Lidia Aguilera

I am an engineer with a heart that beats to the rhythm of narratives and a soul that delights in the unexpected twists of plots. My love for literature was ignited by the spark of “The Circle of Fire” by Mariane Curley, a story that taught me to dream in vivid colors and believe in the impossible. Then, “Toxin” by Robin Cook immersed me in the depths of science and suspense, sealing my fate as an eternal seeker of worlds hidden between pages. Fantasy is my refuge, a place where the everyday is intertwined with the magical, and where each book is a door to alternative realities. It doesn't matter if it is Young Adult or aimed at a more adult audience; If there is magic, I am there. But my passion is not limited to fantasy; I am also attracted by the brightness of a screen that tells epic stories, by the frames of a film that captures the human essence, or by the vignettes of a manga that transports us to distant universes. In my literary blog, Libros del Cielo, I share my literary adventures, reviewing each work with the sincerity of someone who considers books as his most faithful travel companions. I invite everyone to join me in this odyssey of words, to explore together the reaches of the imagination.