Mar Romera

Mar Romera

Mar Romera

Mar Romera is a successful German educator, educational psychologist, lecturer, specialist in emotional intelligence and author. She is known for her conversations and her books, in which she often talks about education, childhood, and school. Likewise, she has worked as a teacher in each of the stages of the system, and works as an activist in favor of knowledge.

Throughout his career, The media has described her as: “Lecturer. Writer. Designer of dreams with childhood as the protagonist. Team facilitator. Optimistic". However, she is likely more than that: she is a mother seeking a gentler educational system for children.


Mar Romera Morón was born in 1967, in Heidenheim, Germany. However, when she was still very young her parents took her to Granada, so she became naturalized and, Today, she is as Spanish as any woman in the nation. After completing his secondary studies he entered the University, where he graduated in Pedagogy and Psychopedagogy. Later, he completed other postgraduate degrees.

Over time, He became a specialist in emotional intelligence and innovation in the educational area, so he began to write books to accompany the advances of his research regarding how the minds of the little ones work today. In this way, she published titles designed to show school authorities, parents and children that alternative methods exist.

Role as academic

Mar Romera is president of the Francesco Tonucci Pedagogical Association, so she works closely with the creation and editing of educational resources. Besides, She is the author of the pedagogical model Educate with three C's: Abilities, Competencies and Heart, material that has served as a basis for establishing new methods for training and development.

All books by Mar Romera

  • The family, the first school of emotions (2017);
  • The school I want (2019);
  • waves in the belly (2021);
  • Educate without recipes (2022)

Synopsis of all the books by Mar Romera

The family, the first school of emotions (2017)

Published by Destino under the Imago Mundi collection, This book is designed to educate children about their emotions, Well, according to the author, that is the greatest gift that can be offered to a child: to make them discover their emotions, show them how to understand them, develop them and, finally, open a space to express them and channel them in a positive way.

Nowadays, adults are very aware of the importance of emotional intelligence and how it can help improve all aspects of daily life. In this sense, What is good for adults is also good for children, and if expressing emotions is no longer taboo, As it was fifty years ago, what can be more affective than starting at a young age?

The school I want (2019)

The text presents the following subtitle: “In search of common sense: pedagogy of height told from the ground” and, with it, raises the key questions every parent should ask themselves when choosing the school they want their children to attend. Likewise, it aims to be a guide for teachers, who are not exempt from these questions that are so fundamental for the course of their career.

To fulfill your mission, Mar Romera proposes a journey through time, which will transport the reader from the memory of his present to the past., and from there, to visualize the educational future of today's children, their pedagogical needs and how choosing one school or another could influence their lives. The author explains that the parents' perspective cannot be subjected to their own experiences.

waves in the belly (2021)

Also published by Destino, although this time under the Baobab collection, waves in the belly It is presented as a tender and entertaining childish story. The story tells the adventures of María, a little girl who enjoys her last days of vacation on a beautiful beach. As she watches the waves come and go, she begins to think that she will soon go to school again, to a grown-up school!

From that moment on, all the emotions that come with changes and new experiences invade her. María feels curiosity, surprise and fear. It's as if the waves in front of her resemble the ones pirouetting in her belly, or vice versa.. It is then when we have to wonder how the little girl will face the strange situations in which she could find herself involved.

Educate without recipes (2022)

“Because educating is not teaching but learning by living,” says Mar Romera in his latest book, which was published again under the collection Imago Mundi. Here, The author once again addresses the issue of the importance of emotional training from an early age.. The world has changed very quickly, and the educational system must adapt to the new times.

Applying the old strategies is no longer plausible, it does not work. In this sense, how should we proceed? Well, according to Mar Romera, The key lies in teaching children the importance of taking ownership of their emotions and thus have the tools to choose their path in life and give rise to their best version: knowing themselves, working on assertiveness and resilience.

Best phrases by Mar Romera

  • “There are no good and bad emotions. We need to live them all”;
  • “having a child, planting a tree or writing a book are the main ways for human beings to transcend”;
  • “Children are complicated, they have a tremendous defect and that is that they grow up and another defect is that they always see you, even if you think they are not looking at you”;
  • “Educating is very risky, it is like flying, which is risky, but it is worth it”;
  • “We design for our children what we think is really the best, but sometimes we forget to look. I always support an education with childhood and not an education for childhood”;
  • “And my thoughts depend on the emotional platform on which I emit them. That's why I don't want my daughters to be happy, I want my daughters to experience all the emotional platforms."

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