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Discuss Federico Moccia and his books is to do it from a writer who has been a leader in sales of novels for teenagers. In fact, it is said that it is thanks to their stories that the adult young genre arose, adult themes but told in a way that adolescents themselves were aware of them in a "softer" way.

Over the years, Federico Moccia has made a name for himself among the greats, and whenever he has put out a book it has been a success, not only in his country, but in almost the entire world. But what books does Moccia have? What is the story behind this author? Find out everything below.

Who is Federico Moccia

Who is Federico Moccia

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The first thing you have to know about Federico Moccia is that his true passion, before literature entered his life, was television and cinema. And it is not for less, if we take into account that his father is Giuseppe Moccia, Pipolo, a screenwriter for film and television, politician and director of numerous films and TV shows.

All he lived his childhood surrounded by the cinema that his father instilled in him and showed, hence, when he was old enough to work, he opted as a screenwriter in Italian comedies. Specifically, you can find references to him in movies from the 70s and 80s.

He began working as an assistant to the director of Attila flagello di Dio, a film by his father.

However, 5 years later he launched himself with a movie, Palla al centro. The problem is that the success that his father had was not repeated in him, and the film went unnoticed, so much so that Federico Moccia decided to change cinema for television, something he had already been doing a year before, where he participated as a screenwriter in the first season of The boys of the 3rd. In 1989 he was director and scriptwriter of Colegio and this one did have a little more success.

Thus, he began to combine television, writing texts for successful programs, and also the cinema.

And even so, Federico Moccia made time for his books. It was in 1992 when he finished writing Three meters above the sky, which would be his first novel. And, as happened to many authors, she had enough problems for any publisher to decide to trust her. So he made the decision to self-publish it with a small publisher. During that type, the book did not take off, and Moccia focused on his work with the cinema, with the film Mixed class 3ª A. Again without success.

He returned to television again but, in 2004, he had to leave it when his first book began to stand out after 12 years of publication. That is to say, that success came to him, being a phenomenon in Roman secondary schools, and from there to be translated into several languages ​​and published in different countries such as Europe, Japan, Brazil ... That same year the book also got its adaptation to the cinema, premiering right away, and further boosting the novel.

Of course, at that time Federico Moccia turned to his literary side, and tried his luck with a second novel, I have desire for you, a sequel to his first novel, and with the same success as this one, adaptation included.

Those two books were only the beginning of the Moccia phenomenon, and it is that the next ones that came out triumphed again until today.

Federico Moccia's books

Federico Moccia's books

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If you want to read the Federico Moccia books in order, then here we comment them so that you do not miss anything. Keep in mind that the vast majority of them are from sagas, that is, they consist of a minimum of two books. Then he has some independents, although they are not so well known.

Saga Three meters above the sky

It is composed of several books: "Three meters above the sky", "I want you", "Three times you", "Babi and me".

The latter is actually a story, it is not a novel, but it does correspond to the story and characters that appear in this saga.

The novel introduces us to a group of friends, with their personalities and their passage from adolescence to adulthood, trying to find their place in the world. The protagonists live a love story in the purest Romeo and Juliet style, but modern.

Saga Sorry if I call you love

Composed of two books, "Sorry if I call you love" and "Sorry but I want to marry you." It was one of the author's greatest successes and the truth is that for many it is better than his first novels.

There is a third book, "Desperately Looking for Nikki", but it has not been translated into Spanish and only fans of the series know of its existence.

The story deals with the love between a couple with a great age difference and the obstacles they have to overcome to finally be happy, both for friends, family, etc.

Saga Tonight tell me that you love me

saga books federico moccia

Composed of two books: "Tell me tonight that you love me" and "A thousand nights without you."

In this case, the protagonist is more the boy, Nicco, who has just been dumped by his girlfriend and who suddenly meets two young Spanish women with whom he begins to feel something more than an attraction. Until they disappear.

Saga That moment of happiness

Also composed of two books: "That instant of happiness" and "You, just you."

In the novel, he introduces us to two characters who differ a bit from normal, since the protagonist is one of the richest men in the world and the girl is a piano prodigy. But something happens that makes the paths of both intersect.

Independent novels

As we have commented, among Federico Moccia's books he also has some others that are independent, that is, they have a beginning and an end. These are:

  • The walk. It is perhaps one of the strangest novels of the author, since we are not used to this register. It is a short novel in which he reflects on the death of his father.
  • Carolina falls in love. The protagonist of the novel is 14 years old, a girl like the others. Until he joins a group of girls in high school and the parties, kisses, friendships and traditions and true love begin.

Have you read anything by Federico Moccia? What book did you like the most about the author? Let us know!

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