Laura Mullor

Laura Mullor

Laura Mullor

Laura Mullor is a young model, an influencer, Spanish dancer and author. Over the past few years, she has become one of the most popular Spanish-speaking public figures. To date, she has more than 1.3 million followers on Tik Tok and 476 thousand on Instagram. As an internet personality, her posts accumulate thousands of likes and comments up to date.

Mullor is also the author of two books: The best thing in life is being yourself, a compendium of phrases, and I am still me, a text about lifestyle and personal improvement. Both titles have become bestsellers thanks to their attractive design and close, easy-to-read narrative style.


His beginnings in the artistic medium

Laura Mullor Hernández was born on April 25, 2022, in Barcelona, ​​Spain. La an influencer He opened his Instagram and Tik Tok accounts—Musically, at that time—when he was fifteen years old. In them, she posted images and videos about her lifestyle as a model, as well as small dances in front of the camera. Over time, she began to become known in Spain and the rest of the Spanish-speaking community.

His initiation into social media was quite ambivalent. On the one hand, the author began to form a solid community of people who supported her dances. For the other, there were another fifty percent of users who left him negative comments about his inexperience in dance or the way they move. However, Laura claims that she never allowed these words to affect her.

The rise to personal improvement

Laura Mullor says that, when she was seventeen years old, started following a boy named Duki, a composer and dancer who had her enthralled with his way of dancing. Laura He admired him so much that he took on the task of practicing the choreographies he created. and, over time, she became a fan of how dance made her feel. Despite the negativity she received, she never stopped working out.

However, dancing is an art and, as such, to improve at it requires time, effort and discipline, which Laura has applied over the years since she discovered her passion. Later in her life, Being already totally motivated with dance, she had the opportunity to meet Judit Enge, a teacher at the Dance Complex academy, a place located next to her house.

From zero to one hundred

After making a collaboration for both of their social networks and realizing the author's dedication, Judit suggested to Laura that she enroll in the academy, and she did. According to an influencerAt first it was a little difficult, because she didn't have as much experience as the other students, and that was very noticeable. Still, and in keeping with her characteristic determination, she continued.

After your admission, The teacher motivated her to apply for a festival that would take place two weeks later., and the author, although she was nervous, put all her heart into giving the best show possible. In her books, Laura has always tried to show how all these experiences have made her grow as a human being, and she tries to motivate others to follow her example.

His first steps in letters: The best thing in life is being yourself

In 2019, Laura Mullor published The best thing in life is being yourself, a book where she compiles her “top phrases”, as she calls them. After its launch, the volume became one of the largest bestseller by Cúpula Editorial. A striking feature of this work is its graphic design work, which has colors, fonts, and layouts similar to Pop posters.

Through this book, Laura Mullor seeks help your readers and inspire them to understand that they should not compete with anyone but themselves. To make it, uses phrases that, although they have been read before, come from a young person with whom users can easily identify, given his charisma and the simplicity with which he deals with more complex topics.

Some of the most iconic phrases of The best thing in life is being yourself

  • “Do not be influenced by what they say, nor do you want to be liked for what you are not”;
  • “Don't stay with the doubt, stay with yourself”;
  • “The only thing impossible is what you don't try”;
  • “Nothing halfway will satisfy you”;
  • “Music is the soundtrack of life.”

Pildoras de sabiduria

In addition to the phrases in The best thing in life is being yourself, the author He leaves small capsules where he explains his vision of the concepts he tries to express with each sentence.. For example: with “Nothing halfway is going to satisfy you,” he talks about how it is important not to stop until you achieve your goals.

Through his own experience as an influencer, explains that, when he started, Creating fifteen-second videos for his social networks took him up to two hours. It was after a lot of practice that he found a way to get that time down to fifteen or ten minutes, even for longer clips. With this, he urges his readers not to give up and develop their abilities every day.

A more personal book

On April 13, 2022, Cúpula republished another title by Laura Mullor. On this occasion it was about I am still me. There, the author tells her journey from the beginning of her career on social networks to her progress as a dancer in an academy. During her time as a beginner, she went through bright and painful times, and faced loss.

Likewise, he learned about friendship, love, family and his own ability to get ahead. I am still me It is a small hymn to resistance, to following your dreams, no matter how extravagant they may seem.. In this book it is possible to find advice, confidences and tests. The latter are aimed at helping the reader find their true passion and discover what makes them happy.

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