Sophie in the Skies of Paris, by Katherine Rundell. Review

Sophie in the skies of Paris review

Sophie in the skies of Paris It is a genre novel Juvenile, intended for readers ages 14 to 16, written by the English author Katherine Rundell. However, it is also a good read for all ages. Published by Salamandra in 2017, she stars in it Sophie, an orphan who will be involved in a adventure full of intrigue and also friendship, courage and hope when wanting to look for her mother. This is my review.

Katherine Rundell

Born in Kent, England, in 1987 and has lived in Harare, Brussels and London. She is the author of the novels Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms (2014) The Wolf Wilder (2015) and Sophie in the skies of Paris (2014), with which he has achieved several recognitions and awards such as the Waterstones Childrens Book and the Blue Peter Book. Es teacher associate at All Souls College in Oxford and in his free time he enjoys practicing funambulism and climbing the roofs of the university faculties. This hobby undoubtedly also inspired the idea for the novel, since the second part takes place on those roofs of the houses of Paris.

Sophie in the skies of Paris — Synopsis

After shipwreck of a ship in the English Channel, a girl Barely a year old, it appears floating in a cello case. Charles Maxim, a scholar and also eccentric London adventurer, rescues her and takes her to live with him. Thus begins the moving story of both, and Charles, when the disappearance of the girl's mother is confirmed, becomes her tutor legal. But over time, Sophie begins to think that maybe her mother survived the shipwreck. Charles warns her that this is almost impossible, because it is known that there were no surviving women. However, for Sophie that "almost" means that there is "some" possibility.

So, even though the only clue they find is a address engraved on cello case, Charles, who would give everything to see Sophie happy, agrees to accompany her to Paris to find out something or find out what could really have happened. But there is also a more disturbing reason that hastens this march, and that is that social services decide that Sophie will have to stop living with Charles, because he is not receiving the relevant education and he allows him to behave in a way that is unacceptable, in the opinion of teachers and neighbors.

Once in Paris, careful not to attract too much attention from the authorities, Charles begins the investigation by first asking the girl to stay at the hostel where they are staying. But then one night someone sneaks into Sophie's room. She is Matteo, a boy who lives en the roofs of Parisian buildings along with his friends, too vagabonds, who tour the city for them and who decide to help them find their mother or find out about her.

Sophie in the skies of Paris - Review

With two very different parts, the novel has a beginning that leads us to think of one of those stories starring an orphan whom he takes in. someone who cares about educating you on what really matters through classics of literature bordering on permissiveness and challenging what is politically correct. This is also seen in the language he uses, very poetic tone with very inspiring phrases or sentences.

Then, when Sophie and Charles arrive in Paris, he loses prominence and gives everything to the girl and those friends with their lives on those rooftops of the city, friends who remind us of the lost boys of peter pan or the chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins. It is in this second part when the tone of the novel drifts a little towards dystopia, due to the environment and the struggles between bands of boys from different areas of Paris. Besides, Sophie will have to learn and make an effort to move at heights with agility, but he will get it. All to find out if there are those papers in the city hall archives that can provide the truth or end all of Sophie's hopes.

The main theme is the search for one's own identity and the value that stands out the most is the tenacity of the protagonist to fulfill what she has proposed. Sophie stands out from the first page, but tAll the characters share peculiarities, oddities and quirks. Although they are also all brave, noble and endearing, especially Charles.


So, at the end of reading, you have enjoyed a light and tender story, very beautifully told with a prose full of figures and also lyric, where the magic of the streets of Paris (or, rather, its roofs) ends up enveloping you and rescuing that childish and youthful spirit that perhaps had already been saved.

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