Romantasy, the fashionable genre


El romance It is the new literary genre that is dominating the sales lists and has skyrocketed the popularity of the writers who dedicate themselves to it, or rather, the female writers, since they are the majority. We take a look at the or services and we see a selection of titles.


We could define the romance as a subgenre born from the mix of fantastic and romantic. Their plots are usually fantastic and include love stories, or vice versa.

They are usually set in fantasy worlds that range from the well-known medieval universes with magical creatures to dystopian futures with advanced technology. Of course, they do not fail epic battles, adventures and the indispensable main love story and those moments of unresolved sexual tension (or already resolved at the end) that work so well among the audience to which they are directed.

It is not a new genre, or at least not relatively, but in recent years it has become a trend with a lot of pull for younger readers. Whatever the case, the impact, success and sales have not stopped increasing nor do they seem to be going to do so.


There are, although they had not found the Anglicism. So we have the very famous The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, or the no less famous saga of Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer. All you have to do is check the latest bestseller appeared, which drinks directly from Meyer's fountain: Bridal by Ali Hazelwood. Or what to say about the wings of blood y iron wings, Rebecca Yarros. This is if we talk about international successes, because national ones also succeed with the names of Susana Herrero, Miriam Mosquera, Nira Strauss or Victoria Vílchez, Among many others.

Title selection

A court of thorns and roses —Sarah J. Maas

Maas is, without a doubt, one of the most popular names of this genre and is considered the most read international fantasy author. Her books have been translated into thirty-seven languages. With this title he presented his particular universe where the Fae and other fantastic beings coexist with humans.

This story stars Feyre, who is living a desperate moment in which her life and that of her family depend on her. To face hunger, she will go to the forbidden Forest and will kill if necessary. But that's going to cost her becoming a prisoner. Tamlin, someone who, although he appears to be cold, will make her discover a burning passion that will mark her destiny.

red haze — Lucia G. Sobrado

Title that stars Red, who always works alone and has become the bounty hunter with the less orthodox methods of the Three Kingdoms. But he also hides many secrets among which is the transformation of him into a uncontrollable beast when the sun rises.

While in fable Its inhabitants call an assembly to put an end to the Fairy Godmother, the villain who cast a spell that has made them forget what they were and no one expects Roja to appear. It is there too Wolf, a very mysterious man who challenges her to kill the tyrant. She will accept, but she will have to travel with him and other companions who hide secrets like her.

Forbidden Fate (Hiraia Chronicles 1) —Alba Zamora

Alba Zamora combines writing with her degree in Medicine and her TikTok channel, where she has almost 200.000 followers.

In this first title of this series the important thing is dreams and reality that have. The protagonist Alessa, who led a normal life until the dreams started. In them, and from a world where wonderful creatures live, appears Derek, who is enigmatic, attractive, and shares a bond that Alessa doesn't understand. Then, when dreams start to take over her life, she will have to decide whether to stay and face the madness or travel to another world and find that boy.

The problem is that in that world there is evil and corruption and Derek is the one there. cruel leader of the army of a kingdom that separates its inhabitants by species.

Grisha I: Shadow and Bone — Leigh Bardugo

Again, we have a protagonist named Alina Starkov, which stayed orphan after the war and the only thing he has is his friend Evil. But when a darkness unnatural full of monsters known as The Shadow attacks Mal, Alina will discover a power that I didn't know I had.

Fallen angels —Susan EE

And we end with this title where we find the angels of the Apocalypse, who came down to destroy the world and now street gangs rule the days and fear and superstition control the night.

On the other hand, some warrior angels they take a girl, But Penryn, her teenage sister, will do anything to get her back, including making a pact with an enemy angel. AND Raffe is another who is about to succumb at the hands of other rival angels and will meet her.

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