Witch Book by Lisa Lister

Witch by Lisa Lister

Witch by Lisa Lister

Witch is a textbook-style book written by third-generation gypsy mystic and author Lisa Lister. In Spanish, the work was published by the Sirio publishing house in 2018. This material has the purpose of educating women regarding magic, but, above all, in relation to themselves. Some of its central themes are the history of women within covens and religion in its various aspects.

Lister's book has generated great controversy in pagan communities around the world. One of the reasons for this fact lies in an unpopular opinion of Lister's: "Transgender men and women are not witches by nature, so they should not be allowed to be used in magic." On the other hand, the work offers anecdotes, definitions and common rituals within esoteric practice.

Synopsis of Witch, female power as an ancestral and modern theme

Witch is a compendium of stories on women within the scope of the magical collectives. As well speech why hunt and burn of these women. In the same way, she deals with the secrets hidden within the covens. Likewise, it is a practical and functional manual that explains the types of magic and witches that exist, as well as the liturgies that are carried out within a great variety of belief systems.

En Witch, female power as an ancestral and modern theme, Lisa Lister mentions that all women are "witches". During the author's narration, this name redounds —often empowering, on other occasions pejorative— because, according to Lister, the inner power of all the women in the world has awakened, because all of them have a special gift for the mystical arts.

Feminine power as an ancestral and modern theme

Regarding concept, Witch presents a practical guide to pagan rituals, definitions of notions pertaining to many types of magic and religions, and personal contributions about what certain elements, classifications, materials and rites mean. At its heart, however, this is a book about feminism, the power of women, creating independence and vindication.

Witch reveals ancient techniques to heal the bodies, minds and spirits of women. In the same way, it brings up different schools of witchcraft to teach women how to connect with their origins. and trust what your intuition dictates. Lisa Lister states that through these teachings, practitioners can create specialized medicine to heal different types of wounds present in a female body.

Structure of Witch

The work Witch It is organized into a series of chapters subdivided into sections.. Some sections mention historical facts about women in witchcraft, and others, personal stories about how Lisa Lister herself and her family have lived their learning about magic. The chapters begin with a tab that explains the content of that section.

Likewise, each unit ends with a phrase that alludes to feminine power. On the other hand, when it is the turn to touch on topics such as magic classes and types of witches —in addition to ritual elements and ceremonial materials—, Witch It provides tables that help summarize the author's techniques and recommendations when carrying out the practices. In its Spanish edition, the Sirio editorial is responsible for leaving blank pages for readers to take notes.

Themes present in the work

En of the book Witch, Lisa Lister addresses some specific topics, such as the universal history of witchcraft, the conception of magic as a practice, classification of sorceresses according to the rituals, materials and elements used, among others. These are just some examples of the axes on which the work focuses:

  • Definition of "witch";
  • Religions and traditions;
  • Witches' powers and wounds;
  • Archetypes and manifestos;
  • Types of witches;
  • Instruments of the witches.
  • The wheel of the year;
  • The sabbaths;
  • The cycles of the moon;
  • Dowsing;
  • Tarot.

History of women within witchcraft

Witchcraft is an ancient and mystical practice generally associated with women. Lisa Lister's work talks about the stories of women who faced ignorance, abuse, discrimination, the violation of bodies and minds of young people with a character and ability out of the ordinary for the time in which they were born. For Lister, these manipulative and violent practices continue into the XNUMXst century.

Through stories from the past and her own experiences, Lisa Lister defines what it means to her to be a witch. His concept moves away from children's tales or horror stories told from the late Middle Ages. For Listers, a witch she is a priestess, an herbalist, a healer, and, in principle, a woman who knows her own power to influence the natural world and the spiritual realm.

About the author, Lisa Lister

Lister Lister

Lister Lister

Lisa Lister is a practicing Ancestral Witch. She is the third to adopt the exercise of magic, since her mother and her grandmother belong to a gypsy community that is dedicated to healing, card reading, shamanism and the well-being of women. Although these practices are incongruous with each other—they do not belong to the same belief systems or religion— Lister has adapted the knowledge gained to shape a more arcane lifestyle.

Over the years, Lister has written a number of works related to the world of witchcraft. The same way, her books deal with the power of women in the material and spiritual universe, as well as the force of menstruation. The magazine Cooler Magazine He called Lister "The Defender of the Divine Feminine", with which many of his readers agree.

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