Kings of Sin, by Ana Huang

Kings of Sin, by Ana Huang

Kings of Sin, by Ana Huang, is the name of the new book series that the author has started. For now there are four books released and the fifth is expected to come out in 2025.

But What is Kings of Sin about? What are your opinions of the series? Who is Ana Huang? All of that is what we talk to you about below. Shall we start?

How many books make up Kings of Sin, by Ana Huang

first kings of sin book

The first thing you should know about Kings of Sin, by Ana Huang, is that we are not really referring to one book, but four (for now). Kings of Sin is the name of the series that includes the four books: King of wrath, King of pride, King of Greed and King of Sloth.

Each one has been published over time, and from what it seems the author is not done with it yet. The order to read them is as follows:

  • King of Wrath (Kings of Sin 1 series)
  • King of Pride (Kings of Sin 2 series)
  • King of Greed (Kings of Sin 3 series)
  • King of Sloth (Kings of Sin 4 series)

If we take into account that, translated, they are "anger, pride, greed and laziness", it is clear that There will be three more books to complete the name of the series, the "Kings of sin." In fact, by 2025 he is already announcing himself as King of Envy on Amazon.

Synopsis of Kings of Sin, by Ana Huang

back cover King of Wrath

Actually, We cannot talk about the synopsis of Kings of Sin without talking separately about each of the books. You should keep in mind that each book tells the story of a couple, so each one is independent. Furthermore, in Spain the title is translated, as well as the name of the series. You have to look for it like the Sins series and then the book for each of them.

El First is the King of wrath, which at the time of writing this article is in pre-sale because it comes out in June 2024. Its synopsis is as follows:

«She is the wife he never wanted... and the weakness he did not see coming.
Relentless. Meticulous. Arrogant.
Nothing escapes the control of billionaire Dante Russo, whether in his work or in his life.
He never planned to get married... but blackmail forces him to become engaged to Vivian Lau, the heiress to a jewelry empire and daughter of his greatest enemy.
He doesn't care how beautiful or charming she is. She will do everything in her power to free herself from his extortion and compromise.
The only problem is that now that he has her, he doesn't want to let her go.
Elegant. Ambitious. Cuts.
Vivian Lau is the perfect daughter.
Marrying a Russo means opening the doors of a world that not even his family is capable of buying. Dante is far from the husband she imagined for herself, but duty is stronger than any of her desires.
Craving his touch was never part of the plan…
And falling in love with her future husband, neither.

The rest of the books are currently only available in English, they have not yet been released in Spanish and we do not know for sure the date on which they may be released.

Reviews of Kings of Sin, by Ana Huang

Taking into account that no book from the Kings of Sin series by Ana Huang has yet been published in Spain, We have translated some reviews from English so you have an idea of ​​what to expect or whether other readers liked it or not. Here we leave you a sample:

«In short, all the hype this book has was worth it.
I loved the characters from minute 1, they left me wanting more.
Also the way in which the author introduces you to the other characters that come across in her other books.
I already have the next one in the series, I definitely recommend it.

«If anyone was looking for a distinctive Crazy Rich Asians, Gossip Girl, New York Corporate, New York love story, this is the series!
The characters are so well developed and refined that it is easy to get lost in their realities.
I'm a big fan of believable stories, so it was nice to see a somewhat realistic or believable version of high society life in New York.
I also love the concept of male MCs representing different deadly sins. It gives the story a touch of fairy tale and fantasy. (Although I would love for a book in the series to not end up in an HEA just for the drama.)

