Follow my voice

Follow my voice

If you like romantic youth literature you will know the author Ariana Godoy. One of his books is Follow my voice, published in 2022.

But do you know what it's about? It's good? Should you read it? If you're not sure if you're going to like it, maybe this fact sheet about the book will help you make the decision. Go for it?

Synopsis of Follow my voice

follow my voice wattpad

Follow My Voice has just over 300 pages in which the plot introduces you to the protagonists and the evolution they have throughout their story. We are talking about a young and romantic novel, for ages 14 and up.

Here is the synopsis:

«There are loves that hold your hand and accompany you in the most difficult moments.
We all know passionate love that clouds your reason, love at first sight that empties your stomach, and platonic love that fills your heart with fantasy and admiration.
But is it possible to fall in love with someone without even knowing them? Can a person fall in love with another without having seen them? Is it possible to develop feelings for a person you've only heard of?
"Klara will find the answer to those questions by listening with dedication every day to her favorite radio program Follow My Voice."

Our reviews

Ariana Godoy with Follow my voice

The book Follow my turn was published in 2022 and enough time has passed for you to have reviews and opinions in multiple places: Amazon, Casa del libro, Goodreads...

Here we leave you some of those opinions.

"This book reaches to the depths of the heart, I never thought I would feel so identified and so calm as reading this book."

«This book has made me cry, dance, laugh, get angry, scream... It has been a roller coaster of emotions, but I have enjoyed the entire journey. I read it in two days and it didn't seem like much to me. I hope K continues fighting.
If you have problems with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem... do yourself a favor and enjoy this delight.

«It is an excellent book, well written and entertaining. Although the most important thing is that it delves into people's feelings of improvement, and how depression, fear, etc. affects those around us. With a positive and fighting point of view. I recommend it to everyone and for all ages.
I bought it precisely because of a comment from a reader who said that this book would not change your life, but the way you see it.

«I thought the book was good, the truth is that it stayed with me. But I thought it could be better developed, things take a long time to happen and some parts are very silly and repetitive.
In the end, I liked it, I found it very light and easy to read, captivating, good, but not perfect.

«First of all I have to say that the novel seems written like a Korean series, slow, sad, with half smiles, not laughter, with an almost childish romanticism, however I have to recognize that the objective of the plot is achieved. I warn the reader that practically all the characters have suffered a loss, whether due to death or separation, that is what has most influenced not giving 5 stars, although not the only thing. But it is still worth reading so that those who have gone through difficult times see the light at the end of the tunnel and that those who do not understand it because they have never been through it can glimpse a little and better understand those close to them. At the end of the storm the sky is always bluer.

«This is the first time I read a Wattpad book. It's not that I despise them, it's that I read digitally and until now I haven't had the opportunity to get hold of any in physical form.
Nor had I had the opportunity to read anything by Ariadna Godoy, of whom I have read very good reviews and I think I am going to join them. I can not say anything bad. I really liked the way she writes and the lightness of her prose. The way in which she includes you in the plot without hardly realizing it and the sensations you have while reading are wonderful. So yes, this has been my first contact with both, book and author, but I will repeat without thinking twice.
The premise of the book caught my attention since I had never read anything like it. I had never read a romance, a love, from one person to another whose voice has only been heard. I liked that they talk about the radio and that voice that makes you fall in love comes out of one of its programs.
I really liked Klara's character. Her character is one of those with which at some point you can feel identified and you can feel the story as yours.
It was a short read and I wouldn't have minded a little more length. What's more, I think it could have come in handy in some scenes.
In conclusion: fresh, pleasant and light. Ideal for between dense readings or in times of little time to read.

The vast majority of opinions are quite positive. All of them have high ratings which means you can sense that it is a good book., both because it is well written and also because it has a good story. Of course, there are always those who do not enjoy reading it. But We must remember that we are dealing with a youth book. In addition, we must warn you that Follow My Voice will have a movie on February 14, 2025 in theaters.

Ariana Godoy, the author of Follow My Voice

Ariana Godoy is a Venezuelan teacher and author. His career began in 2009 combining writing with university. To do this, she created a profile on the Wattpad application in 2010 and began publishing her novels on the Internet thanks to her friends (since at that time she did not have Internet at home and everything she wrote she did in a notebook or in the mobile and then on a friend's computer).

Such was the boom of their stories in the app that in one year gained more than 100.000 readers. That made many publishers notice her and she began to have more success.

His first novel was My Love from Wattpad, published in 2011 and published in print in 2016. Now the 2021 reissue is available from the Planeta publishing house.

Works by Ariana Godoy

Follow My Voice is not Ariana Godoy's first novel, but she has already published several of them. It must be taken into account that He published several of his works through Wattpad, and they are now being reviewed and republished under an editorial.

The complete list of novels is as follows:

  • My love from Wattpad.
  • Follow my voice.
  • Through my window (Hidalgo Brothers 1).
  • Through you (Hidalgo Brothers 2).
  • Through the rain (Hidalgo Brothers 3).
  • Heist: Hunt or be hunted? (Darks 1).
  • Fleur: My desperate decision (Darks 0).
  • The revelation (Lost Souls 1).
  • The new world (Lost Souls 2).

Do you now dare to read Follow my voice, by Ariana Godoy?

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