The cemetery of forgotten books

The cemetery of forgotten books

The cemetery of forgotten books

The cemetery of forgotten books It is a tetralogy written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón from Barcelona. This series is the author's masterpiece, which became an editorial phenomenon in XNUMXst century Spanish literature. The writer created four well-organized and autonomous stories, each with its own essence, but ultimately linked to each other.

The plots pass through different mysteries that surround three generations of the Sempere family and its bookstore. In addition, the development of each novel involves an enigmatic book that sets the pace of the narrative. Everything is complemented by unforgettable characters that enrich the labyrinth of fiction and suspense created by the author.

Tetralogy The cemetery of forgotten books

In 2001, Ruiz Zafón started this series of suspense novels, whose magic began with the successful delivery of The wind's shadow. The book immediately conquered millions of readers, starting the phenomenon known as: "zafonmanía". In this first installment, the protagonist and his father open the doors to a mysterious and incredible place: The cemetery of forgotten books.

Then in 2008 the writer presented The game of the angel, a work that broke a record in its presale in Spain, with more than one million copies. Three years later, The Prisoner of Heaven (2011) joined the collection. In 2016, the final chapter would arrive with The labyrinth of spirits. In this latest novel, all the pieces of that puzzle that the author proposed when creating the saga fit together.

The wind's shadow (2001)

It is a gothic mystery and fiction novel, with which the writer opens the acclaimed series. The story unfolds in the city of Barcelona from the year 1945, and its main protagonist is Daniel Sempere. The life of this young man is transformed when, thanks to his father, he meets The Cemetery of Forgotten Books and decides to choose the text The wind's shadowby Julián Carax.

Captivated by the story - and wanting to read more about Carax -, Daniel starts an investigation which his new friend Fermín joins. The search leads them down unsuspected paths, and as they advance they come across interesting data from the author. Among these, a dark episode with Penelope Aldaya stands out, which caused this man to become a dark and lonely person.

As you continue with the inquiries, the lives of young people begin to be in danger. However, nothing stops the instinct of the intrepid Daniel and his faithful companion, who they do not rest until they clarify all the mystery that surrounds Julián. Thus passes a plot surrounded by reality and fantasy, with a mixture of ins and outs, murders, forbidden romances and camaraderie.

The game of the angel (2008)

It is an enigmatic horror novel that takes place in the Barcelona of the 20s. The intriguing story has as its protagonist the writer David Martín. In this opportunity, Ruiz Zafón created a different plot from the first book, but with a dense and well-framed narrative that keep the reader immersed in magic and suspense.

The plot unfolds with David remembering his sad childhood, while recalling the success of his work The City of the Damned, which he published in a renowned Barcelona newspaper. The protagonist narrates how upon achieving that recognition, he moves to an abandoned mansion and meet Cristina (her obsession). In this new location, he wrote other writings —including a book of his own—, decided to direct his life, and made the decision to marry this beautiful young woman.

However, due to various disappointments, nothing goes as planned. Among the disappointments, the one of CristinaWho is with another person. Also his new book is a fiasco, yTo add insult to injury, he learns that have a serious health problem.

During your depression, David is contacted by Andreas Corelli, an enigmatic character what offers you a huge sum of money and its healing in exchange of write a book on a new religious doctrine. From that moment on, a maelstrom of terrifying events affect the life of the writer.

In the midst of the new misfortunes, Martín begins to investigate, as he presumes that all evil is associated with the commission of the dark text. Several people will intervene along this path, such as the bookseller Sempere and his insightful assistant, Isabella. Every event leads David to the book lux aterna, written by the owner of the old mansion where he lives, Mr. Marlasca.

The Prisoner of Heaven (2011)

It is a narrative full of suspense and intrigue, in which several main characters of the story return to the fore, such as: Daniel Sempere, Fermín Romero de Torres, David Martín and Isabella Gispert. In addition, the author reveals some of the unknowns that had previously left readers uncertain.

Several years have passed, Daniel has formed a family with his wife Bea and little Julian. At the moment, works together with his father and his friend Fermin (main character the plot) in the family bookstore: Sempere and children. The place is not at its best, therefore, Daniel is excited when a client very interested in an expensive book appears: The Count of Montecristo.

However, the excitement soon turns into unease, as the sinister man takes the book and places a note: "For Fermín Romero de Torres, who came back from the dead and has the key to the future." Once the stranger leaves, Daniel goes with his friend to tell him what happened. Due, Fermín tells them about his past and reveals a creepy secret.

At that time, the story moves years back, when Fermín was prisoner in the military fortress of Montjüic y meet David Martín. In that place is Mauricio Valls —prison director and a lousy writer—, who threatens Martín and uses his skills. From there the friendship between Fermín and David was born, and the latter assigns him a significant mission that involves Daniel Sempere.

The labyrinth of spirits (2016)

It is the delivery that closes the cycle of novels that surrounds the universe of The cemetery of forgotten books. About, Ruiz Zafón said: “… this last one is my favorite, perhaps it is because it is a bit of a lace piece, which adds all the elements that were raised in the previous ones ”. And, indeed, it is the longest and most complete book in the entire saga, with 900 pages in all.

Alice Gray is a woman in her twenties who nostalgically remembers her childhood, and how survived the terrible attacks of The spanish civil war. It's 1958, and this audacious young woman wants to retire from her job, after a decade of being an investigator for Madrid's secret police. But before should perform one last task: inquire on the disappearance of Mauricio Valls, a minister of the Franco government.

Alicia undertakes the search together with Captain Vargas, her colleague. When checking the office of the disappeared, they find a book written by Víctor Mataix. Soon, they associate it with the time in which Valls directed Montjüic —place where some writers, including that author, were imprisoned. The agents follow the trail of this track and go to Barcelona to investigate several booksellers, among whom is Juan Sempere.

As Alicia advances in the investigations, she discovers a tangle of falsehoods, kidnappings and crimes by of the Franco regime. After entering that bundle of corruption, they are subjected to enormous dangers, but they manage to escape unscathed. All thanks to the fact that Alicia had the support of important people, among which Daniel and Fermín stand out. The young Julian Sempere also played an important role, in fact, he ends up being key in the outcome of the story.

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