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Martina D'Antiochia phrase

Martina D'Antiochia phrase

Martina D'Antiochia's name is synonymous with talent, versatility, precociousness, perseverance and hard work. The first impressive fact about the actress, singer, influencer and writer from Malaga, born in 2005, is her vast resume at such a young age. Not surprisingly, she is idolized by millions of Hispanic youth today, as reflected by her massive reach on RR. H.H.

Specifically, D'Antiochia has 4.9 million, 4.08 million and 948 thousand followers on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, respectively. Such an impact on digital media was extrapolated towards the promotion of her texts; yes, without taking away her own merits as a writer. Till the date, the Andalusian girl has published 17 books, many of which have become bestsellers.

Synopsis of some books by Martina D'Antiochia

what a birthday mess (Martina's fun 1)

Released in October 2017, Martina D'Antiochia's literary debut is a 192-page children's book. The story is framed in the imaginary world created by the young Iberian writer, which emerged with the support of his parents as a project on YouTube. On this platform, it surpassed a staggering 710 million views in the first four years.

Adventures in London (Martina's fun 2)

In January 2018, the second installment of the series appeared. Martina's fun. On this occasion, the author narrates when her father decided to send her to her room "to reflect" after a domestic experiment that went wrong. However, the girl decided to run away to play with her friends and she ended up in a big mess… in London!

The magic door (Martina's fun 3)

Published in July 2018, the narrative plunges once again into the dreamlike universe of the young Iberian writer. The place where the events begin is the girl's room in the middle of a routine day. Over there, a strange and mysterious hole in the wall sparks an investigation that ends in an adventure.

End of course in paradise (Martina's fun 4)

In October 2018, the fourth installment of Martina's fun was published based on the girl's plans to enjoy an unforgettable trip. Narrated in the first person, the text shows the process of preparing the transfer to the beach. In this way, she and her friends were finally able to enjoy a sunny and well-deserved break at sea after finishing a long school year.

Mystery at boarding school (Martina's fun 5)

This book was released in January 2019. Like the predecessor installments, the adventure resurfaces in the middle of a boring environment that was supposed to serve as a punishment for her and her comrades. Said place is a dark castle surrounded by a gloomy forest in a mountainous area (a scene very similar to that of horror movies).

Magic in the forest (Martina's fun 6)

Posted in May 2019, The story starts with a somewhat frustrating and really hard to solve science project. However, in some inexplicable way, that same experiment leads the protagonist along with her friends to a seemingly normal forest. But nothing of that; there are fairies in that place and now the girl must find a coherent explanation? to the whole situation.

School change! (Series I'm not the same 1)

Released in October 2020, this book features two popular girl archetypes with diametrically opposite personalities. On the one hand, there is "Cuqui", the typical frivolous girl fond of going shopping. On the other, there is “la Vane”, a rather unruly neighborhood rogue. Two staunch rivals forced to live together in the same institute, what will be the result?

Capria 1 - wake up your magic

Posted at the end of July 2022, from the header of Capria 1 hints at the beginning of a new series full of magic and adventure. Though, Unlike the texts of Martina's fun, the protagonist is not the young author. The main character is Elena, a girl who receives a strange and rusty gift from her grandmother. More, it is a gift that will give you great power.

Other books by Martina D'Antiochia

  • An unforgettable moment - Martina's fun 7 (November 2019);
  • Dream diary (February 2020);
  • A trip upside down - Martina's fun 8 (May 2020);
  • Chosen for the final - Martina's fun 9 (July 2020);
  • Facing each other again! - Series I'm not the same 2 (October 2020);
  • Dreams to fulfill - Martina's fun 10 (January 2021);
  • Nobody like him - Series Nobody 1 (February 2021);
  • No one like her - Series Nobody 2 (May 2021);
  • no one like them - Series Nobody 3 (October 2021).

Some biographical and professional information about Martina D'Antiochia

Martina D'Antiochia

Martina D'Antiochia

The girl born in Malaga on February 24, 2005, started her professional career when she was only ten years old. Already in 2017 it was well recognized among the child and adolescent public Spanish due to its facility to tell stories on YouTube. In parallel, D'Antiochia participated in projects that launched her professional career in other facets (acting, singing and audiovisual production).

Today, Martina D'Antiochia is considered the most relevant youth influencer in Spain. It is not a minor fact for a country that has more than 40 million registered users on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Therefore, she is in herself a very powerful trademark and a fairly representative figure of the pop culture of the new millennium.

All a young star

In 2019, the young artist from Malaga released her first musical album, Emotions. Only the first promotional video-single (Like) amassed more than 20 million views on YouTube in the first six months. In addition, that same year he participated in his first feature film, Padre no hay más que uno, starring, produced and directed by Santiago Segura.

In 2020, D'Antiochia released I'm not the same an audiovisual series —written, directed and starring by herself— that also has two published books. Indeed, in writing she has also garnered evident publishing success from day one. What's more, his literary debut, “A Birthday Disaster”, reached best-selling numbers after just three weeks of its release.


  • emoji the movie [Spanish dubbing of the character Addie McCallister] (2017);
  • Father there is only one [comedy, 95 min.] (2019);
  • Father there is only one 2: the arrival of the mother-in-law. [comedy, 96 min.] (2020);
  • Father there is only one 3 [comedy, 99 min.] (2022).

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