Angelica Morales. Interview with the author of The House of Broken Threads

Angélica Morales gives us that interview where she tells us about her new novel

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Angelica Morales He was born in Teruel and lives in Huesca. He has a very versatile and is a writer, actress and theater director. Writes poetry and has won several genre awards. Among the titles of his work are dog muzzle, My father counts coins death of a youtuber o you will be next. In March release your new novel The house of broken threads. In this interview He tells us about her and many other topics. Thank you for your time and kindness.

Angelica Morales. Interview

  • LITERATURE CURRENT: Your next novel, which is published on March 1, is The house of broken threads. What do you tell us about it and where did the idea come from?

ANGELICA MORALES: I like to look for women who have been buried in oblivion. Sometimes you run into amazing women by chance. Someone has mentioned them in an article or doing another search you have come across it and then a crush appears. That happened to me with the figure of the textile artist Otti Berger. As soon as I started reading about his artistic career and his life, I was fascinated. But the fact that moved me the most was his deafness. He did not have it easy and, however, that was not an impediment to his success. He had to try harder than anyone, not only for being a woman, but for being deaf and also Jewish and communist.

Since I was a child I have known what it is to be in the minority side, where light does not exist. my aunt chon was what I and taught herself to read. In those days, crippled or disabled children were placed at the end of the class. I remember that she told me that she had partner to deaf and that they had to learn to read on their own, with the comics. my aunt was also clothes designer, was attached to Otti for those two things that have marked my childhood and my life. That made me want to write her, meet her. 

  • AL: Can you remember any of your first readings? And the first story you wrote? 

AM: I remember the readings of the plays of Lorca in high school. We also stage readings of his poems. When I discovered it I felt that a new world opened up. Lorca and the theater woke me up a animal hunger towards the stage and writing. then came Person and I saw another light and then Vallejo He turned everything around and I already stayed on that other side that no one sees, in the mysteries.

With regards to first work I wrote was in high school, when I was fourteen, a poem dedicated to Lorca. I submitted it to a contest that the institute had promoted that year and I won it. Five thousand pesetas from then. My first literary payment.

  • AL: A head writer? You can choose more than one and from all eras. 

AM: There are many writers and each one is important at one point in my life. For me poetry is essential and in it are Lorca, Pessoa and Vallejo. Then, in the field of narrative, I was left with Dostoievski, Tolstoy, herman Hesse, Balzac, Maupassant, Goethe, Shakespeare, irene nemirosvki... and my dear annie ernaux who read it when no one else did. And of course, Kristof exhausts, that I adore her and since I discovered her I live in a cloud of emotion. Now I have found Camila Sousa and I love her.

  • AL: What character in a book would you have liked to meet and create? 

AM: I would have liked to meet the old mermaidby José Luis sampedro, swim with her in her love story. And he would have given anything for can bring to life a Lady Macbeth.

  • AL: Any special habits or habits when it comes to writing or reading? 

AM: No, I don't have a hobby, but I do prefer to write in my table that has many figurines of witches, owls, green elephants and a miniature Virgin of Lourdes that I inherited from my grandmother Ángela. I'm not superstitious, but I like to see them and when I read a poem or a paragraph of fiction out loud, I like to imagine that they give me their approval.

  • AL: And your preferred place and time to do it? 

AM: I am very routine and I have A lot of discipline at work time. In the morning I read and write poetry and hang a unpublished poem networking, daily. In the afternoon I write narrative and read.

  • AL: Are there other genres that you like? 

AM: I really like him. theater and script.

  • AL: What are you reading now? And writing?

AM: Right now I'm reading two books, The kings of the house by Dephine De Vigan, and The adventures of the good soldier Švejk, by Jaroslav Hasek. As for writing, I'm profiling another novel which I still can't talk about.

  • AL: How do you think the publishing scene is and what decided you to try to publish?

AM: Many books are being published. There are a lot of variety in terms of voices and styles and that's good. The drawback is that the market publisher is saturated and the books die immediately, they do not have a long journey because they are immediately superseded by others. I have been writing for many years, learning; As I was saying, I am very disciplined and I am very confident in my work, so I have been forging a career based on tenacity and effort.

Things have not always gone well for me. like every artist too I have had failures, projects that have not materialized, rejected manuscripts. But I've always been optimistic, I have known how to wait and turn the negative around. Failure is the first step to success. But above all, what I do is enjoy my writing, not suffer with it. I enjoy enormously and I savor every triumph, but I do not rest on my laurels and return to work. I'm a sucker for writing, I'm afraid.

  • AL: Is the moment of crisis that we are experiencing being difficult for you or will you be able to keep something positive for future stories?

AM: I sharpen everything, I am very observant and empathy fortunately accompanies me. as i have been actress I am used to putting myself in the shoes of the other and looking at everything from a artistic perspective. Even the smallest detail has a story behind it. I always start from the small, because the small in the end is always the biggest.

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