These are the best Espido Freire books you can read

Best books by Espido Freire

When an author or author is not known by one, many times they are given the opportunity to see if we like how they write, the stories they tell... If you have not read Espido Freire before, it is normal to look for the best books by Espido Freire to start with them and see if he becomes one of your favorite authors.

But and what are those? Keep in mind that each person is different and for some they may like a book more or less. So we take a look at the ones that have had the most readings and positive comments so that you are encouraged to read one. Or maybe you already know it and you can agree on the selection we make.

Who is Espido Freire?

Espido Freire in a Youtube video Librerias Cegal

Source: Espido Freire in a Youtube video Librerias Cegal

First of all, and as a summary in case you don't know the author but her books have caught your attention, we want to tell you a little about her.

Espido Freire is a writer and journalist. She was born in Bilbao in 1979 and is known above all for her novels, both romantic and intriguing. She is not only successful in Spain, but internationally as many of her novels have been translated into other languages.

His literary career is not too "old" because It started in 2003 when he published "Ireland", which was his first novel. And such was the success that he was awarded the Critics' Award from the Association of Basque Writers.

After that book came more and all of them have been highly acclaimed by both readers and literary critics. And what does he write about? As we have told you before, romantic and intriguing. It really mixes both genres and even spices them up with historical and cultural elements.

Some of Espido Freire's books most acclaimed by the public have been "Ireland", "Ice Cream Peaches" or "Pioneras". But, as we tell you, she is an author who has released a few more books.

One aspect that is not widely known is that Espido Freire He has also released children's and youth books. In fact, here is a list of some of the works that the author has published:

  • Novela
    • Ireland
    • where it's always october
    • Frozen peaches
    • Diabulus in Music
    • the night awaits us
    • The goddess of the blue pubis
    • soria moria
    • The flower of the North
    • Call me Alejandra
    • of the melancholy
  • Stories
    • time flees
    • wicked tales
    • my games
    • time flees
    • work will set you free
    • love and heartbreak letters
  • collective books
    • «Birds» in All a pleasure. Anthology of female erotic stories
    • "The skin and the animal" in What men do not know.
    • imagined russia
    • «The fourth finger» in Men (and some women)
  • Children's and youth literature
    • The last battle of Vincavec the bandit
    • The arrow boy
    • The mystery of the Ark
    • The die is cast
    • Pioneers: women who led the way
    • Timeless tales as they have never been told
    • Count Lucanor
  • Poetry
    • white aland
  • Test
    • First love
    • When eating is hell.
    • Dear Jane, dear Charlotte
    • Mileuristas: body, soul and mind of the generation of 1000 euros
    • Mileuristas II: the generation of a thousand emotions
    • Children of the end of the world: From Roncesvalles to Finisterre
    • The bad guys in the story. How to survive among toxic people
    • life in front of the mirror
    • In the footsteps of Jane Austen
    • wanted to fly
    • I was born for you

Your work as a journalist

In addition to being a writer, Freire is also a journalist and has worked on television, radio and written press. We can highlight, for example, El País, El Mundo, Mujer Hoy, A vivir Madrid, As of today... however, she is more focused as a writer.

She is also very supportive of social causes and women's rights, participating in awareness campaigns and with organizations that fight for gender equality and gender violence.

The best books of Espido Freire

Espido Freire the boy with the arrow

Now yes, since you know all the books by Espido Freire, we are going to select those that are considered the best. Are these:

Dear Jane, dear Charlotte

If you have seen the list of books by Espido Freire, you will know that this one is an essay, not a novel. But the truth is that, If you like Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë, you will love this book.

And it is that the author delves into how they were able to, with their health, their life, their style, etc. to arrive and write some of the best novels in literature.

Although you may think that it will be boring, we already tell you no. But of course, you have to like these authors to see it with different eyes. If not, it is possible that you see it more as a part of the history of romantic literature.

Frozen peaches

Frozen peaches

This book was one that further launched her writing career. In it you will find yourself as a protagonist Elsa, a painter who has to leave her home due to death threats, to go live with her grandfather. However, it is there that he confronts the history of his family and everything that could have made him live a wrong life.


Ireland was Espido Freire's first novel and, despite the years, the truth is that it is still one of the most appreciated by many readers.

In it we find a girl, Natalia, who, after the death of her sister, goes to live in the country during the summer so that he is with his cousins ​​and can recover.

The problem is that she begins to see that this world has dark secrets that little by little she will reveal.

Call me Alejandra

There are many who agree that one of Espido Freire's novels that marked a leap into his pen is, without a doubt, this one.

Women it was a new genre, because it went to the historical novel with this book (Actually, I had already given brushstrokes before, but not like this one). In it, she tells us the story of Alejandra, the last Tsarina of Russia, and everything she experienced in what would be her flight.

The bad guys in the story

This essay is about toxic people. However, he does it in a very well drawn way, where he tries to relate this type of people with the myths, legends and fairy tales that already warned us of their presence.

Thus, it presents a guide to detect, identify and avoid these people.

What are, for you, the best books by Espido Freire?

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