Limitless (Outlive): The science and art of longevity

Without limits (Outlive) The science and art of longevity

Without limits (Outlive): The science and art of longevity is one of the books that makes you think, that transforms your life. Or that is the objective of this type of work. Written by Dr. Attia, his first book, brings us closer to changing habits to live longer.

But What can we find in the book? Is it another smoke seller? Worth? If you are considering it right now, the information we have collected may help you decide.

Synopsis of Limitless (Outlive): The science and art of longevity

back cover of the book

The book Limitless (Outlive): The Science and Art of Longevity came out in 2023 and it has taken time to know if it is really worth it or not. In the United States it has been a bestseller and many people praise the doctor.

Here is the synopsis:

Despite the great successes that medicine has achieved in many areas, the reality is that its advances in the fight against age-related diseases are not that many. Medical interventions and treatments often offer more years of life to the patient, but at the cost of their health or quality of life. For this reason, Attia advocates leaving this outdated framework behind and betting on a proactive and personalized longevity strategy, focused on acting now instead of waiting.
In this innovative manifesto on how to live better for longer, Dr. Peter Attia – currently one of the most prominent longevity experts – proposes nutritional actions, techniques to optimize physical exercise and sleep, and tools to improve emotional and mental health. that will change our lives.
In Without limits (Outlive) you will discover, among many other things:
– Why exercise is the most powerful “drug” against aging.
– Why you should focus on nutritional biochemistry and use technology and medical data to personalize your eating patterns, instead of sticking to strict diets.
– Why it is essential to take care of emotional health in addition to physical health.

Reviews and reviews

book reviews

With almost 600 pages, The author tries to tell his experience and his recommendations to change the lifestyle and improve to live longer and better. The truth is that, when you see the photo of the doctor, you are surprised by how old he is, and perhaps that is what makes the book catch your attention. But does it work?

Here we leave you some reviews and criticisms.

«We are possibly facing the best book of the moment on health and longevity. I would dare say that this book can save lives, as it puts the focus on what really matters: the need to make changes for our long-term health.
Attia uses language that is very accessible to all audiences, regardless of your cultural level. To learn more about the four horsemen of the apocalypse of our health (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegeneration) and how to avoid its appearance or at least delay it, it is a must-read book. "Highly recommended."

«Full of personalizations of the author (what he does, what he has detected in himself, what he thinks of..., what has gone well for him...), of references to scientific studies that included very few people like to draw the forceful statements and conclusions that the author exposes, ....and a lot of ego... Well, one thing is to give general advice and another is what this book seems to aim for, which is to be a bible on how to do things to be healthier and live more.
A book that aims to cover such a wide spectrum of important aspects for health and longevity in such a concise way, should have drawn on other doctors, physiologists, neurologists and experts from other fields and not pretend to be just "him"... It would have been interesting and enriching to pose it in another way. He talks about some things in a more in-depth way and others that would be enough for an entire book, he skims over them with rather questionable quick conclusions. If you want to be healthier, live better and not go into details that only serve to get you into useless mental spirals, it is better to buy Marcos Vázquez's "Live More", more interesting, practical, less dense, more coherent, much more useful.

«A book with valuable updated information on the main pathologies and how they affect longevity as well as quality of life (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease)
However, it includes many experiences and anecdotes of the author, which prolong its reading and distract from the scientific interest of the information. Recommendable".

As you see, there are opinions for all tastes. But if you look, The vast majority of opinions are positive and only refer to those experiences or anecdotes that cause you to lose interest. (since each person is different and sometimes these are told with a too egocentric tone). Even so, there is no doubt that the recommendations it gives, something that is common and that we all know, really work: exercise, take care of mental health, establish a personalized diet...).

Dr. Peter Attia, the author of Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity


Dr. Peter Attia is the author of Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity. In addition to being a writer, as his title indicates, he is also a doctor. He holds Canadian and American nationality and specializes in longevity medicine.

Attia He was born in Canada and studied mechanical engineering and applied mathematics. But he also graduated as a medical doctor from Stanford University. He worked for a time in general surgery, but did not complete residency. And he began to attract much more attention to longevity medicine, to the point of founding his own private clinic.

On a literary level, Unlimited (Outlive): The Science and Art of Longevity is his first book.

What do you think of Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity? Would it be a book that would interest you to read? If you've already done it, what do you think of it?

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