Recommended books to give away on Book Day

Recommended books to give away on Book Day

Book Day is the perfect time for a book to become a special gift. Also, with so many genres, you can always find the right one for that person, especially if you observe what he reads often.

For that reason, and although this year book fairs and activities and events related to the day of the book can not be celebrated, that does not mean that you can not look at some to give as gifts. Do you dare to do it?

How to choose the perfect book to give on book day

When you are going to give a person, you know that there are some things that you should not consider, such as perfumes, clothes or books. The reason is that, if you don't know that person well enough, what you give them may not make them excited.

Therefore, before recommending books to give away on book day, we are going to give you some tips for you to get it right safely.


It is perhaps the most effective of the advice we give you because there is nothing like seeing what the other person reads to know if the book you have in mind is really the right one.

Sometimes see the kind of books you have, take a look at your bedside book, etc. gives you an idea, but also talk about readings. Because that way he will tell you more or less the literary genre that he likes the most.

Ask friends

If you are not satisfied with what you observe, or you cannot get anything clear, the next step is to ask family and / or friends, since they can guide you about what you might like the most.

Of course, try not to be left alone with what one person says, it is necessary that you ask several and, in that way, you will clarify the common points and you will be able to direct the search for the perfect gift towards a successful conclusion.

Seek advice to know what book to give

Seek advice

Once you know the type of literary genre you like, it is time to look for the books that fit within it. And there may be millions. Discarding those that you have seen in his bookstore, or that you know that he has already read them, has them or does not like them, you will keep a few.

Still, there are too many. So you need advice and advice. Sometimes this you find it in the book reviews that catches your attention or in the comments that other readers have left. In bookstores that help is from the booksellers who receive the books and always take a look at them to see how they are.

The books we recommend for book day

And now that you know how to choose a good novel for that person, here we leave you a selection so that you are encouraged to continue the tradition of giving books away.

Long Petal of the Sea, by Isabel Allende

Cover of Long Sea Petal

Set in the Spanish Civil War, the book takes you through the history of the XNUMXth century. In it you will meet a doctor and a pianist who have to leave Spain and go to Valparaíso, where they will have to adapt to their new life.

At least, until things go wrong again and, again, they feel like they don't know what to do with their life.

get it here!.

A Perfect Gentleman, by Pilar Eyre

Cover of A Perfect Gentleman

Based on a part of the history of Spain, the book shows you the darkest of the city of Barcelona, ​​both the orgies at the Ritz hotel, the twelve masses, and a life that is not easily aired but to which many had access .

With two protagonists and a somewhat peculiar love story, the novel is full of secrets that you will have to reveal until you discover the truth, both about the couple and about society itself.

Buy it by clicking this link.

Fariña, by Nacho Carretero, to know part of Spain on the day of the book

Fariña's cover

Fariña is a controversial book. When it was published there were problems to find it, it was about to retire ... but finally you can get it easily and, for the day of the book, it can be one of the great hits to give away.

In addition, it is part of a part of Spain. Because Fariña tells you the history of drugs in Spain. Through a documented essay, you will know what nobody tells about Galicia, drug trafficking and how it is still active.

Do not stay without him.

Frankenstein's mother, by Almudena Grandes

Frankenstein's mother cover

A novel that reminds us of a part of Spain's past with different characters than usual, as well as an unusual story situation, such as a madhouse. There you will discover some characters that, without a doubt, are going to catch you.

And it is that the book dives between the past of both characters to find a future, either together or separately. But the way society itself at that time and how it was lived, especially with many taboos, may catch your attention.

Buy it before it's too late.

Reina Roja, by Juan Gómez Jurado

Red queen cover

In addition to Reina Roja, you also have Loba Negra, which is something like the continuation of the "adventures", to call it somehow, of the protagonist of the books by Juan Gómez Jurado.

In it you will have a female detective who, almost as if she were Sherlock Holmes in woman, presents you with an absorbing thriller and one of which you cannot stop reading. The critics have recommended it and, although at first it may be difficult to read, because you find yourself squarely in situations that you don't know why they got there, then things change.

You want it? Get it here.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

Cover of 1Q84

To make it easier for you to pronounce, it is 1984, since the 9 and the q in Japanese are pronounced the same. But the book is also based on Japan in 1984, where we are introduced to characters who lead a lonely life. But also a hidden life, of which nobody knows until both are in common and without knowing very well how to take it.

Murakami stands out for being very descriptive and for thoroughly analyzing his characters, making you know every hair of his body. Therefore, if you are analytical and also want to give a novel between history, drama and Orwell's style, this may be the choice.

Click here to buy it.

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, ideal for a book day gift

Cover of The Book Thief

It is one of the classic books since it came out and that, for the day of the book, is ideal. Why? Because the plot revolves around the books, and how a girl doesn't want them to disappear burned, so she tries to save them.

The characters, the plot that is presented to you without huge clichés that make you say that you have already read something like this, and above all the reflection that it will make you have about how words can be much more valuable than other things, will convince you that you have chosen the ideal book.

You want it? Get it from this link.

The day madness was lost, by Javier Castillo

Cover of The Day He Lost Sanity

A thriller where, instead of two protagonists, we are going to have several, each one telling you their story. In addition, both the past and the present are mixed, making each chapter tell you a part of that plot.

With an ending that you will not expect (or imagine), the author transports you to a story that has it all: suspense, love, romance, terror ... It can be read independently, but the truth is that, if you want to know how everything ends, it is convenient that you also read The day that love was lost. In fact, you can buy them together in a pack.

Click here to get it.

Happy Book Day!

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