Book day: recommended books to give away

Book day: recommended books to give away

Book day is just around the corner and that means that many are going to spend that day buying a book, either for themselves or for someone else. For this reason, we want to bring you closer to literature with some recommended books to give away.

Some will be novelties (many authors and publishers release on these dates); others will be old, but have not lost an iota of their success. Do you need a book? Here we propose several.

I am Rome, by Santiago Posteguillo

We start with a book full of history, the one that they don't tell you about in textbooks and that very few know. Well, in this case you are going to learn from the hand of Santiago Posteguillo Julius Caesar, the origins of this man and how, at the age of 23, he decided to accuse Senator Dolabela of being corrupt.

Of course, there is also space to tell about Julius Caesar's first wife, Cornelia.

Away, by Rosa Ribas

Rosa Ribas is said to She is one of the best crime novel writers. and in this case it is going to put us squarely in an urbanization far from cities and anywhere. A community of neighbors lives there, but also empty houses, silent streets and two characters, a man who has a dark secret; and a woman who tries to rebuild her life.

Violeta, by Isabel Allende

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If you like Isabel Allende, then you're in luck because she recently released a new novel, Violeta. In it, and again with a female character as the protagonist, she tells us the story of a woman in the middle of the Spanish flu pandemic.

Keep in mind that this book was written during the Covid pandemic, with which we will see two ways of living, one from a century ago, and the other from today.

The Daughter of Bones, by Andrea Stewart

How much would you pay to discover the truth? That's how this story begins part of a trilogy, that of The Sunken Empire.

In it the author takes us to a fantasy story in which we have Lin, a girl who suffers from amnesia, as she is the legitimate heir to the throne of the empire.

However, this empire is not what one would expect, as its king "kidnaps" a child from each island to remove a piece of bone from his ear. These are used in rituals to control chimeras, which are the ones that maintain order.

So Lin will be an important part of the revolution that is taking place.

Never by Ken Follett

If we consider that the plot is based on a story against the clock to prevent a third world conflict (ie, World War III), could not be a more successful book for the day of the book. So in this case we will see several main characters who will try to prevent everything from blowing up.

However, sometimes the heroes are not so "good", nor are the bad guys really bad. Or maybe yes?

The Beast, from «Carmen Mola»

Given that The Beast is the Planet Award 2021 and that the pseudonym Carmen Mola encompasses three men, the controversy was served for a time. But the truth is that the book is good and not for that reason we are not going to recommend it to you. Quite the contrary.

In it you will place yourself in 1834 in Madrid. In that year cholera broke out and thousands of people died from this disease. But to that is added the fact that there are girls murdered on the city walls. For whom? They are attributed to "The Beast".

When Lucía's sister disappears, she sets herself the task of revealing who The Beast is and where her sister is. Either way.

Before December, by Joana Marcús

This book It is recommended for teenagers, and the truth is that it is having a lot of success, so maybe we'll ever see it as a series or movie on some platform.

The story focuses on a girl, a student who must leave her town, her friends and her partner to go to study in the city. So she will have to deal with distance, with "open" relationships and with mixed feelings towards other people.

And what happens before December? Well, you'll have to find out by reading the book.

In Praise of Shadows, by Junichiro Tanizaki

We want to recommend this book for April 23 because gives a different vision about beauty. In it, we begin with the premise that beauty's most powerful ally is light (in the West). However, in the East, the essential thing is the shadows. That is, beauty is sought through the shadows.

And from there we have a story that can catch you.

The dark constellations, by Pola Oloixarac

As you know, codes were used in the past to encrypt and decrypt letters and hidden messages. However, even today, explorers, biologists, hackers… work with a codex they work with.

And that is what the author tries to demonstrate, in which analyzes how literature does not only consist of correctly narrating a story, but also goes beyond, and that if it is understood, success can be assured.

Half War by Joe Abercrombie

In this case, one of the books we recommend it's fantasy. In it, Princess Skara faces a dire situation: she has lost everything she loved. So she, as the only survivor of her, she will have to rise to the throne and be the queen of a country forged in blood and ashes.

In addition to Skara, you will also meet Father Yarvi, a man who has gone from slave to cleric, turning his enemies into allies and keeping a peace (sort of); Granny Wexen, who has decided to organize an army prepared for battle; and Raith, the only one who can carry the sword Grom-gil-Gorm.

What will happen? You'll have to find out.

There are many books that we could recommend, but we don't want to bore you so we suggest that, if you have any that you plan to give away, or that you would like to recommend, put it in the comments so that others have more proposals to choose from. We look forward to your feedback!

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