Praise of the hands: Jesús Carrasco

Praise of the hands

Praise of the hands

Praise of the hands is a contemporary book written by the Spanish educator and author Jesús Carrasco. The work was published on March 6, 2024 under the Biblioteca Breve collection of the Seix Barral publishing label. In addition, it was the winner for best novel for this house of letters. Like his previous works, the present volume received very favorable reviews from experts and readers.

Nowadays, receiving a literary award is not as valued as in the past; it does not represent the wisdom that characterized this event in the past.. However, the Biblioteca Breve of 2024 was more than delivered to the author, since his work, simple and raw like all the ones he has written, is a metaphor that encompasses the lives of several generations, his experiences and desires. .

Synopsis of Praise of the hands

A home is a house that has been built personally

The narrator of the novel tells how, In 2011, he and his family accidentally arrived at a house that was almost in ruins. Located in a small town in the south of Spain. The house It was owned by two entrepreneurs who were looking for financing to be able to build some apartments and a small hotel on these lands, and who, in the meantime, had allowed the protagonist to live there.

Although they knew that the residence would be demolished at some point, the family made it more habitable over time. They repaired the cracks in the walls, the floors that leaked, they lived with the horses, the donkey, the dogs, and some occasional mice. There they shared with friends, neighbors and power outages. In the end, they were moved by the demolition of the house and their memories of it.

when it all started

Juanlu, the brother of Anaïs, the protagonist's wife, sailed with his friend Ignacio off the coast of Malaga. That day, the sea was so bad that Ignacio, boat owner, suggested to his colleague to suspend everything and They were going to spend the night at a house he had in the next town, which I had bought some time ago, as an investment. They did so, but that was not all.

Ignacio was a real estate developer, and had acquired the house and a plot adjoining three hectares in order to do a double business. On the one hand, they would demolish the house to build a section of tourist apartments, and, on the other, they were going to build one of those low-rise hotels, with large garden areas and buildings scattered throughout the place.

The breakdown of an extraordinary idea

The idea of ​​the small villa and the hotel were everything they could have dreamed of. It turned out that it was really worth investing in, because the land was spacious, had a distant view of the sea and bordered a natural park where ferns and mist merged with the spring dawns. Yes, it was a paradise, so, soon, they did the paperwork to obtain the licenses.

However, Six thousand kilometers away, in New York, the Lehman brothers' ship sank. This caused a tremendous financial shock, and made investors afraid to stick their nose into other projects. This is how Juanlu and Ignacio's dream was suspended in the air until they could find financing.

The agreement

They say that pets choose their owners, and not the other way around. Well, although it sounds very crazy and romantic, houses also seem to have that gravitational field capable of attracting only certain types of people. While Ignacio waited for a better time for investments, Juanlu proposed that he allow him to have the place. Ignacio agreed.

In any case, it was better to have someone live in the house to keep it in good condition until the time of demolition. Juanlu's plan was to stay there from time to time, ride your bike around and relax in that no man's land. For the next few months, that's what he did, in addition to telling all of his friends about the magical place.

Adoption of a family

After hearing so many wonders about the house and its landscapes, the narrator and his family ended up going during an Easter season. Finally, without really knowing why, they stayed. At first, it was only supposed to be a season, but days turned into months, and those turned into years, ten of them, to be specific.

The entry was not easy, as they had to fight against the cracks, the floors, the walls, the neighbors and the mice, but The difference between the protagonist's family and all the other visitors is that the former always found a reason to stay. This is a perfect metaphor for life, to which we usually give ourselves over, even if we know that everything is going to end.

About the Author

Jesús Carrasco Jaramillo was born in 1972, in Olivenza, Badajoz, Spain. Later, he moved to the Toledo town of Torrijos, since his father had been transferred there to take up a teaching position. The author He graduated in Physical Education. After graduating he traveled to Scotland, but finally settled in Seville, where He continued working as an advertising copywriter before opting for literature.

The literary work of Jesús Carrasco is based on the relationship between man, the land and the home. This is something that can be noticed in both his first novel and his third. At the same time, the author's precise narrative style highlights the most salient and significant aspects of life in the countryside. In this regard, the writer always refers to this phenomenon in the following way:

“Language is the maximum tool, the total weapon for the development of the human being. And precision is essential to express in a concise and clear way what is happening in the world and what I am trying to represent.”

Other books by Jesús Carrasco Jaramillo

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