Stories to understand the world: Eloy Moreno

Stories to understand the world

Stories to understand the world

Stories to understand the world is a collection of ancient fables brought to the present day by the award-winning Spanish computer scientist, educator and author Eloy Moreno. In the first decade of the 2000s, the writer already had the idea of ​​retransmitting the morals that old stories used to leave, which, finally, was reflected in the self-publishing of this book.

Coming Soon, Stories to understand the world It became one of the best-selling books nationwide, with at least 32 editions and 38 copies., in addition to being one of the three best-selling books on Amazon Kindle. The anthology features drawings by Argentine illustrator Pablo Zerda, as well as two sequels.

Synopsis of Stories to understand the world

About the old stories that are renewed to teach us

As a fan of reading, like any good writer, Eloy Moreno approaches those stories that marked his childhood, and covers them to give his readers moments of reflection before going to sleep. The author updates the language and modifies the names, situations and contexts in which the characters are involved. However, they maintain the morals and essence of each story.

Eloy Moreno's mission is to recover these stories and give children and adults the possibility of re-reading these stories from a different perspective, because, as he himself has said: “This book is aimed at all those who are still children, even if adults force them to hide it.”. And what better way to honor this premise than with 38 short, entertaining and reflective stories?

The author confided that he was bored reading Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood o The three Little Pigs

According to Eloy Moreno, the reason for his boredom had to do with how unreal and distant these stories seemed to him, because in his world there have never been such good princesses or such bad wolves. This lack of nuance led the author in other directions, ones more in line with his needs, where, with a phrase, some other writer was able to move his ideas from point A to point B.

This is what Eloy Moreno intends to achieve with Stories to understand the world: that people give themselves the privilege of thinking outside the box, to understand more in depth certain situations that occur on a daily basis and, if possible, to come out of that experience wanting to transform into better human beings and help change their environment.

About the stories that have already been lost

Eloy Moreno clarifies that the stories that inhabit his anthology do not belong to him, that he only served as a kind of satellite: he received the information from the ancient writers and translated it for those who are interested in immersing themselves in it. Eloy has worked with these texts in schools and institutes, instructing children on how to read them to get the best out of their games.

The writer maintains that Stories to understand the world It has helped thousands of children and adults to rethink the world, they have reflected, thought, but, above all, to create better people, and that is what is most beneficial. In this regard, the author has left some advice for those who wish to read his anthology outside the academic field.

Tips from Eloy Moreno for reading Stories to understand the world

  • “Read a story a day, before going to bed, to think and understand it during the day;
  • Read them to yourself and others;
  • Live them, feel them, imagine them, understand them, transmit them;
  • When you have understood the world, try to improve it.”

Index of Stories to understand the world

  • “The Lucky Man's Shoes”;
  • "To cross the river";
  • "The heaven and the hell";
  • “The Boy Who Could Do It”;
  • “The Frog and the Scorpion”;
  • “True wealth”;
  • "The gift";
  • “I have done something”;
  • “The Rose and the Frog”;
  • "The gardener";
  • "What I need";
  • "Impatience";
  • “The donkey at home”;
  • "The truth";
  • “Whom you stand before”;
  • “The wishing tree”;
  • "Where to look?";
  • “The ring of balance”;
  • “The horse and the donkey”;
  • “The Red Pitcher”;
  • "The Perfect Woman";
  • "I respect";
  • "The guest";
  • “The father, the son and the donkey”;
  • "The proof";
  • "As before";
  • “The famous donkey”;
  • "The reason";
  • “The Scholar and the Boatman”;
  • "What do you choose?";
  • “The Negotiator”;
  • "The problem";
  • "Gold";
  • “Unfair distribution”;
  • “The branches move the wind”;
  • “Perfect Peace”;
  • “The tree dances.”

About the Author

Eloy Moreno Olaria was born on January 12, 1976, in Castellón de la Plana, Spain. He studied his Basic General Education at the Virgen del Lidón Public School, and is a Bachelor and COU from the Francisco Ribalta Institute in Castellón de la Plana, where He graduated in Technical Engineering in Management Informatics from the Jaime I University.

After finishing his university studies he began to work in a computer company until he passed the computer science exams at the Castellón de la Plana City Council. However, Eloy had always been a fan of reading and writing, so He began to self-publish his first works, which brought him amazing success very quickly..

There is no doubt that, from the beginning, Eloy Moreno's works left a very good impression on critics and readers. Thus, He was contacted by publishers such as B de Pocket, Espasa and Penguin Random House., who have helped him create new editions of his books. The author has received laurels such as the Onda Cero Castellón Prize (2011) and the Ragazzi di Cento Letteratura Prize (2021).

Other books by Eloy Moreno

  • The green gel pen (2011);
  • What i found under the sofa (2013);
  • The gift (2015);
  • Stories to understand the world 2 (2016);
  • invisible (2018);
  • Stories to understand the world 3 (2018);
  • Earth (2019);
  • Together (collection Stories to count between two 2021);
  • Different (2021);
  • I want it all (collection Stories to count between two 2021);
  • invisible (collection Stories to count between two 2022);
  • when it was fun (2022);
  • The Tooth Fairy Rules (2023)

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