Ana Lena Rivera Muniz

I am Ana Lena Rivera, author of the intrigue novel series starring Gracia San Sebastián. The first case of Gracia, Lo que Callan los Muertos, has received the Torrente Ballester Award 2017 and the finalist award of the Fernando Lara Award 2017. I have been passionate about crime fiction since childhood, when I abandoned Mortadelo and Filemón for Poirot and Miss Marple, so after several years as a manager in a large multinational company, I changed the business for my great passion: The crime novel. This is how Gracia San Sebastián was born, the leading researcher in my detective novel series, where normal people, like any of us, can become criminals, even killing when life puts them in a difficult situation. I was born in Asturias, I have a degree in Law and in Business Administration and Management and I have lived in Madrid since my university days. From time to time I need to smell the sea, the Cantabrian Sea, strong, vibrant and dangerous, like the novels I write to you.

Ana Lena Rivera Muñiz has written 84 articles since January 2018