The slow burn romance, another phenomenon of the romantic novel

slow romance, new phenomenon

El romance slow burning —or slow-burn romance, in a translation without anglicisms—is the penultimate new romance genre phenomenon and it already has millions of readers, especially in youth literature. But in reality it has always been written, to a greater or lesser degree in the development of the love story between the protagonists. We take a look at what they are and propose some titles.

The love slow burning

It consists neither more nor less that the main characters do not suddenly fall in love or feel an urgent need for each other, but that relationship let's say it goes through slower channels. In other words, the complete opposite of here I catch you, here I kill you of unbridled rhythm that exists on the other side of the genre.

That is, in this type of romance the protagonists meet one day and little by little they find those details —more or less important— that they like about the other. Thus, the relationship goes with a special tempo: now an accidental touch of the hand, I brush your hair out of your face, you wink at me or I drop something and he picks it up with a subtle slowness when returning it to you. dand there until you become older there is a long process. When you reach the hug it is almost a climax, the first kiss is entering Paradise and the rest is beyond words.

The success obtained may be due to the fact that it is a type of Love's stories which allows readers better appreciate its evolution and feel that more intensely chemistry between the protagonists. So here are some titles, from then and now, to (re)discover or catch up on.

romance books slow burning

Pride and prejudice - Jane Austen

How not to start with a classic among classics and epitome of that romance that goes little by little? The love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy is one of those that is developing slowly but surely, and it continues to remain there. among the most read books in literature.

Even if it rains in spring —Cherry Chic

If we add to the quiet romance idyllic landscapes and towns, reading earns points. Like in this story where we meet Lilibeth, that lives in Havenwish, one of those charming little towns. It is the maestra from the only school there is and is delighted with its students. She enjoys embroidering, drinking tea, gardening and spending time with her loved ones. Furthermore, she is kind, smiling and affectionate and everyone appreciates her. Or not. Because she is Blake, who arrived in town recently and his little daughter's teacher doesn't quite convince him.

But between a garden competition, the rivalry between some very peculiar neighbors and more secrets that are hidden, it is still a good idea to continue reading to see what happens.

A kiss by mistake —Loles López

In this title several of the pictures that are most in demand in the genre: there is a sports plotfriendship, a little romance slow burning, overcoming personal, somewhat risque scenes and humor. And love, Clear.

We have According to, what do you wan't to be player ice hockey professional, and to achieve this he has decided that he wants nothing to do with girls or other distractions. And then she is Maxine, which is also clear that would never notice a hockey player. And she is the daughter of the coach of the team, the Victoria Grizzlies. But it turns out that They both must live under the same roof due to a series of circumstances. Plus, there's a deal between Theo and Max's dad to keep her away from the rowdy neighbor next door, who is Finn, Max's first love which made his life very complicated.

So the conflict is served.

"Me too" is not I love you —Violet Reed

This is the first title of the biology which continues with Maybe I do want. It is signed by a very popular author like Violeta Reed, who was born in Madrid but lives in California.

This story stars William Anderson, Which is the fantasy writer most successful of the decade. He is also demanding, ambitious, very very attractive and a loudmouth. And on the other hand, Raquel Garcia is a young Spanish woman who went to New York to fulfill a dream, that of work in one of the most important publishing houses from the country. But of course, she didn't imagine that she was going to have to deal with Anderson after he, in one of his outbursts, promised on a famous television show that his next novel was going to be the best-selling novel in the world. anus.

So They will have no choice but to understand each other and work together to achieve that novel that may change their lives.

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