Ramon J. Sender. Anniversary of his birth. Selection of sentences

Ramón J. Sender He was born on February 3, 1901 in Chalamera, Huesca. Journalist and writer, he belongs to that generation of authors who were denying their convictions and political ideologies while changing the convulsive panorama of their time. The term exiled in France and later went to Mexico y United States. On work with that character realistic and marked with that personal revolutionary touch, includes titles like Magnet, a novel about the war in Morocco where he participated at the beginning of the XNUMXth century; Mr. Witt in the canton, which National Prize for Literature, Dawn Chronicle, autobiographical or Requiem for a Spanish farmer, the latter being the best known. This is one phrase selection of those works and some more.

Ramón J. Sender — Selected Phrases

The teenage bandit (1965)

  • Billy and those of his friends who could still ride a horse and shoot a gun took refuge in the mountains south of Lincoln and made their headquarters there. Billy felt defeated, but not defeated, since only he who accepts the winner's terms, according to the rules of the old days, is defeated in war.
  • In those days Billy was beginning to realize the loneliness that threatened him. By dint of showing himself superior for one reason or another and mainly because of his intransigent courage and his own sense of things, he was left alone. Superiority when it becomes excessive is loneliness and loneliness is dangerous.

The king and the queen (1949)

Story about an aristocratic palace in Madrid in the days before the civil war and a July 18, 1936 that marks the beginning of a reversal of social relations until then.

  • His sensitivity as an Andalusian peasant lit up in the memory lights of legend of the times of the village.
  • The woman's nude appeared to Rómulo in the duchess's memory as something of great purity.
  • The bomb on the terrace seems to have arrived and exploded by the will of Rómulo. It seems that he is the one who has thrown me out of those rooms and yet I come to these others fleeing and waiting. Running away from him. And waiting for him.
  • It did not occur to him that the performance did not morally justify her displaying herself naked in front of him. But the latter seemed to Rómulo a miracle that needed no explanation. It had happened to him because he had a right for it to happen to him.
  • That morning in July 1936, the Duchess was still swimming in the pool…She swam completely naked and between the marble floors of the pool her body slid with smooth movements. She was floating motionless on the surface when Rómulo knocked on the door that led to the garden.

Mr. Witt in the canton (1935)

History of the rebellion that occurred in the so-called Canton of Cartagena, where the engineer Jorge Witt becomes involved in a jealousy with his wife Milagritos Rueda.

  • (...) A powerful ally was sought: light. He was running from the shadows that betrayed him.
  • As he was afraid of losing his position, he did not even dare to praise clemency.
  • I wrote it (I remember well) in twenty-three days, spurred on by those pressures that all writers have known and suffered, especially in their beginnings.
  • Crazy? Is it possible that people go crazy for love? I am jealous of his sanity, but tomorrow I would be much more jealous of his madness.

Requiem for a Spanish farmer (1953)

A story of the most important events in the life of Paco el del Molino, as well as the intrigue, revenge, fear and anger to which he is subjected, all wrapped in an atmosphere of tense calm.

  • What men did, men undo.
  • Children and animals love who loves them.
  • Without laughter and without tears, life would have no meaning.
  • In the kitchen is the good. I also know how to live.
  • The entire town was silent and gloomy, like a huge tomb.

Nancy's thesis (1962)

Adventures of an American student who visits Seville to document herself for a doctoral thesis on Spanish folklore. They are told in a series of ten letters to her cousin Betsy from her.

  • A neighbor is one whose wife we ​​desire. That is the definition of the Bible.
  • As you may have deduced, in this country it is in bad taste to talk seriously about anything.
  • Because Curro is the universal relative. He has cousins ​​everywhere. Wherever we go, he always finds some person of whom he says that he is a cousin.
  • It's a malange or malángela (I don't know how to say it). The categories of lack of sex appeal there are three: the first, malasombra; the second, malange; the third, ash.
  • No one in Seville considers themselves obliged to believe what they are told and if they listen with interest it is only in response to the grace or lack of grace of the speaker. Nor does anyone pretend to be believed, but only to be heard.

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