Stephen King, master of terror

Talking about Stephen King is talking about one of the most significant horror writers in the world, his works are cult pieces. Come and read a little more about it.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

We talk to you in depth about Pride and Prejudice, one of the great works of universal literature that arrived in 1913 to redefine the role of women.

6 big-name editorial updates for May

May begins and several interesting titles are released for another month. For lovers of black and historical novels, these are 6 of the chosen ones.

Bookshelf full of books

How to write a novel

Tips for writing a novel. Everything you need to know to start giving shape to that idea that haunts your head.

Best Futuristic Books

These best futuristic books bring us to a dystopian panorama seen from the perspective of different authors such as Huxley or Wells.

The best Mexican books

These best Mexican books encompass a literature marked by the sentiment of the Mexican Revolution or currents such as magical realism.

The best book sagas

Harry Potter or Daenerys Targaryen are some of the characters included in these best sagas of books in history in which to immerse yourself.

The ten detectives who will accompany you this summer.

Best books to read this holiday

These best books to read this vacation become refreshing proposals that navigate between the crime novel or travel literature.

Gabriel García Márquez

Best magical realism books

The ability to combine magic and everyday life make these best magical realism books the best representatives of this genre that emerged in Latin America.

Best books set in the sea

Taking advantage of the imminent arrival of summer, these best books set by the sea are a refreshing journey through some of the great works of literature.

Best Salman Rushdie books

Among the best books of Salman Rushdie we find not only some of the best stories of India, but the perfect analysis of a country as turbulent as it is fascinating.

Best books about India

From the adventures of Ramayana to the current situation of women in the Asian country, these best books on India analyze the different faces of what is one of the most unique nations in the world.

Image by Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami's best books

Straddling realism and fantasy, between East and West, these best books by Haruki Murakami represent the essence of the most popular Japanese author in the world.

Cover of "Bakemonogatari", by Nisio Isin

"Light novels." The literary phenomenon that is sweeping Japan.

The "light novels" or "light novels" are a type of literature typical of Japan, and until recently completely invisible to the West, but that is opening a gap in the market beyond the borders of their country of origin. Where do they come from? Do they have a place outside of Japan?

Best feminist books ever

These best feminist books in history lead us to analyze and experience all the nuances of the pink revolution through different essays and novels.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

"American Gods." Masterpiece of the writer Neil Gaiman.

What happens to the gods of the Old World when they find themselves without faithful, alone and helpless on a continent that is alien to them? This question is what Neil Gaiman asked himself and it was the genesis of his greatest work: "American Gods."

Ides of March. Books and other stories by and about Julius Caesar

They are the Ides of March, according to the Roman calendar. And such a day as today the conspiracy of Brutus and other members of the Senate of Rome ended with the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar. I review some books by and about this fundamental figure in the history of Humanity.

Gastronomic Novels: The Literature of the Senses.

Books to eat them: stories between stoves.

Gastronomic novel with chefs as protagonists, biographical or fictional, stories with the kitchen as the main setting, adventures where gastronomy plays a leading role, and even literary works that include recipes for the dishes that appear in them on their pages.

7 books that won the Oscar for best film

One more year today we have an appointment with the Oscars Awards on the most special night in cinema. We reviewed 7 books that were adapted to the big screen and won the Oscar for best film.

World Cat Day. 7 books about literary kitties.

On World Cat Day, which is celebrated today, I review these titles where kittens of all kinds are the protagonists. Illustrious, elegant, terrifying and a source of literary inspiration.

68 years without George Orwell

In our article today we wanted to pay tribute to George Orwell, an author who dared to speak about the global corruption of that time.

Edgar Allan Poe. 209 years after his birth. Some of his phrases

It is now 209 years since the birth of Edgar Allan Poe, so once again it is time to congratulate him on his eternity as a great among the greats of the novel, the story, the poetry and, above all, of the terror, the passion and the most overwhelmed feeling. Today are some of his phrases.

Frankenstein. Mary Shelley's classic turns 200

It was on January 1, 1818 when _Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus_ was published, the work that elevated its author, the British Mary Shelley. We revisit a classic par excellence in literature.

Three books to fall in love

Love is never too much so today, in Actualidad Literatura, we wanted to recommend three books to fall in love with.

A novel by Spanish province

In today's article we bring you some novels published in the XNUMXst century set in some Spanish provinces (almost all).

Agatha Christie

5 must-read Agatha Christie novels

Today marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of Agatha Christie, the queen of the police genre. Here we recommend five of the best novels of the writer.


3 works to remember the Great War

The centenary of the start of the Great War has arrived and what better way to remember it than by reading three great works on this historical fact.


The Mother of Máximo Gorki

Gorky narrates in this story the awakening of the working class, through Pelagia's characters, The mother, together with her son, Vlasov, a revolutionary.

Cover of The Viscount Demediado

Review of "The viscount demediado"

"El Vizconde demediadio", a brilliant work by Italo Calvino whose protagonist, the Viscount of Terralba, is split in two resulting in two new beings

'Debora' by Pablo Palacio

From the Barataria publishing house, we receive this new edition of the work Debora, by the Ecuadorian writer Pablo Palacio. It is about…

The Four Seasons of Manuela

    Manuela Sáenz was the last great love of the Liberator, Don Simón Bolivar. She accompanied him during his last eight…

Dominican wins the Pulitzer

Junot Díaz is the first Dominican writer to win the Pulitzer Prize, an award as North American as the writers a ...

John Grisham's appeal

Today the (so far) last novel by the writer John Grisham, The Appeal, goes on sale in Spain. There is great ...

Home of the vampire

 When you wake up you feel like new. You have never thought that a XNUMXth century bed could be so comfortable. Tea…

Sir Horace Walpole, Shadowforger

Today marks the 290th anniversary of the birth of Horace Walpole, the brilliant aristocrat who with The Castle of Otranto (1764)…