The Black Butterflies: Gabriel Katz

black butterflies

black butterflies

black butterfliesLes Papillons noirs, by its original French title— is a crime novel written by screenwriter and author Gabriel Katz. The work was published by the Salamandra publishing house in 2023. The story of its creation dates back to a very particular event: in 2022, Olivier Abbou, Bruno Merle and Netflix launched a series that became an international success.

Such was its heyday that the production of the film asked Katz to write a book of the same name. In the Netflix series, Albert Desiderio decides to hire Adrien Winckler to write his memoirs, those that torment him and accelerate the pace of his illness. black butterflies —the novel— is the final title that emerges from a series of deep conversations between these two men.

Synopsis of black butterflies

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction

At the time when the producers of the series black butterflies they contacted Gabriel Katz to write the novel, he was not very sure to agree. He seemed crazy outlandish to her. However, he took his time, and after thinking about it, he agreed. After publication, the author has affirmed on several occasions that he feels very proud to have been part of a project never seen before.

It is well known that there are novelizations of films, such as the phenomenon that occurred with Pan's Labyrinth, directed by maestro Guillermo del Toro. This tape was brought to paper by Cornelia Funke, and it turned out to bring a lot of benefits to both creators. However, something like this had not happened with a series before. In this regard, Katz explains that this Novelty It is not an adaptation, but a parallel story to the Netflix miniseries.

This offers viewers and readers a doorway between reality and fiction.

The end of the loneliness of two souls

love novels they have always taught the reader that lovers are ready for anything. These protagonists are capable of going to the last consequences to protect their object of desire. It is that passion that has captivated people for years, and black butterflies is no exception to that rule. Even so, This story is not about a rosy, idyllic romance, but rather about the bond of two unwanted.

This book could be described as a romantic thriller that plays with darkness. During the fifties, in the north of France, a boy without a family named Albert Desiderio meets Solange, the daughter of a prostitute murdered for being a supporter of the losing Nazi power.

Once their paths cross, their lives are forever changed.. An unbreakable friendship arises between them, which, with the passage of time, becomes an even more fierce love.

all for a love

Albert and Solange are alone in the face of an increasingly exclusive world. Both they are like black butterflies, scoundrels whom society does not want to look in the eye, because it would have to admit that these young people are nothing more than consequences.

United by a wild love, the protagonists are involved in a life of crime and eroticism.. The first time they commit a murder is related to self defense. But this accident marks them forever.

They soon commit their second offense, this time, from a calculated initiative. Later, they adopt the habit of killing one person every year, in the summer. The protagonists spend time living in this way. At first, they find the existence of criminals exciting, but sooner rather than later the spark in their relationship dwindles with each murder.

This kind of love is reminiscent of classics like Natural Born Killers Oliver Stone, or the always remembered Bonnie and Clyde.

About the Netflix series

As strange as it may seem Gabriel Katz's novel is not signed with his name. On the contrary: on the cover it reads "Mody", because that is the name of the main character of the homonymous series on which the book is inspired.

This film, although similar to Katz's work in many respects, Create your own atmosphere. In it, inhabit Albert Desiderio and Adrien Winckler. The first is an old man eaten away by disease and guilt, the second, a man longing for the glories of the past.

Both men meet every day so that Albert can tell Adrien what he remembers about his past, as he hopes that the author, who was once famous for a novel, will write his autobiography.

Since then, remote time and the present are mixed, as if it were two streams that find their course in the same place. Over the days, the men discover how much alike they are, and the struggles they share.

About the author, Gabriel Katz

gabriel katz

gabriel katz

Gabriel Katz, better known as "Mody" thanks to his novel black butterflies, is a French ghostwriter, screenwriter and author. Katz has created scripts for television, as well as comics and children's titles, but his greatest merit is in working for other authors. His job is to write books on behalf of famous people and a wide variety of politicians. But Gabriel has also worked on works under his own name.

These have made him known in his country and in the rest of Europe. They have also sold very well in some other regions of the world. Among his most popular books in Spanish are his detective novels, which are starring Benjamin Varenne, in addition to titles such as Piano class.

Other books by Gabriel Katz

Au bout des doigts

Piano class (published by Suma de letras editorial and translated by Sofía Tros de Ilarduya and Martin Ariel Schifino in 2019)

This book tells the story of Mathieu, a young man fond of the piano who is involved in a crime. Not knowing what to do, he asks for help from a name that once gave him his card. The gentleman attends, and helps him, but puts a condition: he must pay for his community service hours by cleaning the music conservatory. There, the boy is destined to develop his talent.

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