Summary of The Knight in Rusty Armor

Summary The Knight in Rusty Armor

The Knight in Rusty Armor is an old book. It was published in 1987 and its author, Robert Fisher, achieved great success with it. It falls within the genre of Self Help, although it pulls from fiction for history. Do you want a summary of The Knight in Rusty Armor?

Either because you don't know if it is the book you should read, or because you have been commissioned to read it and make a summary, What we are going to tell you can help you to know more about what awaits you in the book. We start?

What are the characters in The Knight in Rusty Armor

knight on horseback

In this case, Robert Fisher introduced many characters into the story, but not all of them have the same weight. There is no doubt that the main one, that is, our "knight" is going to be the protagonist and the one who carries the whole story. In addition, it has to represent, in some way, the reader, so that he feels identified (hence it is self-help). Therefore, he is not a typical character.

As a summary, here we talk about the most representative.

  • The Knight: is the main character of the story. At first, he is a perfect man, but he begins to become obsessed with his armor, something that makes him distance himself from his family and friends, giving more importance to this object (with which he feels safe and appreciated by all), than usually What is inside.
  • Juliet: She is the wife of the Knight and she is tired that her husband is obsessed with her armor and stays away from her and her son. In fact, he gives her an ultimatum: remove her armor or lose her and her child. That is the trigger for the Knight to decide to embark on a path to get rid of his "iron clothing".
  • Christopher: He is the son of the Knight. Not much is said about him other than the fact that he misses the father he was before the armor blinded him.
  • Marline: Forget thinking of a magician, because in this book he acts more like a sage helping the Knight on his way to find his true self.
  • the jester: His name is Bolsalegre and he is the person who helps the Knight to find Merlin and who teaches him why it is important to be happy and in a good mood in life.
  • The pigeon: Called Rebecca, she is a character who will accompany the Knight on the trip.
  • The squirrel: Together with the dove, it is another of the characters that accompany the Knight.
  • The King: It is another character that appears later in the story and helps the Knight understand the importance of connecting with others.
  • The Dragon: We could say that he is one of the last characters to come out, the one who represents the fear and doubt of the Knight and who he has to face to really know himself.

Summary of The Knight in Rusty Armor

Summary of The Knight in Rusty Armor

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The summary of The Knight in Rusty Armor can be done in many ways. We have chosen to make you a summary of each of the chapters of the book so you can see what is most important about them.

Chapter 1: The Knight's Dilemma

It is the introduction of the story, since the author introduces you to the protagonist, a very famous and much loved man. He wears armor and he becomes so obsessed with it that he never wants to take it off because he understands that it is the armor that makes everyone want it.

However, his wife, Julieta, and their son, Cristóbal, disagree with his decision not to remove his armor. So one day, tired of putting up with it, the woman asks him to take off his armor or they will leave home and leave him.

The Knight agrees, but at the moment he tries to take it off, his fears stop him and he is unable to do so (in the book it is specified that it is because it has gotten stuck, but it can also be seen in another way). So he sees how his family is leaving and, therefore, he decides to ask the blacksmith for help to try to remove it. Faced with the impossibility of this, he marches in search of help to get rid of the armor and thus recover his family.

Chapter 2: In Merlin's Forest

The Knight goes to look for the King since he is the wisest person he knows but he is not there. So he runs into the jester who recommends that he go to the forest in search of a wise man named Merlin.

Nothing to lose, the Knight heads towards that place and after going around many times, without food or water, he ends up fainting. When he wakes up he is surrounded by animals and next to them, a man. Marline. He tells him that he can't do anything, that he needs to go on a path to understand why he can't take off his armor and to be able to do it.

Chapter 3: The Path of Truth

The first destination that Merlin gives the Knight is to go towards the path of truth. However, after several days in which he alone wanders through the forest in search of that path without result, he returns with Merlin defeated.

Thus, he tells him that this path is something that cannot be seen with the eyes, but that he has to advance until cross three castles: that of silence, that of knowledge, and that of will and daring.

In addition, Merlin asked him to go on foot, and offered him two traveling companions: a dove and a squirrel.

Chapter 4: The Castle of Silence

In this first destination, the Knight meets the King, who tells him about the reason why he cannot take off his armor. Over there, invites you to meditate and reflect on many things you have done in your life. To the point that he meets his true "self".

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Chapter 5: The castle of knowledge

In this next destination, full of posters that leave him phrases to reflect on, he realizes that he has never shown love to his loved ones, but rather a need to have them, but not want them.

So through a looking glass realizes how he really is And what has he looked like all this time?

Chapter 6: The castle of will and daring

Finally, in the last castle, he faces a dragon that represents fear and doubts. However, realizing that he must confirm in himself, the dragon becomes smaller and smaller until it is not afraid of it.

Chapter 7: The Peak of Truth

The last step to get rid of the armor, is to climb a great peak. That is where reflects on childhood and everything he has done throughout his life, finally managing to free himself from the armor and feel happy.

Now that you have the summary of The Knight in Rusty Armor, we must tell you that this does not do the book justice. And it is that, when you read it, you will see that the way of narrating and the presentation of those fears, doubts, questions... can make you empathize with the character, or see yourself reflected in it. And the teachings that the book is giving you can help you improve in your real life. Have you read this book? What did you think?

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