Pages to download free books

Pages to download free books

If you are a great reader or reader surely you can not be a day without a book in your hands. Or several. The problem is that sometimes the salary you earn is not enough to cover the price of the books, and in the end you have to select very carefully which ones to buy. But, what if we offer you pages to download free books?

No, we will not encourage piracy, because at the end of the day that is stealing from the authors the work they have done. But you may not know that there are public libraries or pages where downloading books is legal. We are even going to offer you offers on platforms that can allow you to read novelty books for free. Do you want to know how?

Free Kindle Unlimited on Amazon

As you know, Kindle unlimited is paid monthly. But the truth is that every x time allows you to benefit from a free month, two or even up to three months. The best thing is that even if you have signed up for one offer, most of the time you can sign up for the next ones.

You are not charged anything for that subscription, and at the time you do it you can cancel it to make sure that, after time, you will not be charged.

Benefits? Many, because you will be able to read almost all the new books that come out for free and without paying anything for them. That is why it is the first proposal that we leave you.

free ebooks

free ebooks

Another page for download free books is this. Its motto is 'Free books forever!' Y they warn you on the web that you can enjoy unlimited reading.

It is divided by categories, but you can also search by title or author.

Yes, you will have to register to download them.

Public domain

This website is another one that you can use to download books. According to the creators, the books you will find here will be those that have public ownership and not proprietary. This does not mean that there are no great works, there will be, because some of them copyright expired, or these have yielded them so that their works can be read.

Therefore, here you can look for some options. Downloads can be made in HTML file, PDF, OpenOffice Writer, LIT...



One of the best-known pages to download free books is Espaebook. It is a website in which you will find almost 60000 books of multiple categories.

Regarding downloads, they are made both in PDF and in Mobi. the only thing yes you will have to register in order to download them.

But with an email that you use for these things it will be enough for you to start reading for free.


in Gutenberg you will find a whole library of academic and classic books, which, if you like to read old books, or that have an educational or research connotation, it will be a success to find this website.

It has many options where to find, and they will be in English as well as in other languages ​​(don't be scared that the website is in English).


Pages to download free books

Do you know Bookstore? It is a library with about 16000 books that have free rights to download for free.

Of course, you will not find here the literary novelties, but you do have many old bestsellers that you may not have read. And remember that just because they're a few years old doesn't mean they're not good (you'll often be surprised by some titles).


It is not actually a download page per se, because it is a payment platform (let's say it's old Nubico). But it has an advantage and that is you can register for 30 days free and then not renew.

Something similar to Amazon happens here, where you can take the offer, take the opportunity to read some news and, when it's over, stop subscribing. If you want to return later, you can always re-register with another email and that's it.

free epub

This is one of the best websites to download free books. As its name indicates, you download them in ePub but you already know that with the Caliber program you can convert them to other formats.

Available over 55000 books available in multiple categories, with a news section that is not very outdated.

In addition, it has a place for comments, where you can comment on the book; as well as a forum to share more content or to talk about the books.

Yes, to use you have to register because if not, you will not be able to access the downloads.


Do you remember that before we told you in practically all of them that you had to register? Well, in BookBoon you don't have to do it and you can download up to 1000 books for free without you registering.

You just have to search for the book you want or the category and when you have the one you like, click on it to download. According to the web it will take just 10 seconds to do it.

National Library

This is something that very few know but the truth is that the National Library offers its own website to download free books. In fact, not only books but there are many documents such as photos, drawings, engravings, etc.

The eReader Cafe

The eReader Cafe

In case you don't know, Amazon often puts a lot of free books for download, sometimes even from self-publishers who give one, two or even five days for people to download their book for free.

And what does this page do? Well, make a compilation of the different free ebooks from Amazon so you don't have to look for them.

Yes, takes you to, not .es, so keep that in mind when you go to download them.

Freebook Sifters

Something similar to what we mentioned before is this option. Also take care of finding the free ebooks and they are also updated in such a way that they remove those that are no longer free and put those that are.

Planet book

This time you have a page to read public domain books. As the website says, it is a "library with more than 60.000 books, 10.000 in the public domain, to read on your phone, tablet or ebook reader."

So with those 10.000 you will have reading for a long, long time.

As you can see, there are many options of pages to download free books or to read news without having to pirate the books. Do you have more suggestions? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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