«With almost 10.000 ratings and excellent reviews, I expected more from the book. I think it's more like a book that hasn't reached its final version yet and if it were rewritten and revised, it would reach its potential. Or, who knows, with immature characters, too inconsistent, too ambitious and selfish, too similar to flesh and blood people and that disappoints the very illusion of romantic fiction itself.
From the point of view of literary creation, the protagonist, in the introduction of the book, has everything to be wonderful: an exotic beauty, a theme related to traditional oriental values: someone who honors and feels honored to respect to their parents, to see the strength in the discretion, of the arranged marriage, which if explored further would give us the vision of a marriage built not on romantic illusions, but on daily coexistence and respect, love and admiration , a modern Mulan seems to be what we glimpsed at the beginning: intelligent, discreet, strong, sweet and opposite to the cliché of the disheveled, superficial and arrogant patrician that impoverishes so many romances of the genre. But, as the narrative progresses, when she meets the main character and submits to his arrogance, she becomes worse as a person, loses her orientation, her values, and becomes a doormat to him, to her own parents, and to circumstances. The heroine speaks 6 languages, plays the violin perfectly, her parents own a jewelry empire and she chooses to be a party organizer... What a waste of material to strengthen the character's identity. Being a new rich girl who understands the reality of her interests and power, she could be a more mature and interesting character who could counteract the arrogance of her father and her fiancé in a cohesive and intelligent way. . Her ex is a sweet guy, who didn't deserve to be chased like him, who loved her and loves her unconditionally, but she leaves him because he isn't rich enough and when he does everything he can to live up to her financially and he comes back to look for her, she rejects him again for the same reason as a man who does not deserve her. The reason given for submitting to a marriage of convenience centers on obedience to her parents and family traditions, but these values ​​are presented in such a superficial and negative way that, instead of creating the necessary drama, they weaken the character. and they make her immature and indecisive. She is not convinced of her as being in love with any of her suitors, neither the previous nor the current one, and the reasons for her acceptance of such a humiliating situation of hers end up being access to the privileges of being committed to who she is. she. She would have stayed with her ex. She could have escaped from this irritating situation, but she didn't want to. Her reason is not convincing. And it's a shame, there was room for an impactful character.
The main character is arrogant, spoiled, classist, immature, rude and unpleasant. He is not Mr. Darcy, although he considers himself "royal" and is just as arrogant, he despises the H's too much. Far from an antihero; a Mr. Gray, as cliché as he may be, behind his billions and his amorality, remains obsessed with Ana and this redeems and passionate him. He is an incomplete, cold being, without real friends, who uses others and doesn't like anyone. He sees himself as superior to her and her brother, advancing better as a character than her older brother, and every time he contradicts her, even though he is morally wrong, he takes revenge and destroys her. to the people. Period. Even if he ultimately regrets having used and abandoned her and tries to win her over, he is unconvincing because her change of love is abrupt and inconsistent because he remains the arrogant jerk he has always been. The scene of the first time they get together is strong, but there is no emotion involved, it is the desire that any man would show for any woman in his bed, a commodity, what he has really become, a woman from whom He always wants to get rid of someone he doesn't feel attracted to or respects. There are no more intimate scenes between them and no opportunity to see sex turn into love. Aside from his wealth, his attic full of artwork, his last name, and his traditional family, he is nothing like a human being.
If these problems were resolved and the transitions of the main characters were developed better, the story would be better; It still seems like an incomplete story to me. The use of opposing points of view, where each person's view of the other could better change the plot, better hiding and revealing truths by showing the plot, which should be more exciting than simply describing what happens.
But what I think makes the narrative most difficult is the fact that her father forced her commitment in such a vile way: there is no way to redeem this father, there is no way for a man, even one as unworthy of her as this , admire a woman who submits to a father like this, there is no way to forgive without understanding what traditional value that was and that, in fact, in the narrative, it was nothing at all, just unhinged ambition. There is no happy ending like that.

Ana Huang, the author

Ana Huang was born in Florida in 1996 and has become an acclaimed romance writer. She is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and because she had to improve her English, she started reading and became fond of books. She studied International Relations at the University of Shanghai. Currently, she lives in New York.

He wrote his first book when he was 16 years old. and uploaded it to Wattpad where it was very successful. Therefore, he began publishing them in ebooks and paper. And from there the publishers noticed her. She is now the author of the best-selling series according to USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Globe and Mail and Amazon.

Works by Ana Huang

king of wrath

While you wait for the first book in the Kings of Sin series, you could take a look at the author's other books. Specifically, the list is as follows:

  • Twisted Love
  • Twisted Games
  • twisted hate
  • Twisted Lies

Will you dare to read Ana Huang's Kings of Sin series? Have you already done it with any in English?

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