Leonardo Padura: books he has written in his literary career

Leonard Padura

Surely you have heard the name of Leonardo Padura. His books are much appreciated. especially among lovers of the black novel (police). But how much has she written? Which are?

If you have just read one of them and now you are left wanting more from this author, here we will leave you a list of all Leonardo Padura's books. Read on and learn more about them.

Who is Leonardo Padura?

We assume that, if you have searched for Leonardo Padura's books, it is because you know who he is or it is possible that you have read some of his books (and hence the search for others of his authorship). But maybe you don't know the whole story of his life, at least professionally speaking.

Leonardo de la Caridad Padura Fuentes, his full name, was born in Havana in 1955. He is a writer, screenwriter and journalist. But, above all, what he is best known for is his police novels, specifically those of detective Mario Conde. There is another novel that has also made his name one of the best known in literature, "The Man Who Loved Dogs."

The career that Leonardo Padura chose was Latin American Literature. She studied it at the University of Havana and, in 1980, she began working as a journalist in the magazine El Caimán Barbudo as well as in the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

3 years later he wrote his first novel, Horse Fever, which, despite its title, was actually a love story that took from 1983 to 1984 to finish. The following six years he focused on historical and cultural reports, but at that time he also 'gave birth' to his first police novel with detective Mario Conde, influenced, as the author himself says, by Hammett, Chandler, Sciascia or Vázquez Montalbán .

Currently, Leonardo Padura lives in the same neighborhood of Havana where he was born, Mantilla, and has never considered leaving his country.

Leonardo Padura: books he has written

Now that you know a little about Leonardo Padura, how about we focus on all the books he has written? There are a few so we will briefly comment on them so you can get an idea.


We start with the novels (because Padura has written in other genres as well). It is one of the best known of this author and has a few to his credit.

horse fever

writer's novel

As we have said before, this was the first book that Padura wrote. Although he finished it in 1984, it was not until 1988 that it was published in Havana (by Letras Cubanas).

In Spain this book is published by Verbum in 2013.

Tetralogy of the Four Seasons

Here we have a total of four books:

  • Perfect past (which would be the first book in the Mario Conde series).
  • Winds of Lent.
  • More expensive.
  • autumn landscape.

Goodbye Hemingway

Book by Leonardo Padura

Even though he is outside of the tetralogy, It is actually the fifth book in the Mario Conde series.. In addition, she appeared with another novel, The Serpent's Tail.

the novel of my life

It is a detective and historical novel. centered on the poet José María Heredia.

the mist of yesterday


In this case It would be the sixth book in the Mario Conde series..

The man who loved the dogs

It is based on the story of Ramón Mercader, the assassin of Leon Trotsky.

the tail of the serpent

Yes, it is the same novel that we have quoted you before, only in this case it is a corrected version and, in addition, the seventh book in the Mario Conde series.


This is the eighth book by Mario Conde.

The transparency of time

Today is the ninth of Mario Conde and the last, since no more have appeared to date.

Like dust in the wind

He talks about the Cuban exile after the special period.


In this case, despite being stories, we must bear in mind that some are not suitable for children.

The complete list is as follows:

  • As the years go by.
  • The hunter.
  • The Puerta de Alcalá and other hunts.
  • The yellow submarine.
  • Nine nights with Amada Luna. There are actually three stories, the one that gives the book its title, Nada and La pared.
  • Looking at the sun.
  • That was waiting to happen. It is an anthology of stories.

Essays and reports

For his work as a journalist and investigator, over the years, especially in the period from 1984 to 1989, made several long reports. In fact, continues to work and from time to time has taken some worthy of reading (which have even brought him awards such as the Princess of Asturias Award for Letters in 2015).

The list of these is as follows:

  • With the sword and with the pen: comments to the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.
  • Columbus, Carpentier, the hand, the harp and the shadow.
  • the real wonderful, creation and reality.
  • baseball stars. The soul on the ground.
  • The longest journey.
  • A path of half a century.
  • The faces of the sauce.
  • Modernity, postmodernity and police novel. It is actually made up of five essays: Cinderella from the novel; The children of Marlowe and Maigret; The Difficult Art of Storytelling: The Tales of Raymond Chandler; Black I love you black: past and present of the Spanish police novel; and Modernity and postmodernity: the police novel in Ibero-America.
  • Cuban culture and Revolutiona.
  • Jose Maria Heredia: homeland and life.
  • between two centuries.
  • Memory and oblivion.
  • I would like to be Paul Auster (Princess of Asturias Prize for Literature).
  • Water everywhere.


To finish among the books of Leonardo Padura, we have to talk to you about the scripts that, although there are not as many as in other genres, they must also be taken into account, and many are even related to his novels.

  • I am from son to salsa. It is a documentary.
  • malavana.
  • Seven days in Havana. In this case there are seven stories, three of which he wrote the scripts for (along with his wife) and the fourth in its entirety.
  • Return to Ithaca. It is actually the adaptation of his novel "The novel of my life."
  • Four seasons in Havana.

Do you now dare to read Leonardo Padura's books? Which one will you start with? Which one have you already read?

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