Mirabella books: what are they and how many are there

Mirabella Books

Do you know Mirabella's books? If you have children, surely yes, because they are focused on children and adolescents (from seven years old). But what you may not know is how many books there are and what order they should be read.

If this happens to you, or you want to make the entire collection, then we are going to talk to you about each of the books that you can find on the market (and there are quite a few). Shall we start?

Who is Mirabella?

Mirabella 1

In case you don't know, Mirabella is the main character of the books. These are encompassed within adventure and magic since our protagonist is half witch and half fairy.

In each Mirabella book she faces a different adventure, so we could say that they are self-contained. But if you really like history for your children, or even to enjoy it yourself, there is nothing better than starting at the beginning.

You should know that Mirabella is part of Isadora Moon's world (she is half fairy, half vampire), both written by Harriet Muncaster.

How many Mirabella books are there?

As of the writing of this article, You have a total of nine Mirabella books in bookstores. This means that it is possible that new books will come out over time since, as long as children remain fond of this character, the author will continue telling her adventures. Of course, in most cases they are books that you can start and finish without any problem, although children will learn better if they start with the first book.

In addition, there is a special one titled "Isadora and Mirabella's big book of magic." We talk to you about each of them.

Mirabella and the dragon spell

This first book introduces Mirabella, who is half witch, half fairy and a whirlwind of magic! She is Isadora's older cousin and loves her troubles.

In this case, Mirabella is going to attend the fairy party, and her father has asked her to behave. But a party without magic is no fun, so he starts doing little things and eventually the pranks will get out of hand.

Mirabella and the magic school

In this second book, Mirabella has to attend witch school. But things are not easy there and his classes, especially Potions and flying, are becoming uphill. So it's inevitable that he'll be a bit rebellious. Of course that can have consequences, so she must fix what she has done wrong together with her friend Carlotta.

Mirabella and potions class

Mirabella 1 - Mirabella and the dragon spell

We could say that the third book is closely related to the previous one. And if we have told you before that Potions and flying are not the subjects she is best at, this book focuses on them and everything that is going wrong for the protagonist.

But she's not one to give up, so He will try to fix everything to end the day well.

Mirabella and the witches forest

Our protagonist goes on vacation. And he does it the witches' way, so he must go to the witches' forest. His mother (who is a witch) has told her to behave. The problem is that her new friend doesn't seem to want to do it and she is getting them into a lot of trouble.

But what if Mirabella wants to be a good witch and not a bad one like her friend?

Mirabella and the witch's pets

Back at school, in this book the protagonist will go on an excursion to the refuge of magical creatures, where there are tons of creatures waiting for a second chance.

The problem is that, due to a prank, the little bats escape and she has to get them back before there is more trouble.

Mirabella and the summer fairy

If in the fourth book Mirabella enjoyed some vacation in the witches forest, In this case it is her fairy father who will spend the summer with her. Specifically at her grandparents' house with thousands of plans already organized.

The problem is that our protagonist doesn't do very well with spells and ends up finding herself in a big mess that she will have to fix before her grandparents notice.

Mirabella and the enchanted skates

Mirabella 2 - Mirabella and the magic school

In this case, the story focuses on Mirabella's desire to have some new magical skates. The problem is that neither her father nor her mother want to buy them, but she has to earn them herself.

So, to earn the money you need, decides to start a business. Although the problem is that things don't go as well as could be expected.

Mirabella is a star

A soccer star is coming to Mirabella's school. and she wants impress her so that she notices. So he decides to use magic for his own benefit, even if it means cheating to stand out from the rest.

Of course, throughout the book you will discover that, sometimes, it is not necessary to do that to get what you want.

Mirabella and the haunted house

Mirabella has a pet, a little dragon. She but she has disappeared in an abandoned cabin in the forest. So, in order to get her back, she and her brother Wilbur decide to go there.

But of course, like siblings, they start arguing, and at one point, she gets so angry that she makes her brother disappear. So now she has to find her little dragon and get her brother back in that house. Where she actually is not alone.

Mirabella and potions class

The big magic book of Isadora and Mirabella

This book is a special one for fans of both Isadora Moon and Mirabella. It has a curious cover, because On one side is Isadora and on the other, but inverted, is Mirabella.

And what are you going to find in this book? Well, it talks about the magic secrets of each of them, as well as tips, activities, crafts...

You should know that it is not too long, since it more or less has the same pages as the other Mirabella books that we have mentioned (around 160 pages).

Do you already have the entire collection?

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