should know that It is almost 450 pages. We leave you its synopsis:

«A seven-year-old boy missing
A mystery silenced for thirty years
What happened to Daniel Miller?
Staten Island, 1981. Daniel Miller's bicycle appears abandoned near his house. There is no trace of the little one. Thirty years later, in 2011, Manhattan Press investigative journalist Miren Triggs follows a trail that leads her to the terrible discovery of a corpse with its lips sealed.
Miren Triggs and Jim Schmoer, his former journalism teacher, will try to discover what links both cases while helping Ben Miller, Daniel's father and former FBI inspector, piece together one last time his son's disappearance. They will thus delve into the depths of an enigma full of nooks and crannies in which voices from the past resonate. What happened to Daniel? Who is hiding behind the horrible murder? Can silence be the refuge of truth?

Reviews and critiques

comment on The Crack of Silence

As we have told you before, The Rift of Silence came out in mid-2024 (specifically a few days ago since the publication of this article), which means that there are not many reviews about the book yet. Even so, Being an already established author with followers behind him, in a matter of days the reviews and criticisms have not been long in coming. Here we show you some of them.

«Actually 4.75 for a detail that bothers me a little. Fast, dynamic, short chapters (like that first sanity). I enjoyed it a lot and it was not enough for me!!!!

«This book has been the one I liked the most of the three by Miren. I had wanted to know what happened to Daniel Miller for a long time and when I saw that this book would address her case, I couldn't be happier.
It has kept me hooked from page one, like most of the author's books, and I was not expecting the end at all. I would have liked it to end differently, yes, but I liked it.
The only thing I don't like, as always, is Miren. I am unable to understand his attitude, especially towards the people who love her. She is a character that I have never stopped liking.

«This book, which is part of the Miren Triggs saga, mixes the plot linked to the protagonist with the resolution of the old unsolved case of a boy who disappeared after leaving his school on Staten Island.
My biggest fear was that it would become a predictable story, and for part of the book I was sure that it was going to be that way, but no. Although there are some predictable or typical elements in this type of novel, the entire bulk of the work is not like that, even if you think you know what is going to happen, in the end it introduces a twist that changes absolutely everything, closing in a way that seems impeccable to me.
Another element that I really liked is that he makes a lot of social criticism, something that until now was not so common in the author and that he is really good at. We can find criticism of topics such as the press, the publishing world or the sale of weapons in the United States.
Regarding the plot of Miren, I have to say that I like how this book connects with its own story more than how it does in The Soul Game, I think it is very well carried out and that it has managed to make both aspects intermingle with naturalness.
Finally, and without going into spoilers, I have to say that it seemed to me by far the saddest book by the author, it is a book marked by pain, by the different types of pain experienced by different characters and, that at the moment "I have managed to empathize with most of them, it has touched my heart."

Javier Castillo, the author of The Crack of Silence

Javier Castillo

Javier Castillo He has been an editorial writer since 2016. But before that date he had published his first novel on Amazon through self-publishing. It was when the publishers caught her novel and began to be interested in it, offering her several contracts and the author choosing one of them.

Before writing Castillo studied business and a master's degree at ESCP Europe, which led him to work as a financial advisor, a job that he ended up leaving when he saw that he could make a living from literature.

Since that moment he has been publishing books annually, many of them translated into several languages ​​and published in as many countries. In addition, her books have been adapted into series such as The Snow Girl and the series that can be seen on Netflix.

Works by Javier Castillo

Javier Castillo began his literary career self-publishing his first novel, The Day That Sanity Was Lost. And in less than a year, several publishers became interested in the novel to the point of having to withdraw it to release it again, this time under the publishing label, along with the continuation of that novel.

Since that moment he has not stopped publishing, so that, except in 2022 when he took it off without any book, since 2017 he has published at least one novel.

Here we leave you the list of all the ones he has written to date. We must make a hint and that is that, although at the beginning we told you that The Soul Game is one of the books where the character Miren Higgs also appears, this is not considered part of the series (at first).

  • Series The day sanity was lost:
    • The day that sanity was lost.
    • The day love was lost.
    • Everything that happened with Miranda Huff.
  • Look Higgs Series:
    • The snow girl
    • The crack of silence.
  • The game of the soul.
  • The crystal cuckoo.

Have you read or are you going to read The Rift of Silence?

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